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C e Queen's Gardens, Dowanhill. 23.
C f Queen's Gate, Dowanhill St., Dowanhill. 23.
E k Queen's Park, Crossbill. 1 9.
F I Queen's Park Avenue, fr. Queen Mary avenue
to Queen's drive. 19.
Ek Queen's Park PI., P'shaws rd., Strathbungo. 18.
F i Queen's Park Terrace, Eglinton street.
Ef Queen's Place, 79-95 Gt. Western road. 12.
E k Queen Square, Regent park, Strathbungo. 18
F h Queen Street, from Argyle st. to George sq. 10
B h Queen Street, Govan. 24.
Cf Queen Street, off Dumbarton rd., Partick. 23.
1 1 Queen Street, Rutherglen. 22.
E Queen's Ter., south side of W. Prince's st. 12.
C e Queen Margaret Crescent, Hillhead, west end
of Hamilton drive. 12.
D e Queen Margaret Drive, Kelvin drive to Kelvin-
side avenue. East side, 13 ; west side, 14.
D e Queen Margaret Place, Kelviuside, N. East
side, 13 ; west side, 14.
F k Queen Mary Av.,f. Langside rd. to Cathcart rd.19
/ i Queen Mary Street, off London road. 1.
E k Queen Mary Terrace, Queen Mary avenue. 19.
E I Queen Mary Terrace, Millbrae, Langside. 19.
D m Queensberry Terrace, Millbrae, Langside. 1 9.
B e Queensborough Drive, off Hyndland rd. 12.
B e Queensburgh Gardens, off Hyndland rd. 12.
G i Queensferry Streel, ea&t of DalmeDy street,
Rutherglen road. 16.
Ed Queenshill Street, Springburn road. 6.
Cg Radnor Street, off Arg j le stteet. 12.
Cg Radnor Terrace, Argyle street. 12.
Rae Place, Sbettleston. 21.
Ff Rae Street, off Broombill street. 8.
E e Raeberry Street, off 641 New City road. 13.
Ef Raglan St., f. Garscuberd. to N. Woodsiderd. 9.
B h Ralston Dr., off Copeland rd., Govan. 24.
Ralston Terrace, Copeland road. 24.
Ralston Terrace, off Crow road.
B h Randolph Buildings, Govan Road. 24.
A d Randolph Gds., off Crow rd., Partick. 23.
Fl Randolph Place, 15 to 39 Brownlie st. 19.
Eg Randolph PL 149 to 157 Hill st. Garoethill 9.
A e Randolph Road, off Crow road, Broombill. 23.
E c Randolph Ter., 140-164 Hill St., Garnethill. 9.
F I Randolph Terrace, Mount Florida. 19.
A f Randolph Ter., from Thornwood av. to dr. 23.
D i Ranfurly PI., Paisley rd., W., & M'Lean at. 25.
E d Ratho Terrace, off Hill St., Springburn. 6.
C I Rivensball Road, off Haggs road. 20.
D I Ravenswood Drive, fr. Pollokshaws rd. to Barr-
head railway, 19 ; also Nos. 11 to 77 and 22
to 60, 20.
C i Ravenswood Ter., Percy and Clifford streets. 25
L i Ravel Row, Westmuir, Parkhead. 2.
Ej Rawcliffe Ter., Kenmure 8t.,Pollokshields. 18.
E j Recordia Terrace, Victoria road, Govanhill. 18.
h Red Row, Carntyne. 2.
D k Redclyffe Terrace, Westfield st. 19.
K j Redhaven Gardens, off Springfield road. 1.
O e Redlands Road, west of Kirklee road. 12.
E I Regent Crescent, Battlefield, Langside. 19.
D I Regent Place, Shawlands. 20.
II Regent Street, off Main street, Rutherglen. 22.
D I Regent Street, Shawlands. Nos. 35 to 47, 19 ;
other Nos, 20.
G g Regent Terrace, 88 to 96 Stirling road. 8.
Cf Regent Moray Street, off Old Dumbarton rd. 11.
E k Regent Park Sq., off Pollokshaws rd., Strath-
bungo. 18.
E k Regent Park Ter., Pollokshaws rd., Strath-
bungo. 18.
E j Reid Street, off Muslin street, Bridgeton. 1.
E d Reid Street, off Avenue road, Springburn. 6.
A g Reid Street, Govan. 24.
C c Reid Street, off Kelvin street- Maryhill. 14.
Reid Street, Shettleston, 21.
I h Reidvale Street, Bellgrove street to Thomson
street, 3. Thomson st. to Slatefield st. 2.
F g Renfield Lane, f. Renfield st. to Hope st. 10.
Renfrew road, So. Govan. 24.
F g Renfield Street, from Sauchiehall street to Cow-
caddens street, 9 ; from Gordon street to
Sauchiehall street, 10.
F g Renfrew Court, 18 Renfrew street. 9.
F g Renfrew Lane, from W. Nile st. to Hope st. 9.
Fg Renfrew St., f. Buchanan st. to St. George's rd 9.
E k Renton Terrace, Victoria rd., Crosshill. 19.
D i Renwick Street, Kinning Park. 18.
E Rhannan Road, New Cathcart. 19.
H f Rbymer Street, off Earl»ton avenue. 5.
Eg Richard St., from Cadzow st. to Elderslie at 11.
Richmond Buildings, Hyndland road. 23.
E e Richmond Crescent, from Garscube road to
Firhill road. 13.
H j Richmond Drive, f. Rutherglen road to Ruther-
glen Bridge. 16.
B e Richmond Road, Dowanhill, f. Sydenham road
to Victoria circus. 12.
G g Richmond St, f. Montrose st. to Portland st. 10.
/ g Riddrievale Street, Cumbernauld road. 21.
Lh Rigby Street, off Old Edinburgh rd, Parkhead. 2.
H e Ringford Street, off Flemington street. 6.
H i Risk Street, f. G. Hamilton st. to Kirk street,
Calton. 3.
El Ritchie Lane, Abercromby str.et, Calton. 3.
H i Ritchie Street, west end of Victoria street. 17.
Ik River Street, off Swanston st., Bridgeton. 1.
If River Street, off Blochairn road. 5.
D m Riverside Rd., from Langside rd. to Carrour rd.,
Newlands. 19.
H e Robb Street, off Cowlairs road, Springburn. 6.
B g Robert Street, Govan. 24.
F h Robertson Lane, off Robertson street. 10.
E Robertson Place, New Cathcart. 19.
Fh Robertson St., f. Argyle st. to Broomielaw. 10.
A f Robertson St., off Dumbarton rd., Partick. 23.
Fk Robson Street, off Aikenhead road. 16.
F I Rochdale PI., Brownlie St., Mt. Florida. 19.
/ b Rockbank Street, off Broad St., Mile-end. 2.
Ej Rockcliffe Street, off French street. 1.
M i Rock Dove Gardens, Tollcross
C e Roclea Place and Terrace, Kelvinside. 12.
F e Rodney Street, f. Possil road to Wigton st. 9.
/ g Roebank Street, off Alexandra Park st. 4.
D e Rokeby Terrace, Gt. Western rd., Hillhead. 12.
/ g Rokely Terrace, 134 to 160 Onslow Drive. 4.
D d Rolland Street, from Gairbraid st. to Oran st.,
Maryhill. 14.
G g Ronald Street, f. Taylor st. to St. James rd. 8.
F h Rope work La., f. Jackson st. to Gt. Clyde st. 10.
A d Rose Cottages, Crow road, Anniesland. 12.
F g Rose PI., cor. of Rose st. and Hill at. 9,

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