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Howat, John, veterinary surgeon,
High Cartcraigs st
Howie, Robert, farmer, Nether
Hunter, Geo. carting contractor.
Green lane
Hunter, Joseph, coachman, Anld-
housefield lodge
Hutchison, Sam. coal merchant,
71 Pollok St.; ho. 67 do
Ingram, John, 18 Main st
Irvioe, J. boot and shoemaker, 33
Harriet st
Jackson, Robert, 11 Harriet street
Johnstone, Matilda, boot and shoe
warehouse, 43 Main street ; ho.
41 do.
Jones, Richard, grocer, 86 Pollok
Kelly, Niven, butcher, 151 King
Kennedy, A. & W. wholesale
maoufacturing stationers, letter-
press and lithographic printerii,
paper rulers, and bookbinders,
Dolphin Works, and 29 Glass-
ford St. Glasgow
Kennedy, J. dairy, 53 Pollok st
Kennedy, Mrs. James, Low Cart-
Kennedy, Mrs. draper, 33 Pollok st
Kerr, John, gardener, 20 Pollok st
Kessan, Mrs. dairy, 58 Main st
King, Dr. Charles G. 2 Han'iet st;
ho. Barrhead road
King, Jas. G. Barrhead road
King, Thos. cooper and soap firkin
maker, Woodrow street
King, William, tailor, 93 Harriet st
King, Mrs. Alex. Anldhouse dairy
Knight, James, Cartcraigs house
Kyle, John (ofYuill& Kyle), writer,
10 Pollok street
Kyle, Wm. 10 Pollok street
Lambie, John, 134 Main st
Lambie, Mat., dairy, 3 Harriet st
Laing, D. F. practical electrician,
Lang, Geo. Eastwood Beetling Co.
Laurie, Jas. 5 Cogan street
Leckie, Wm. wine merchant, 26
Pleasance st
Lees, D. spirit merchant, 74
Harriet street
Leishman, A. 58 Maxwell st
Leishman, A. & T. smiths and
cartwrights, 31 Wilson st.
Leishman, T. 31 Wilson st
Lightbody, Mrs. confectioner and
newsagent, 18 Duncan st
Livingstone, Dav. joiner, Maxwell
street; ho. Broomknowe, Manse-
Livingston, Matthew, 2 Afton ter
Lockbart, David, & Sons, earthen-
ware manufacturers, Victoria
Lockhart, Joseph R. earthenware
manufacturer, Victoria Pottery
Low, David, grocer, 8 Maxwell
street ; ho. 10 Regent st. Shaw-
Lowndes, M'Donald, & Co. power-
loom muslin manufacturers,
Auldfield Works
Lyon, John, wine & spirit march.
Stag Inn, 12 and 14 Pollok st
Lyon, T. tobacconist, 108 Main st.
M'Adam, Wm. teacher, 7 New-
lands terrace
M'Allister, Jas. slater and plas-
terer, 52 Factory street
M' Alpine, Rev. Wm , West United
Free Church ; ho. Langside
M'Bride, Mrs. laundress, 36 Max-
well street
M'Cafferty, Mrs. spirit merchant,
37 and" 97 Main st
M'Caig, Wm. newsagent, 6 Pollok
Maccallum, Andrew, reporter,
Pollokshaws News oflBce
M'Callum, D. C. (of Stewart &
M'Kenzie, Ltd.); ho. 17 Waver-
ley park, Shawlands
M'Callum, D. R. plumber, gasfit-
ter, and tinsmith, G.^, 67 Main
M'Connell, Rev. S. D., The Manse,
M'Diarmid, Duncan, es-inspector
of police, 26 Harriet st
Macdonald, D. K. brush merchant^
ho. 93 Main st
Macdougall, Jas. tailor and clothier,
12 and 14 Harriet st i
M'Dougall, John, dairy, 41 Plea-
sance st
M'Dougall, Jno, dairy, 9 Wilson
Macfarlane, Andrew, acconntant.
The Clydesdale Bank Ltd.
Macfarlane, Don , Wellmeadow
laundry; ho. Linndhuan
Macfarlane, J. G. Wellmeadow
Macfarlane, W. M., Wellmeadow
laundry; lio Linndhuan
Macfarlane, W. ham and egg mer-
chant, 16 Main street
M'Gahan, Michael, Glasgow Water
Works; ho. 67 Pollok st
M'Gregor, Adam J. & W. jr. house
painters and decorators, 1
Shaw hill street
M'Gregor, Gregor, butcher, 6
Herriet st
Macintosh, Jas. grocer, 16 Duncan
St. offShawhill
Macintyre, Miss, coal merchant,
Mineral Station ; house, 89 Main
M'Jarrow, Chas., merchant, 106
Main street
Mackay, Wm. school board officer;
ho. Bengal lane
M'Kechnie, Mrs. W., SUverae,
M'Kenna, Charles, 40 Harriet st
M'Kenna, P. & Co., brokers and
iron merchants, 8 King st
M'Kinnon, Hector, Bank agent,
53 King st
M'Lean, Mrs. fruiterer, 67 King st
M'Lellan, Alex, master builder,
Argrey, Barrhead road
M'Lellan, P. (of J. W. Cameron),
23 King st
M'Millan, Archd. boot and shoe
maker, 61 Main street
M'Phee, Stephen A. Torrance
Lodge, Mansewood
M'Queen, Miss, coal agent, Pollok
street ; ho. Haggs cottage
M'Queen, Tho3. church officer,
Eastwood Parish Church; ho.
MacTavish, D., at Auldfield Dye
Works, Cogan st
M'Whirter, Robt., stationmaster,
G. B. & K. J. Rly.
Mair, Stewart, grocer, 57 Harriet
st; ho. 53 do.
Manson, Jane, Shawhill st. laundry
Martin, W. J. of Coustonholm
Weaving Co.
Mason, James, jun. 110 King st.
Maxwell, Sir John Stirling, Bart,
of Pollok, M.P. Pollok house
Maxwell Street Post Office, 89
Maxwell st. (Robert Wilson,
Mearns, Robert, writer, and public
notary, depute clerk of the peace
for Renfrewshire, public prosecu-
tor for the burgh, 94 King St.; ho.
Ythan bank, Mansewood
Menzies, J. L. Ferncliffe, Manse-
Millar, John C. joiner, Bengal st.;
ho. Uplawmoor
Millar, R. carrier and contractor,
27 Harriet street
Mitchell, James, church officer ot
O.S. Church; ho. 63 King st
Mitchell, John, spirit merchant, 72
Factory street
Mitchell, W. G. spirit merchant, 1
Harriet st
Montgomerie, Wm. grocer, 60 Pol-
lok St.
Morgan, Chas. coal merchant, 24
CoUedge street
Morrison, J. draper, 15 Main st.
house, 24 Bengal st
Morrison, Rev. J. F., St Mary's
Rectory, Shawhill
Morton, J, P. (of David Barbour
& Co. Renfield Works)
Mowat, Mrs. grocer, 20 Rosendalerd
Muir, David, fruiterer, 75 Har-
riet street
Muir, George, solicitor. Town
Buildings; ho. 10 Comnna st.,
Mulholland, Miss, grocer, 62 Max-
well street

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