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Killen & Co. (bells and telephones),
213 Buchanan st
Lahmeyer (The) Electrical Coy.,
Ltd., 50 Wellington st
Lindsay, Alex., A.M.I.E.E., 8
Bothwell st
Livingston, R. W., & Co., 3 and 5
Buchanan court
Logan & Ferrie, 195 and 197
Crow rd
Lowdon Bros. & Co. 152 Holm st
Lowson, James. 10 West Campbell
Lyle, Charles, 718 Argvle st
M'Call, Thos., & Co., 116a
Mains st
M'Farlane, A. S., 10 Margaret st.,
M'Geoch, Wm., & Co., Ltd., 28
West Campbell st
M'Gibbon, David, 180 Byres rd. ;
P.O. telephone, W 102; Nat,
273X5 Hillhead
Mackay, T. M., & Co , 35 Bath st
M'Lean, Prof. Magnus, Technical
MacLcllan, A., & Co., con-
tractors for electric light and
transmission of power, contrac-
tors for the wiring and con-
necting of buildings with the
Corporation electric supply, 63
Waterloo st
Macpherson, John, 234 Sauchie-
ball st
M'Whirter, William, & Son, 212
and 214 Holm st
Main, Thos., 408 Sauchiehall st
Malcolm & Allan, 499 Eglinton st
Martin, P. M. (terminals, screws,
&c), 29 Waterloo st
Martin, W. C. & Co. 10 W. Camp-
bell st
Martin & M'Fie, 8 Wellington st
Mather & Piatt, Ltd., 124 St.
Vincent street
Mavor & Coulson, Ltd.,
manufacturers, 47 Broad st.,
Mavor, Henry. A., Mem. Inst. C.E.
M.I.E.E. 47 Broad st. Mile- end
Mavor, Sam. M.I.E.E. 47 Broad st.
Mile- end
Meighan, James, & Son, 328-332
Abercromby street, Calton
Meiklejohn, H. & W. 322 New
City road
Meiklejohn, J. B., 115-115A
Bath st
Milne, James, & Son, Ltd.,
Ill St. Vincent st
Moffat & Walker, 49 West Camp-
bell street
Murchie, James, 39 Mains st
Murphy, W. H. 255 St. Vincent st
Nicoll, R. I., & Co., 95 Bath st
Osborne Ss Hunter (lighting,
power, telephones, etc.), 108a
West Regent st
Pauling & Co. 91 Cambridge st;
telephones, P.O. 2796, Nat.
211 Y 9 Douglas
Pollock & Co , 34 Bridge st
Potter & Co., 196 St. Vincent st
Richardsons,Westgarth & Co. Ltd.
19 St. Vincent place
Robertson, John C. & Co., 10
Wemyss place
Reid, Alex., 35 Orchard st., s.s.
Rudd, J. A., M.I.E.E., 68 Gordon
Sayers, W. B., M.I.E.E., 189 St.
Vincent st. Telephones, Nat.
166 Argyle; P.O. 3 Red; teleg.
" Winding," Glasgow
Scott & Co , 144 Argyle st
Scott, W. W., & Co., Ltd., 180
Sauchiehall st
Selkirk, D. B., & Co., 59 Sauchie-
hall lane
Siemens Bros. Dynamo Works, Ltd,
163 Hope street
Simplex Conduits, Ltd., 72a
Waterloo st
Smith, A. C. Imrie, 12 York st
Smith, W. A. C, 236 Argyle St.,
and 53 Dundas 6t., city
Still, W. A., & Co., 105 Bothwell
Sykes, Robert, & Co., 12 Dixon st
Symington, James M., 671 Cath-
cart road; telephones, Nat. 41
Crossbill, P.O. Z 144
Tayler Smith Co. (The)
lighting and heating of town
and country houses a speciality,
contractors for steam, gas, oil.
and water powers, 233 St.
Vincent street; tel. "Deterving,"
Glasgow; tele. 483 Argyle
Taylor, James, 96 London street
Taylor, John B. (medical), 339
Sauchiehall st
Taylor, Joseph, A.M.I.E.E., 153
W. George st.
Telford, Grier & Mackay, Ltd.,
220 and 222 Broomielaw
Tennant, R., & Co Ltd., electro-
platers of electric fittings, 419£
Argyle street
The India-Rubber, Gutta-
percha, and Telegraph
Works Co., Ltd. (The Silver-
town Co. ), 2 Royal Exchange sq
The Scottish Electrical and
Incandescent Light Co., 60
Stockwell st
Thomson-Knox Co., contractors
for electric motors for trans-
mission of power, 109 Argyle
street; P.O. tel. 36
Trotter, John, 40 Gordon st
Turpie, John, 420 Sauchiehall st
Underh.ll, W. R., & Co., 79 Batl
Union Electric Co,, Ltd.,
("Excello" flame arc lamps), 12
Waterloo st
Ure, Robt. A., AInst.E.E., 192 a
St. Vincent st
l^eritys, Ltd. wholesale manufac-
turers, 40 Bath st.
Winchester, J. Brown, 110a West
George st
Winthorpe, Wm., 106 and 108
Elmbank st
Woodward & Co., 147 and 149
RenrJeld street
Wylie & Lochhead, Limited, 45
Buchanan st
Young, Thomas, M.I. Mech. E.
M.I.E.E. consulting, 203 West
George st
Anderson & Munro, 136 Both-
well st
Anderson, Wm., 118 Douglas st
Barrett, H. G., & Co. (wholesale),
showrooms, 182 We^t George st
Bryden, John, & Sons, 60 Ren-
field street
Chalmers, W., 142 Bath street
Charters, J. (specialty ship bells
and indicators), 261 West
George st
Davison, Alex , 47 London st
Donald, James T. & Co. Ltd. 35
M' Alpine street
Edison & Swan (The) United Elec-
tric Light Co. Ltd. 153 West
George st
Falk, Stadelmann & Co., Ltd., 74,
76, 78 Great Clyde st
Finlay, John, & Co. Ltd. 18 Ren-
field street
General Electric Co. Ltd., 71
Waterloo st
Glendinn'ng, John, & Sons (whole-
sale merchants only), 90 West
Campbell st
Haddow & Co., 107 Douglas st
Hamilton, Claud, Ltd., 247 St.
Vincent St., and at Aberdeen
Holland House Electrical Co. Ltd.,
makers of electric light fittings,
9 Holland place ; show rooms,
12 Ia St. Vincent st
flutcheson, Andw. 97 Waterloo
Hutcheson, James, 211 West
Campbell st
Johnston. Park & Co. 15 Oswald
Kelvin & James White, Ltd. sole
makers of Reid-Kean patent
long-distance bell for colliery
signalling, 16-20 Cambridge st
Lindsay, Alex., A.M.I.E.E., 8
Bothwell street
MacLellan, A., & Co. (house,
office, hoist, ship, and mining
signals), 63 Waterloo street
M'Whirter, William, & Son, 212
and 214 Holm street
Martin, W. C, & Co., 10 West
Campbell st

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