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BARDGETT, Albert (of G.P.O.), ho. Mount-
view, 51 Hill street, Maryhill.
Bardowie Estate Office, Jas. Baxter, factor, 54
Gordon &t ; ho. 2 Caird drive.
Bardykes Colliery Office, 172 West George st.
BARGE, Ronald (of Richard Smith's Executors, Ltd.),
res. Armadale, Row.
BARHAM, Wm. H., R.N.R. examiner, master and
mates, Board of Trade offices ; ho. Clydetorre,
BARKER, Chas. D., civil engineer, ho. 40 Queens-
lorough gardens.
Barker, D. W. & Co., wholesale umbrella manu-
facturers, 88 Dnnlop street, and 8 Falcon avenue,
Aldersgate street, London, E.C.
Barker, Edward (at Jno. Menzies & Co. Ltd.); ho., 1
Grafton square.
Barker & Kennie, brush manuftrs., 22 King st.,
city ; goods entrance, 109 Trongate.
Barker, R. F., sausage skin manufacturer, 435 Govan
Barker, R. H. & Co., worsted and woollen spinners,
188 Ingram street.
Barker, Miss Pauline, luncheon and tea rooms, 106
West George street.
BARKEY, Peter, supervisor Inland Revenue, 280
George street; ho., 284 Bath street
BARLAS, David, 1 Central avenue, Partick.
Barlas, Geo., & Co., masons, quarriers, and building
contractors, Ruthven lane, off Byres road.
Barlas, Geo. (of Geo. Barlas & Co.) ; ho. 15 Ruthven
Barlas, George, jun., 13 Ruthven street.
Barlas, Moses, mason and contractor, 16 Marmion
street, Maryhill ; house, 51 Cecil street, Hill-
Bar-Lock Typewriter Co , Ltd., 22a Renfield
Barlow, John, M.D., F.R.C.S. Eng., surgeon to
Royal Infirmary, 4 Somerset place. Consulting
hours, 3 to 5 p.m. Telephone No. 21.
Barlow & Jones (Limd.), spinners and manufac-
turers of toilet, Marseilles, honeycomb, alhambra,
tapestry and fancy quilts, toilet covers and mats,
tapestry curtains and table covers, towels, perched
quiltings and swansdowns, damasks, vestings,
piques, twills, sheets, cotton blankets, flannelette,
linings, Harvard shirtings, sheetings, &c, 51
Buchanan street
Barlow, Thomas C, artiste in fireworks to the
King and the nobility of Scotland ; office, 276
St. Vincent street. W. ; works, Teuchar hill,
Govan. Licensed by the Secretary of State and
the Local Authority.
Barlow, Thomas C, flag and banner maker for
noblemen and gentlemen's mansions (with crests),
to order, schools, missions, ships, yachts, societies,
trades, 276 St. Vincent street
BARMAN, A. D. D , 21 University gardens.
BARNARD, Asher, manager (Macrae & Co.); ho.
181 Renfrew street.
BARNES, James, ticket writer, printer, and litho-
grapher, 70 Brunswick street.
Barns, Joseph H., tailor and clothier, 41 Cumber-
land street, s.s.
Barnes, Joseph, LL.B., writer (of Williamson & Bell) ;
ho. Arnold avenue, Bishopbriggs.
Barnes, Robert (at Reid Brothers, Glasgow, Limited);
ho. 93 Camperdown road, Scotstoun.
BARNETT, Abraham, kosher, butcher and shipping
agent, 48 Hospital st. ; ho. 17 Dunmore street.
Barnet & Co., Ld., trimming manufacturers and up-
holsterers' warehousemen, cabinet ironmongers, &c. ,
55 and 57 Oswald street; telephone Nos. —
National, 857 Argyle ; Post Office, 3857;
telegraphic addf ess, " Barn, Glasgow ;" factory, 60
Robertson street.
Barnett & Elichagaray, brandy shippers, Cognac;:
agent, Archd. Macmillan, 65 Bath st.
Barnett, George, G.P.O. ; ho. 234 Allison street.
Barnett, Hamilton, meat salesman, Meat Market,
Moore st ; ho. 1 Binnie St., Gourock.
Barnett, Eu., & Co., linen merchants, manufac-
turers, and sail cloth makers, 4 Springfield court,
69 Queen st. ; ho. 9 Overdale street, Langside.
Barnett, James, lieutenant of police, Southern Police
Chambers; ho. 130 Darnley st., Pollokshields.
Barnet, John, upholstery merchant, 73 Robertson st ;
house, Laurel villa, Cathcart
Barnett, J. R., naval architect (G. L. Watson &
Co.), ho , Westfield, Ralston avenue, Crookston.
Barnett, John, butler, 9 India street, Partick.
Barnett, M. Ratcliffe, M.Inst.C.E., civil engineer, 124
St. Vincent street.
Barnett, Robert, tea agent, 52 St. Enoch sq. ; house,
Bertha Park, Bothwell.
Barnett, Samuel, cabinetmaker, 194 Main street, S.S.
Barnett, W. E. (at Johnston & Co.'s, 63 Buchanan
street), ho. 79 Woodville gardens, Langside.
Barnett, William, G.P.O. ; ho., 86 Seymour street,
Barnett, William, brush maker and hardware mer-
chant, 35-43 Dundas st.; ho. Homely cottage, Stepps
Barnett, Miss Marion, tobacconist, 36 Stewart street;
ho. 193 Cowcaddens street.
BARNSLEY, Jas. L. (of Jas. L. Barnsley & Co.), ho.
309 Golfhill drive.
Barnsley, Jas. L., & Co., tallow melters, oil
refiners, and chemical manure manufrs. ; office, 60
to 70 Henrietta St. ; works, Millarfield road,
Baronial Hall, 20 Barony street.
Barony Chemical Co., manufacturing chemists, 35
Stanhope street.
Barony Institute Hall, 22 Black street.
Barony Parish Church, near Cathedral.
Barony United Free Church, 43 Castle street.
BARR, Albany P. (of Robt. Ramsey & Co. Ltd.), ho,
27 Univeisity avenue.
Barr, Alexander (of Sommerville & Barr) ; house,
218 Parliamentary road.
Barr, Alexander H., 309 Allison street
Barr, A. G. & Co., Ltd., aerated water manufacturers,
470 Great Eastern road.
Barr, Andrew, patent ladder manufacturer, Camp-
hill, Bothwell.
Barr, Archd., printer and stationer, 538 Gallowgate ;
ho. 40 Market street, E.
Barr, A, & Co., milliners, ladies' and children's out*
fitters, 166 Crown st.; ho. 41 Dixon avenue.
Barr, Archibald, D.Sc, M.Inst.C.E., Regius Profes-
sor of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, Univer-
sity ; office, Barr & Stroud, Anniesland ; house,
Royston, Crown Circus road, DowanhilL P.O.
tel. No. W409 ; National, 99 Hillhead.
Barr, A. A., registered plumber and sanitary en-
gineer, 1551 Great Western road; ho., 289 North
Woodside road.

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