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Is this Country Done?
In ShitP of We are convinced — not nearly; that whether Fiscal Reform come
P T A I or not we sna " continue to hold, if not the first place, a very
lite I rOUc . good place among the nations of the world. The average
Britisher is not a stupid man, and is now very ready to adopt the latest tools
and commercial methods for the manufacture and sale of his goods. The
RritklUT possibilities that lie in the "get-up" of his Stationery and Printed
w , c , . . Matter have not escaped our Alert Business Man's notice. But
liUI JIUUIU. jf seems to him it were more easy to get an "up-to-date'' machine
than an "up-to-date" Stationer and Printer. This is where we come in. You
want us — we require you. We require you because you are an Alert Business Man
wishing good Stationery and Printing ; because you know such
WllCrC WC costs time and money and cannot be cheap; because you take
COITIC III ^ or S rante d we know our trade and leave a little to us; because
being an Alert Business Man and aided by good Stationery, your
business prospers and your Printing and Stationery Account increases; because
we have no use for other than A.B.M. You want us because we are business
people, knowing our trade ; because thereby you do not require to waste your
time teaching us it ; because this represents time saved for your own business
which counts first; because we have imagination, taste and resource; because
we dont bungle; because you get just what you want, the first time.
Olir Mpthod Established 16 years ago, we have always had the conviction, and
• .«. . that never more strongly than now, that there is a place for us —
aim VVUIn. for our methods and our work. That these are right — the steady
increase in our trade and demand for our Printing and Stationery testify. Our
business has been built up from the inside — a slow perhaps, but very sure way.
Realizing that volume and bulk cannot at first go hand in hand with excellence,
we chose the latter. We exacted from our workmen and of ourselves a high
standard of work, which has been maintained with our present much greater
output. We have but one grade — the best. A cheap price does not with us mean
a cheap job. To get the work right has been our first aim — profit-making came
afterwards. We won't and indeed can't do bad work — it is not good for our health.
We keep a sharp look-out for and immediately add to our stock
UP-TO-OflTC all new goods which, by their unique or attractive appearance
MflttTUll or sens ' D ' e qualities, possess advantages over the old. It is
distasteful to us the thought that anyone by going elsewhere
could do better than by us, and we can assure ourselves that, while he may
get a cheaper article, he could nowhere be better served as regards suitability
and "up-to-dateness."
D • Our prices are based on a uniform moderate scale, based on
r I ILC3. rating got at after very careful calculations of our oncost. As
with quality, so with price we have but one. For it we give our best energies
and skill ; if less be offered, the business loses interest for us.
Maim There is no such thing as cheap Stationery ; it is either value
liailll. or it is not value. If it does not fulfil its best purpose for you,
it is not value, and therefore not cheap, no matter the price. Our Stationery
and Printing is Cheap because it is Value — the very best good attainable being
got from it. Try it; you will not be disappointed.
P. F. I ARTHUR WILSON, Stationers & Printers
58 Cadogun Street GLA-SGOtO
Telegrams: "GUMMING, GLASGOW." Telephones: POST OFFICE 4022; NAT., 7X Argyle

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