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-•^BJiiiih Mrxctort.-
' Connell, John T. & Co. (Amerioan
produce), 141 Elderslie street
Cook, Thoa., & Sons (tourist), 88
Buchanan st
Cook, Wm., 82 Virginia st
Cooper, Craig & Craig (inquiry)
92 St. Vincent st
dourtney, Chas. (confectioners'),
19 Parnie st
Coutts, Jae. H., 52 Virginia st
Cawan, Adam (manufacturers'), 1 1
Miller st
Cowan, Hugh (manfr.), 153 Queen
CrawforJ, Arebd. 11 Bothwell st
Crawford, Ja?. P. 207 Ingram st
Crawford, J. G. (cotton clotb), 67
West Nile st
Cross, George (tea), 17 Oswald
Cruikshank & Fairweather, C.P.A,
patent as;euts, 62 St. Vincent st
& 65-6G Chancery lane,London,
Darroch, A. Whyte (maofrs.), 93
Hope st
Davidson, A. 16 Renfield st
Davidson, Robt., 11 Maswell st
Dearie, John, 6 Marchmont ter.,
Dempsey, Bernard, 122 Wellington
Deveria, A. G. (manfrs.), Ill
Union st
Dewar, A. B., 145 Queen st
Dewar, John M., 12 Waterloo st
Dick, James, 19 Waterloo st
Dixon, Robt A., 57 Oswald st
Dobie, W. A. (iron and steel), 11
Bothwell st
Doddrell Bros, (for stokers, con-
veyors, water filters, and soften-
ers, steam superheaters, engines,
steain lorries, and motor cars),
11 Bothwell st
Donald, James T. & Co. Ltd. 36
and 87 M" Alpine st
Donild, John R. for Wm. Radaon's
Corp. ttlephone, x22 ; 622
Egiinton st
Dougans, A. (manufacturers'),
11 Millar st
Dow ling, Jas. Thomson, 4 Cluny
villas, Jordatihil)
Downie, Alex. A. E., Commercial
Bank of Scotland, Ltd., 263
Gallowgate, and sub. branch.
Cattle Market
Downie, Robt. (b^ot), 72 Waterloo
Drummond, John (manufacturers),
49 Queen st
Drummond, Wm. & Co (manfrs.),
33 Virginia st
Drysdale, J. P (house & proper! v),
83 Renfield ht
Drysdale, William, 18 Montague st
Duff, Paul & Ferguson (live stock),
^66 Duke st
Duncan G. W. (manfrs.), 52 St.
Enoch !^q
Dunlop, James, 11 Bothwell st
Dunlop, M. (implements), 8Gtaham
Easton, W. W. (mannf aciurers'), 28
St Enoch sq
Edmondstone, Chas. G. (manufs'.),
30 Gordon st
Eldred, Geo. (manfrs.), 77 Queen
Fairweather, Wallace, C.E. Fel.
Inst. C.P.A. for patents, 62 St.
Vincent street, and 65-66
Chancery lane, W.C.
Farmer, Wm. S. (manufacturers'),
33 Gordon st
Ferguson, Alex. & Co., Limited
(liquors), 108 West Regent st
Ferguson, A. & W. (yarn), 20
St. Vincent lane
Ferguson, John, 7^ Wate-loo st
Ferguson, Joho, 150 Sinclair dr
Ferguson, Malcolm & Co. (brewers
and distillers'), 67 Great Clyde
Ferguson & Timpson, agents for
The New York Lubricating Oil
Coy.; M. J. Rudolph, lumber
and dunnage merchants, New
York ; Garlock's Patent Packing
Coy., Canada ; Hamilton &
M'Masters, feed water heaters,
anti-incrustation boiler fluid, 11
Wejt Nile st.
Ferrie, Andrew, 33 Virginia st
Ferrie Wm., agent for Dr.
Tucker's Asthma Specific,
83 Cowcaddens bt ; Nat. tele-
phone No 59X4 Douglas
Findlay, Andrew R., 74 York st
Finlay, William, jun. (manufac-
turers'), 11 Bothwell st
Finlinson, B. (for Reckitt & Sons,
Ltd., Hull), 57 Fotheringay rd
Fischer, Edmond, 93 Hope st.
Fisher, Geo.(manfr.), 86 Wilson st
Fisken, J. J., & Brodie (manufrs'.)
73 Virginia street
Fitzpatrick, H. D. (for patents,
designs, and trade marks), 100
Wellington st
Forbes, J. Gilbert 12 York st
Ford, Thos., 4 Victoria pL, Mount
Foster, Joseph, 25 Jamaica street
Fotheringhain, Robt., 62 Buchanan
Foxon, Thomas, 82 Virginia st
Francis, W. W., Ill Union st
Eraser, John F. (manufacturers'),
119 Virginia st.
Fraser, J. E. (cloth), 134 St.
Vincent st
Fullerton, A. & W. Yorkhill wharf
Fulton, T. C. (manfrs.), 68 Mitchell
Garscadden, Geo. (business), 40
St, Enoch sq.
Garvie, John, jr. (manufacturers'),
85 Queen street
Gavin, James, 77 Queen st
General Agency Co. of Scotland
(engineers'), 166 Buchanan st.
Gibson, Alex. M., & Orr (manfrs.),
21 Sr. Vincent pi
Gibson, Geo. D. (manufacs'.), 19
Howard st
Gibson, John, 49 Jamaica st
Gillespie, J. & Co., 2 Oswald at
Globe Foreign Express, 13
Cochrane st, George sq
Goold, James B. 324 Duke street
Gordon, A S., 15 Hydepark st
Gordon, .John (manfr.), 6 Dixon st.
Gordon, Robert (manufacturers'),
28 St. Enoch square
Graham, E., 8 Princes square,
Buchanan st.
Graniison, R. A. (manufacturers),
15 Gordon st
Grant, Jas. C , 11 Maxwell st
Gray, David, M. Inst. Con. E. 77
West Nile st
Gray, James A. 24 Howard at
Gray, Wm., 4 York st
Greenlees Bros., Baltic Chambers,
40 Wellington st
Grierson, R. & Co. 13 Wellington st
Griffin, H. & C. (manfrs.) 69 Bu-
chanan st
Grischotti & Co. Ltd. (continental),
141 W. Geo. st
Hall, James, & Co. (yarn), 27 Bath
Halliday, Wm (manufacturers'), 85
Queen st
Hamilton, James F., 264 Duke st
Hamilton, W. L., 50 Wellington st
Hamilton & Whyte, 102 Bath st
Hannah, D. M., 24 Queen st
Hannah, R. S., 42 Argyle st
Harper, Alex., 368 Albert roaJ,
Harvie, John, 73 Robertson st
Hay, J. & J. Ltd. (shipping), 58
Renfield st
Hay, Wm. (paper), 65 W. Regent st
Heilbron, Dav. & Sons (foreign
wines and spirits), 72 Bath st
Henderson, C. & Co. (metal), 102
Holm st.
Henderson, Hogg, & Co. 16 Cado-
gan street
Henderson, John, & Co. 16 Prinoo'a
sq. Buchanan st
Hendry Bros., 28-34 Robertson st
Hendry, John (manufrs'), 85
Queen st
Herbert & Gilchrist, 146 W. Regent
Hetherington & Anderson (yarn),
53 Cochrane st
Hetherington, W. S., 57 Howard
Hill, R. Wylie, & Co., Ltd., 140
Sauchiehall st and 20 Buchanan

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