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Morton, Mrs. William, Melrose
Nelson, James, Woodside
Paterson, Cbas. The Moorings
Paterson, John, Lindores
Paterson, Mrs. James, Marston
Pat on, John, Maryville
Paton, Wm. Cunninghara cottage
Ralston, William, Gowanbrae
Richards, Andrew, RockviUe
Robb, Charles, Glen Barry
Robb, George, The Lodge
Robertson, A. B., Struan
Robertson, Robert, Heathbank
Russell, Mrs. Margaret, Dal-
Sawers, John, The Hollows
Sawers, Thos. Woodead
Sinclair, John H. St. Oswalds
Smith, Geo. C. photographer, The
Sommerville, Jas. The Anchorage
Stevenson, John, Hazelwood
Strang, Andrew, Thirlestane
Thompson, James, BroomBeld
Thomson, Robt. B. Georgeville
Thompson, Mrs., Weatherley
Tod, David, Eastwood Park
Verel, Alph A., Southpsrk
Walker, Alex. Loanhead
Watson, Archibald B. Redhurst
We«herhead, Rev. Jas. B.D. U.F.
Wyse, Forbes, Eildon cottage
Wyse, Jas. Forbes, Collingwood
G o y A N.
Session Clerk of Govan— J. A. BROWN, writer, 208 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow.
A Map showing boundaries of Quoad Sacra Parishes, also copies of Act of Assembly and Act of Parliament
relative to notice of Marriage, may be seen at Mr. Blair's, 649 Govan Road.
Popnlation of Police Burgh in 1881,
49,560; in 1901, 84,970.
Member of Parliament for the
division, R. Hunter Craig, Esq.
John Marr, provost; Dr. J. F.
M'Fadyen, Joseph Buchanan,
David P. M'Kecbnie, James
Dempster, David Fulton, and
Thos. A. Fortune
John Anthony, Andrew William-
son, R. H. B. Thomson, R. A.
Wightman, George Harley, and
John Bogle
Richard Russell, Alex. Moirison,
John T. Buchanan, John Miller,
Richard Neilsoa, Peter Macfar-
lane, Wm. Dickson, Ja". Tait;
clerk ; James A.
Houston, depute clerk ; John
Rankin, collector and treas.; Jas.
C. Bowes, C.A., auditor; Jas.
S. Whitecross, chief constable;
James M. Malloch, burgh pro-
secutor; F. G. Holmes, surveyor;
James Barras, M.D. medical
officer ; Geo. Dunne, sanitary
inspector; John Wilson, supt.
of fire brigade ; Jas. Y. Mdler,
cleans, insp.; Robt. Mackinnon,
inspector of weights and meas. ;
Theodore C. Parsons, resident
electric engineer ; Jas. Mackay,
park supt.; Robt. Robertson,
librarian, Elder Free Library ;
John Lamont, bathmaster
registrars' OFFICES FOR THB
Govan District (including all west
of Whitefield road), 45 Helen
St. Govan, Frauk B. Crawford.
Plantation District (including all
east of Wtiitefield road), 1 Corn-
wall St. Plantation, James R.
Browulie, registrar. Office hours
in both districts, 10 a.m. till 3
p.m.; on Mondays, Wednesdays,
and Fridays, from 6 till 8 p.m.
Saturdays, 10 a.m. till 12 noon.
For List of Names see General
Street, and Trades Directories
Burgh of Kinning Park, created 16th January, 1871. Population of Police Burgh in 1897, 13,851.
Assessable rental for 1902-1903, £63,lf3 10s. lOd. Provost, Thomas M'Millan ; magistrates, Robert
Siewart, Wm. Tiomson, J. T. Kiipatrick Thomson, and Wm. Storrie; Commissioners, Peter A. Arnott,
Hugh Yuile, and Charles Murray, 1st Ward ; Wm. Storrie, T. M'Millan, and M. Mitchell, 2nd Ward;
Wm. Thomson, Robert Sloan, and J. T. K\lpatrick Thomson, 3rd Ward; James Sutherland, Colin
Houston, and Robert Stewart, 4th Ward; Clerks, William Lucas and William L. Lucas, 237
West George street; Procurator-Fiscal, Doe aid C. Davidson, Burgh Chambers, Kinning Park;
Auditor, J. L. Selkirk, C.A., 64 W. Regent st; Surveyor, Don. Bruce, Architect, 261 West George st. ;
Medical Officer, Dr Hugh Kelly, Catrine Bank, Pollokshields ; Sanitary Inspector, Hugh Wood, Burgh
buildings, Kinning Park ; Superintendent of Police, D. C. Davidson, 60 Stanley street ; Chief ConsUble,
Charles Harding, Chief Constable of Renfrewshire ; Superintendent of Fire Brigade, Robert Robb, 60
Stanley street. For names, see Goneral, Street, and Trades Directories. Member of Parliament for
East Renfrewshire, M. H. Shaw Stewait, Esq.
For deliveries and collection of letters see Local Guide, published at chief office, price Id.
Note : — Kinning Park wqs, under an order of the Boundary Commissioners, included in Lanarksliire qp
15th May, 1802,

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