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Drumoyne, Tollcross, and Lockerbie Estate Office, D. M. Brodie, Factor, 30 Renfield street.
Tel./Add. " Feuing, Glasgow." - _ - ■
Drysdale & Co., Ltd., Bon-Accord Works, Ferry road, Yoker. Tel./Add. Bonaccord,
Glasgow." ,,,,",, i /-<i j,
Drysdale & Co., Engineers, 39 Kirkpatrick street. Tel./Add. Bonaccord, Glasgow.
Duff & Towart, Ltd., 51 to 61 Cathedral street. Tel./Add. "St. Mungo, Glasgow."
Duff, Wm„ & Co., Ltd., 60 Elliot street. Tel./Add. " Coverers, Glasgow."
Duncan, Walter, & Co., 137 West George street, and 45 Renfield street. Tel./Add. Duncan,
Glasgow." , ,
Dunlop James, & Co., Ltd., 7 Royal Bank place. Tel./Add. Dunclyde Glasgow.
Dunlop, The, Pneumatic Tyre Co., Ltd., 61 and 63 Bath street. Tel./Add. Pneumatic,
Glasgow." ]
Dunlop Thomas, & Sons, 70 Wellington street. Tel./Add. "Dunlop, Glasgow.
Dunn, James, 86 Wilson street. Tel./Add. "Dunn. Glasgow.
Dunn, James, & Sons, 144 St. Vincent street. Tel./Add. ' Brazil Glasgow •
Dunn J S & Co., Ltd., Rockvilla Sawmills, Port-Dundas. Tel./Add. "Timber, Glasgow.'
Dunn! J.. & Stephen, Ltd., 21 Bothwell street. Tel./Add. "Fuel, Glasgow."
Dunville & Co., Ltd.. 112 Bath street. Tel./Add. " Dunvilles, Glasgow.
Duthie, Shaw & Co., 50-52 York street. Tel./Add. "Comestible, Glasgow.
Duthie, James, & Co., 129a St. Vincent street. Tel./Add. " Duresco, Glasgow.'
Dykes, John, jun., 48 West George street. Tel./Add. "Dyke. Glasgow."
Eiadie, Archibald, & Co., Ltd., 54 Cook street. Tel./Add. "Paint, Glasgow."
Eadie, Ireland & Co., 82 Mitchell street. Tel./Add. " Eadie, Glasgow."
Eadie, Jae., & Sons, Clvdesdale Tube Works. Rutherglen. Tel./Add. "Clydesdale, Glasgow."
Easdale, R. M., & Co., 100 and 102 Houldsworth street. Tel./Add. " Easdale, Glasgow."
East Coast Railways, 37 West George street. Tel./Add. " Tertius, Glasgow."
Edison-Bell, The, Consolidated Phonograph Co., Ltd., 30 W. Nile st. Tel./Add. " Phonograph,
Edison (The) and Swan United Electric Lighting Co., Ltd., 153 West George street. Tel./Add.
" Ediswan, Glasgow."
Edward & Sons, 92 Buchanan street. Tel./Add. Edward Glasgow
Edwards, Maodougal & Co., 180 West Regent street. Tel./Add Globules Glasgow^
Electric Control, Limited, 177 Reid street, Bridgeton. Tel. /Add. Control, Glasgow.
Elkington & Co.. Ltd., 34 Buchanan street. Tel./Add " E kmgton, Glasgow.
Esperanto Agency (The). 7 Garthland street. Tel./Add " Esperanto Glasgow
Esperanto Tobacco Syndicate, 137 West Regent street. Tel./Add. Verdastelo, Glasgow.
Etna Foundry (Watson, Gow & Co., Ltd.). Tel./Add. ' Etna Glasgow
Ewart William, & Son, Ltd. (of Belfast), 90 Mitchell street. Tel./Add. Evarchus, Glasgow.'
Ewing, J. Ernest, 95 Bath street, Tel./Add. "Reporting, Glasgow"
Falk Stadelmann & Co., Ltd., 74-73 Great Clyde street. Tel./Add. Trilux, Glasgow."
