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Milne, G. & Co., Clutha Bakery,
23 M'Lellan st
Milroy, James H., 248 Allison st
Montgomerie & Co., Limited,
861 Dumbarton road, Partick
Montgomery, Hugh, 76 New City
Morrison, Win. 160 Crookston st
Morrison, Wm. A., 53 Sinclair
Muir, W. & G., 79 and 83 Green st.
Naftalin, A. (German), 11 and 13
Dun more st
Nairne, Jas., 16 Aikenhead rd
Nish, Robert, Ltd., Marlborough St.,
and Bellgrove Bakeries
O'Donnell, Alex. 96 Paisley rd. W.
Oir, Wm., 465 & 467 Gallowgate
Paterson, Jas. 18 and 26 Gardner
street and branches
Paton, Alex., 142-150 Garngad rd
Peacock, R. A. & Son,Ltd.WhiteSeld
Bakeries, Copeland rd., Govan
Pinie, Wm., 553 Gt. Eastern rd
Plantation Bakeries, Vermont st
Reid, A. F., & Sons, 72-80 Victoria
Renaccio, G., & Co., Kelvindale Jane
Robertson, John, 6 Stirling rd
Rowan, Jas., 19-21 Stirling street,
Reid, Jas., 193 Gallowgate
Richardson, W. 347 Thistle st. s.s.
Risk, Wm. 199 New Dalmarn'k rd
Runucci Brothers, 16 Abercorn st
Sautermeister, A. & F., 174 and
176 W. Nile st.
Scott, W. D., & Nicol, Dundas
Hill Bakery, 2 and 4 High
Craighall rd
Shankland, John, 147 Dumbarton
Sharpe, Miss, 455 St. George's
Shaw, J. & W., 4 Dunchattan
Shaw, M., 1050 Pollokshaws rd
Shurger & Co., 8 Napier.-hall st
Simpson, Alex., 426 Parliamentary
Skinner, Wm. & Son, Ltd 477
Saucbiehall st. and branches
Smith, Alex., 259 Saracen st
Stevenson, J. & B. Vermont st.
and 38 Cranston st
Stewart, Geo. S , 55 Abercromby
Stirling, Robert, 32 So. Portland st
Stirling, Wm., jun., 554b and
699 Gallowgate
Strang, R. 10 Claremont st
Thomson Bros. 8 Armour st
Thomson, Geo. 182 Garscube rd
Thomson & Sons, 4 and 6 Lyon
street, W.
Torrance, Jas. 549 Springburn
Turner, David, 441 Victoria rd
i United Co-operative Baking Society
(Lim.), 12 M'Neil st
United Co-operative Baking Socy.
Ltd. 102-104 West Nile st
United Co-op. Baking Society,
Ltd., 56 John Knox st, Clyde-
United Co-operative Baking Socy.
Ltd. 9 London st.
Ure, A. R. & Young, 459-465 St.
George's road
Villafield Bakery, 147 Kennedy
street, St. Rollox
Waddell, J. & D., 353 Govan st
Wallace, J. & C.,232 Cumberland
st. s.s.
Wallace, Jas. 700 Rutherglen rd
Watt, Wm., 625 New City road
Watt, Wm., 318 North Woodside
Watson, Edward, 532 Catheart
rd. Govanhill
Watson, Thos. G., 10 Kildonan
ter, Ibrox
WatsoD, Miss J., 227 Allison
Weir, Robert. 339 Garscube road
Weir, T. & W. 302 Garscube road
White, Thos. & Smith, 7 and 9
Gordon st. 84 Gordon st. 89
Glassford st. and 88 Virginia st
Wilson, H. Stirling, & Co., 108
Lacglands rd; bakery, 54 Shaw
Wilson, John, 76 King st., Calton
Wood, Gilbert B., 730 Dumbar-
ton road, Partick
Wotherspoon, David, 930 Argyle
Wyllie, Barr & Ross, Ltd., 356
Paisley road
Young's Bakery, 620 Argyle st
Younger, J. C. 90 Nelson st. s.s.
Hamilton, Archd., brass window
fittings, 68, 70 Glassford st
Hill, Thos., & Co. auctioneers and
valuators, 66-68 Robertson st
Reid, Wm. & Sons, manufacturers
biscuit wire show trays, sieves,
&c, 114 Candleriggs
Scobie & M'Intosh, tl Springfield
court, Buchanan street
Thompson, Eobt. B., & Co., show
glasses, metal capped jars, &c,
for bakers and confectione? s, 54
Howard st ; Nat. tel. No., 1415;
P.O., 2648
Ballantyne, John, 127 London
Boardman, James, bread and bis-
cuit stamps, pan dies, 55 Char-
lotte lane
Campbell, John S., 55 Charlotte
Craig, A. M., 11 and 19 Queen
Dove, John, van, message, and
factory baskets of all kinds,
bakers' barrows and handcarts,
31, 33 St. Andrew's st. and 1
St. Andrew's sq
Ellmore, W. T., & Son, Ltd.
baskets and hand carts, 73
Hutcheson street
Gillespie, And. & Sons ; a large
stock kept of all kinds of
utensils and fittings; a specialty
made of loaf pans, flat pans,
wires, &c., 43 Smith street,
Kinning park; telephone Nos.,
Nat. 1666, P.O. x225; tele-
graphic address " Considerate."
Hamilton, Jas., 68 Market street
Hamilton, Robert, & Son, hand
carts, trucks, trollies, dough
troughs, racks, wires sieves,
Thistle Truck Works
Kay, John & Graham, 258 Main
st, Bridgeton
M'Farlane, J. & A., Ltd., Albert
Works, 40 Sprirgbank street,
New City road
Melvin, Thos., & Sons, Ltd ; works
28 Charles street; telegra-
phic address, " Velox ;" tele-
phone Nos., Nat. 3639, P.O.
2567 ; branch, 466 Gallowgate;
P.O. telephone No. Y309
Pollok, Wm., & Co., 54 Lancefield
Reid Bros, (wedding cake), 9
Howard st
Reid, William, & Sons, patent
improved steel cased biscuit
wires for hand and travelling
ovens, and strong galvanised
cooling and carrying baskets,
show trays, every kind of sifter,
&c. 114 Candleriggs; telephone
No. 196 Bell
Schaffer& Budenberg, Ltd., bakers
ovens,pyrometers, thermometers,
pressure gauges, &c, 5 Welling-
ton street
Scobie & M'Intosh, 11 Spring-
field court, Buchanan st
Slingsby, H. C, 97 Bothwell st.
Thompson Brothers & Co. (Glas-
gow) Limited, all kinds of
show glasses for bakers ; also
makers of all kinds of cardboard
boxes for cakes and pastry, 29
to 39 Surrey st., s.s.
Thompson, Robt. B. & Co., show
glasses, metal-capped jars, &c
for bakers and confectioners, 54
Howard st ; telephone Nos.
Nat. 1415, P.O. 2648
Watson & Co., 12 to 16 Brunswick
Whyte, J. & R , Reid st

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