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BANKHKAP, BeY. W. T., M.A., B.D., Ibrox U.K.
Church ; ho. Airliowood, Belbihouston.
Bankior, A., & Co., painters, paporhangors, and
decorators, ;i() Coweaddons street.
Banknock Goal Co., Ltd., coalmasters; rogd. office,
142 Wost Nile Htreot.
BANKS, A. Si, grocer, 1 LIS Dumbarton road.
Banks, Alexander G., M. D., physioian, 3 Kersland
street, llillhead.
Banks & Co., Limited, lithographers and printers;
Glasgow office, 05 West Regent Bt. ; H. G. Gillespie,
representative. — See Advt. in centre, of Book.
Banks, Frederick N., Bupt., Ruohill Sanitary Wash-
house, 768 Hi Island drive, Possilpark.
Banks, Henry C, newsagent, tobacconist, and hard,*
ware merchant, 805 Gt. Eastern rd.
Banks, Thomas, stevedore, 3 Cocil pi., 201 l'aisley
road, W.
BANNA TYNK, A. Millar, writer (of Bannatyne,
Kirkwood, France & Co.), ho., Milheugh, Blantyre.
Bannatyne, Alexander, mason and builder, 130 Roe-
bank street, Dennistoun.
Bannatyne, Donglas A., writer (of Bannatyne, Kirk-
wood, France, & Co.); ho. 16 Windsor tor., W.
Bannatyne, Dugald, C.A. (of Bannatyne & Guthrie),
bo. 4 South park terrace.
Bannatyne, George, provision merchant, 1071 Dum-
barton road, Whiteincb.
Bannatyne & Guthrie, chartered accountants, 191
West George street.
Bannatyne, James (at Connal & Bannatyne), ho.,
Bgerton, Quadrant road, Newlands.
Bannatyne, James, writer (of Maek'mnon & Banna-
tyne), ho. Fernlmrst, Bridge of Weir.
Bannatyne, John, & Son, grocers and wiue merchants,
807 l'aisley road.
Bannatyne, .). J., artist, 401 Saucliiohall street.
Bannatyne, John M. (at Connal & Bannatyne), bouse,
Egerton, Quadrant road, Newlands.
Bannatyne, John, grocer and wino merchant, 37
Gibson street, Billhead ; ho. 34 Wilton gardens.
Bannatyne, John C, burgh inspector, Partick; bo. 12
Park drive, Whiteinch.
Bannatyne, John (of Connul & Bannatyne), house
Egerton, Quadrant load, Newlands,
Bannatyne, John Stewart, solicitor, 45 West George
st. ; ho. 13S Cambridge drive, Kolvinsido, N.
Bannatyne, Kirkwood, France & Co., writers, 146
West George street.
Bannatyne, Mark, writer (of Bannatyne, Kirkwood,
Franco & Co.), ho. 15 Windsor tor., wost.
Bannatyne, Ilobt., Union Bank of Scotland, Ltd.;
ho., 145 North Frederick st.
Bannatyne, Win., F.F.A., actuary (Scottish Tem-
perance Life Assurance Co., Ltd.); ho., 3 Cauip-
hill avenue, LangMde.
Bannatyne, Mrs, furnishings, 128 Rottenrow.
BAN N FN, John James, solicitor, 72 Main street,
Coatbridge; ho. Aldorford place, do.
BANNFKM AN, Alexander, bathmaster, Pollokshielde
Baths ; bouse, 7 Leslie street.
Bannerman, Alick M., hay, straw, and grain mer-
chant, 25 OtagO st , llillhead ; ho. 36 do.
Banuorman, Charles (of David Bannerman), bouse,
27 Blytbswood square.
Bannerman, David, corn factor, Corn Exchange build-
ings, 11 Waterloo st. ; bo. lit Lilybank gardens.
Bannerman, George, assessor of Income-tax, 194 St.
Vincent street ; bouse, 6 Manor road, Jordunbill.
Bannerman, John, restaurateur, 83 and 97 Dundaa,
street; bo. 95 do.
Bannormau. J. K. (of Post-office), 71 Seymour
Bannerman, M., & Co., carriage hirers, 137 Cross
Arthurlie street, Barrhead. Telephone 1X8.
Bannerman, Robert, 130 Pitt st ; bo. 16 Blythswood
Bannerman, Walter (of J. & W. Tiuto), rep. Pollock-
wood h >use, Konnishend.
Bannerman, William, manufacturers' agent, 79
Virginia street; house, 28 Gloncairn drive.
Bannerman, Mrs. John, 12 W. Cumberland street.
Bannerman, Mrs. P. G., teacher of music, 12 Bruce
street, llillhead.
Bannerman, Mrs. David, 27 Blytbswood square.
BAPTIE, Charles R., pianist, 12 Buccleuch Bt.
Baptie,Thonvia (of Macdonald & Baptie), bo. Ardenlea,
Barlillan drive, Halfway.
Baptie, Miss A. E., teacher of pianoforte, 466 St.i
George's road.
BAPTIST Church, 118 North John street.
Baptist Chapel, 68 Cambridge street.
Baptist Church, John Knox street.
Baptist Church, 44 North Frederick street.
Baptist Church, Blenheim street, Springburn.
Baptist (The) Theological College, 209 Bath st.
BARBADOS Steam Packets, Prentice, Service Sl<
Henderson, 175 West George street.
Barbados, The Royal Mail Steam Packet Co., 126
Buchanan street.
BARBARA, C, restaurateur, 67 Bridge street, S.S.j
ho., 59 do.
BARBE, Louis, B.A., teacher of French & German,
Glasgow Academy ; ho. 8 Wilton Mansions
BARBER, Albert (of Barber & Co.), ho. 6 Prima
Albert street.
Barber & Co , cycle makers, 123 Allison street.
Barber, F. W., stationer and fancy goods merchant,
472 Great Western rd.; ho. 28 Wilton gardens.
Barber, Thos. S., district manager for Andre &
Sleigh, Lmtd., Victoria Chambers, 142 West Nile
street; ho., Bexley, Burnside, Rutherglou.
BARBOUR, Alex. C, sec. (Taylor & Ferguson, Ltd.),
house, Hope cottage, Houston.
Barbour Brothers, cycle builders, 80 Dalmarnock
road, Bridgeton.
Barbour & Co., underclothing manufacturers, 46
John street.
Barbour, David, & Co., chenille and tapestry manu-
facturers, Renfield Weaving Factory, PollokshaWI]
telegraphic address, " Renfield," Pollokshaws ;
London warohouse, 2 Paternoster square, E.C.
Barbour, E. R. (at Walter Macfarlune & Co.), ho.
180 Saracen street, Possilpark.
Barbour, Graham, plumber and gastitter, 9 Rosovalt
street; ho. 5 Blenheim drive.
Barbour, Hugh C, O. A. (Barbour & Malleoli, C.A.),
3 Edelweiss tor. Panickhill.
Barbour, Hugh, appraiser, 132 Trongate ; bouse, 47
Camphill street.
Barbour, Hugh, & Co., auctioneers and yaluatora
132 Trongate.
Barbour, Jas. , grocer and provision merchant, 78
Grove street; ho. 10 Carrington street.
Barbour, John, I.A., architect, 7 Bath street; ho. 43
Polwarth gardens, llyndland. .
Barbour, John W., draper and clothier, 31 Abbots-
ford place.

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