Farnell John A., 11 Charing Cross Mansions. Tel./Add. "Dominion, Glasgow.
Felber, Jucker & Co., 3 Royal Exchange Court. Tel./Add. " Felber, Glasgow."
Ferguson, Alex., 21 Sandvford place. Tel./Add. "Magic, Glasgow."
Ferguson & Forrester, Ltd., 36 Buchanan street, and 15, 17 Princes sq. Tel./Add. Purveyors,
Ferguson John, & Sons, 54 York street. Tel./Add. " Brushes, Glasgow.
Ferguson Malcolm, & Co., 67 Great Clyde street. Tel./Add. "Vine, Glasgow.
Ferguson & Timpson, 50 Wellington street. Tel./Add. "Polarity, Glasgow.
Ferrier J. A., & Co., Temple, Glasgow. Tel./Add. "Cleaners, Glasgow."
Field & Allan, Ltd., 63 West Regent street. Tel./Add. " Field, Glasgow."
Filshill, John, 420 Gallowgate. Tel./Add. "Filshill, Glasgow."
Findlay, Alex., & Co., Ltd., Parkneuk Works, Motherwell. Tel./Add. " Findlay, Motherwell.
Findlay', Andrew R., 34 Robertson street. Tel./Add. "Tackle. Glasgow."
Findlay. J. Crawford, LL.B., Writer, 157 West George street. Tel./Add. "Liferent, Glasgow."
Findlay, Louis, Baltic Chambers, 50 Wellington street. Tel./Add. " Equipment, Glasgow."
Findlay, M. F., & Co., 19 Cadogan street. Tel./Add. "Detonator, Glasgow."
Fisher, G. D., & Co., 55 Wilson street. Tel./Add. "Fisher, Glasgow."
Fitzpatrick, H. D., 100 Wellington street. Tel./Add. " Abana, Glasgow."
Fleming, A. B., & Co., Ltd., Ill Waterloo street. Tel./Add. "Solidified, Glasgow."
Fleming Bros., 65 Bath street. Tel./Add. "Stanchions, Glasgow."
Fleming & Co., 31 Robertson street. Tel./Add. "Dynamite, Glasgow."
Fleming & Ferguson, Ltd., Phoenix Works, Paisley. Tel./Add. "Phoenix, Paisley."
Flemington Coal Co., Ltd., 5 West Regent street. Tel./Add. " Flemington, Glasgow."
Forman, Thomas, & Sons, 15 Gordon street. Tel./Add. "Posters, Glasgow."
Forrest & Son, 11 to 25 Bishop street, Anderston Cross. Tel./Add. "Artistic, Glasgow."
Forth & Clyde Sack Hiring Co.. 33 and 35 Commerce street. Tel./Add. " Patmore, Glasgow."
Fotherir:gham, T. Bremner, 50-52 Barrland st., Maxwell rd. Tel./Add. "Freight, Glasgow."
Foulds, Andrew, & Son. Ltd., 5 Abbey street, Paisley. Tel./Add. " Karroo, Paisley."
Frame & Maodonald, 104 West George street. Tel./Add. "Affidavit, Glasgow."
Fraser, Arohd., & Son, 31 St. Vincent place. Tel./Add. "Phraser, Glasgow."
Fraser Brothers, 104 West Campbell street. Tel./ Add. "Links, Glasgow."
Fraser D. Speirs, Southern Wine and Spirit Stores, 13 Eglimton street. Tel./Add. "Can
Fraser, Gordon & Co.. 54 Miller street. Tel./Add. "Fraser, Glasgow."
Fraser, Malcolm, 34 West George street. Tel./Add. " Extend, Glasgow."
French, James, & Co., 26 Hutcheson street. Tel./Add. " Palm, Glasgow."
Frew, John G., & Co.,, 8 Gordon street. Tel./Add. "Sails, Glasgow."
Fullerton, Hodgart & Barclay, Ltd., Vulcan Works, Paisley. Tel./Add. "Vulcan, Paisley,"
Fulton, C, & Co., 45 Hope street. Tel./Add. "Fuelling, Glasgow."

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