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Instituted 1856.
President, Geo. Neilson, LL.D., F.S.A. Scot. ;
Prof. Cooper, D.D., J. T. T. Brown, Geo. Macdonald,
LL.D., vice-presidents; members of council exofficiis,
Principal Lindsay, D.D., John Honeyman, R.S.A.,
LL.D., Professor Ferguson, LL.D., David Murray,
LL.D., former presidents; members of council elected,
Bishop Campbell, D.D., A. W. Gray Buchanan, Thos.
Lugton, Professor Medley, M.A., Sir Archibald
Laurie, LL.D., Ludovic M. Mann, F.S.A. Scot.,
John Edwards, F.S.A, Scot., John Bruce, F S.A ,
Scot., Alex. Park, Sir Win. Bilsland, Bart., LL.D.,
Thomas H. Bryce, M.D., F.R.S.E., F. J. Amours,
B.A. ; W. G. Black, F.S.A. Scot., 88 West Regent
Street, and A. H. Chatteris, LL.B., 79 West Regent
Street, hon. secretaries; George J. Walker, C.A.,
163 Hope Street, hon. treasurer.
The object of this Society is the promotion and
study of Archaeology, particularly in Glasgow and
the West of Scotland, Meetings are held in the
Society's rooms, 207 Bath Street, on the third Thurs-
day of November, December, January, February,
March, and April. The annual excursion takes place
in August or September, and visits to places of anti-
quarian interest in the neighbourhood of Glasgow
are arranged from time to time. Annual subscrip-
tion, 12s. 6d.
Instituted 1886.
The object of the Society is to encourage the study
of literature and art, by promoting public lectures,
by organising private meetings for the reading of
essays and discussion among the members, by publica-
tion of its transactions, and by other kindred methods.
Members pay an annual subscription of 7s. 6d.
and may introduce one friend to public lectures
and meetings.
Secretary and treasurer, George Middleton, M.A.,
LL.B., 83 Bath street, Glasgow.
Instituted 1802.
For the advancement of the mathematical, physical,
and natural sciences ; and to promote the diffusion of
scientific knowledge. Meets fortnightly, from Nov-
ember to April inclusive, in the Society's Buildings,
207 Bath street.
President, Dr. Freeland Fergus ; Secretary, Prof.
Peter Bennett, 207 Bath Street.
Applications for membership may be sent to the
Instituted 1885.
For the encouragement of the study of Natural
History in all its branches, by meetings for reading
and discussing papers and exhibiting specimens, and
by excursions for field work. The Society meets on
the first Friday of each month, in the Technical
College, Montrose Street, Glasgow, and excursions
take place on various dates during the season.
Further information may be had on application to
the secretaries.
Office-bearers, 1908.— President, Robt. Garry,B.Sc;
vice-presidents, Robert Wilson and Christopher
Sherry; members of council, John Wood, Robert
Henderson, William Rennie, Mrs. Ewing, John R.
Lee, Robt. Henderson, Hugh W. Wilson, Miss Mgt
C. R. M'Farlane, M.A., aud the conveners of tbe
sectional committees as follows: — Botanical, Miss I. J.
Hunter; entomological, Alex. Ross ; geological, John
Main, F.G.S. ; microscopical, J. D. Leslie; photo-
graphical, Wm. M. Pettigrew ; ornithological, Thomas
W. Wilson ; zoological, J. C. Connell ; publication and
library, George Herriot ; hon. treasurer, Robert Brown,
391 St. Vincent Street; hon. secretaries, Robert B.
Johnstone, 70 Cambridge Drive, and George Lunam,
14 Wilton Drive; auditors, D. Dewar and C.
Instituted 1867.
Council:— President, Thos. Hunt, R.S.W. ; vice-
presidents, Bailie Thomas Dunlop, A. Brownlie
Docharty ; hon. treasurer, Dr. Harry W. Robinson ;
hon. secretary, John A. Campbell, FRIB.A. ;
C J. Lauder, R.S.W., R. L. Sutherland, Patrick
W. Orr, Andrew Black, R.S.W., John Keller, John
M 'Ghie, Wm. Speirs, jua , J. Craig Annan, William
Gibson, R. C. Mackay, James Macdonald, Alfred
Davis; acting secretary and treasurer, J. Wright
Robb. Club house, 185 Bath Street. Life Class
Studio, 223 West George Street.
The membership consists of painters, sculptors,
and architects, natives of or resident in Scotland
— as artist members; and gentlemen interested in art
— as lay members. The object of the Club is to ad-
vance the cause of art by means of exhibitions of
works of art, life classes, the acquisition of books and
papers on art, lectures on art subjects, and other
kindred means.
Candidates for membership will receive all necessary
information from the acting secretary, Mr. John
Wright Robb, 49 West George St.
Instituted 1901.
The society is open to painters in oil, water, and
pastel, black and white artists, and sculptors.
Secretary, Wm. Lamoot .C.A., 33 Rentield Street,

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