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TU— UN-~UR— WA. m
Tullo, Henry, Draper, 59, High Street, n.
TuUoch, David, Hatter, 29, Murraygate, e.
Turnbull & Co. of Claverhoiise Bleachfield,'10, St. Andrews St. w.
Turnbull, George, Merchant, 44, Seagate, s. ; House King Street, s.
Turnbull, David, Shipmaster, Barrack Street, w.
Umpherston &. Kerr, Machine-makers, Scouringburn, n,
UNION BANK, 47, Murraygate, e.
Union Whale Fishing Co. Seagate, s.
Union Shipbuilding Co. Trades' Lane, e.
Ure, Peter, Clerk to Mr. Reid, Nethergate, n.
Ure, Peter, Brewer, foot of Tindal's Wynd.
Urquhart, William & Son, Seedsmen, 4, Nethergate, s.
Urquhart, Robertson, Vintner, 15, Cou tie's Wynd.
Urquhart, James, Shoemaker, Nethergate, n.
V— W.
Valentine, William, Flaxspinner, Seagate.
Vedder, David, Tide Surveyor, Customhouse ; House Seagate, s.
Wade, Misses, Boarding School, Tay Square,
, Waddie, James, Tailor, High Street, n.
Walker, Thomas, Writer, 2, High Street, s. ; House Magd. Green.
Walker, Charles, Writer, 19, High Street, s. ; House Hawkhill P.
W^alker, James, Yarn Merchant, 14, Cowgate, s. j House 28, do. s.
W^alker, Alexander, Currier, Barrack Street, w.
Walker & Co. RenovatorSi Bell Street, Chapelshade.
Walker, J. Vintner, 45, King Street, n.
Wallace, James, Customhouse; House Sailor's Acres, Bucklm. W.
Wallace, John, Vintner, 112, Overgate, s.
Wallace, Mrs. William, Brewer, 2, Nethergate, s.
Wallace, William, Draper, 5, Nethergate, s.;; House above.
Wallace, David, Plumber, Barrack Street, w.
Wallace, Alexander, Wright, Bari-ack Sti'eet, w.
Wallace, James & Co. Plane Makers &c. 115, Murraygate, w.
Wallace, Andrew, Forfar Post, Seagate, n,
Wallace, Alex. & Co. Plane Makers, Meadow Close, Murrayg. w,
Wannan, Thomas, Draper, Perth Road, s.
Wannan, John, Dealer, Hawkhill, s.
Wannan, George, Perth Carrier, Meadow Entry, Murraygate, w.
Wannan, Janet, Vintner, Overgate, s.
Watt, John, Merchant, Morgan's Buildings, Nethergate, n.
Watt, James, Junr. Merchant; Meadcw Entry; House Bain Square*

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