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Dunlop & Murray, 188 St. Vincent
Dunlop, Robert T. 58 Renfield st
Dunlop, Wm. 188 St. Vincent st
Dunn & Todd, 166 Buchanan st
Eadie, Donald D. 11 W. Camp-
bell St.
Eadie, John S. 180 Butterbiggins
Easton, Robt. & Co., 21 West
Nile street
Erentz, Frederick, 11 Both well st
Fairie, John, 82 West Nile st
Fergusson, Alex. J. (of Fraser &
Fergusson), 232 W. George st
Ferguson & Vost, 108 Hope st
Findlay, Kidston & Goff, 102
Hope st
Findlay, Robt. D. (of Findlay, Kid-
ston & Goff), 102 Hope st
Fisher, W. D. (of Archd. Sliman &
Fisher), 68 Gordon st
Fleming & Black, 116 St. Vin. st
Forbes, Robt. 121 W. Regent st
Forgie, Alex. T. (of MacLean
Brodie & Forgie), 22 Renfield st
Forrest, Brown & Co. 79 West
Regent st
Forrest, John (of Forrest, Brown
«& Co. 79 W. Rpgent st.)
Forrester, Henry, 105 W. George st
Frame, D. G. 105 W. George st.
Frame, J. R. 136 Buchanan st.
Fraser & Fergusson, 232 W. Geo. st
Fraser, J. Simpson, 49 Bath st
Fraser, Malcolm, 34 W. George st
Fraser, Robert D. (of Fra?or & Fer-
gusson), 232 W. George st
French & Hunter, 135 Wellington
French, John, 74 Bath st
Frood, James D. 65 W. Regent st
Fulton, D. Mitchell, 128 Hope st
Fulton, John Moore, 19 1 St. Vin-
cent st
Gairdner, C. D. 115 St. Vincent st
Galbraitli, Jas. Hardie (Walter &
W. B. Galbraith), 87 St. Via-
Galbraith, Walter M. (Walter & W.
B. Galbraith), 87 St. Vincent st
Galbraith, Walter (Walter & W. B.
Galbraith), 87 St. Vincent st
Galbraith, Walter & W. B., 87 St.
Vincent st.
Galbraith, William Brodie (Walter
& W. B. Galbraith), 87 St. Vin-
cent street
Gavin, John S. 2 West Regent st
Gibson & Anderson, 44 W. Geo. st
Gibson, Jas. B. 44 W. George st
Gillies, John, 140 Hope st
Glen, Ninian, 107 St. Vincent st.
Goff, W. H. (of Findlay, Kidson &
Goff), 102 Hope street
Gourlay, A. Murray (of Thomson,
Jackson, Gourlay & Taylor),
24 George fq
Gourlay & Deas, 180 Hope st
Gourlay, John W. 180 Hope st
Grahame, Crum, & Connal, 34
West George st
Graham, J. & M. C. 21 Bath st.
Graham, William, 6 Royal ores
Grahams & Co., 212 W. Geo. st.
Guild, J. Wyllie & Scott, 116
Hope st
Guthrie, David (of Bannatyne
& Guthrie), 191 West George st
Guthrie, Thos. (of Davies, Tait &
Co.) 168 St. Vincent st
Hall, John, 55 Bath st
Hall, Jno. & W. D. 55 Bath st
Hall, W. Davidson, 55 Bath st
Hannay & Wation, 140 West
George st
Hardie & Grieve, 157 St. Vincent st
Hart, John, K. P. Co-operative
Society, 6 N. Coburg st., s.s
Hart & Watson, 63a St. Vincent st.
Hart, Wm. jun. & Wilson, 65 West
Regent st
Harvey, G. G. 57 W. Campbell st
Henderson, Anderson & Anderson,
166 Buchanan st
Hendry, Jas. G., 9 Cumberland st.
Hodge & Smith, 135 Buchanan st
Hodge, Thomas, 21 St. Vincent pi
Hogg, A. & A. 36 Dundas st. city
Honeyman & Drummond,58 Bath
Hourston & Macfarlane, 112 Wel-
lington street
Houston, John A 173 St. Vincent st
Hunter, Wm. (of Carstairs, Hunter
& Campbell)
Hutchison, Edward (of Walker &
Marwick), 163 Hope st
Hutton, Jas. 203 W. George st
Hutton, Robt. H. 154 W.Regent st
Inglis, J. G. (of Thomson, Jackson,
Gourlay & Taylor), 24 George sq
Jack, D. Hill, & Son, 141 West
George st
Jack, Wm. H., 103 W. Regent st
Jackson, Thos. (of Thomson, Jack-
son, Gourlay, & Taj'lor), 24
George sq.
Johnstone, H. B., 136 Buchanan st
Johnston, Henry, 125 Buchanan st
Johnston, Jas. 190 W. George st
Johnston, J. Matheson, 125 Bu-
chanan st
Kellock, James, 26 Renfield st
Kelly & Brown, 150 Hope st
Kerr, Adam, 154 St. Vincent st
Kerr, Andersons, & Macleod, 149
West George street
Ker, Chas. 115 St. Vincent st
Kerr, Wm. 45 Montrose st
Kidston, David W. (of Findlay,
Kidson & Goff), 102 Hope st
Laidlaw, Jas. P. 112 Renfield st
Lamb, J.&D., 103 Bath st.
Lamont, Macquisten & Co. 33 Ren-
field street,
Lamont, Wm. 33 Renfield street
Lauder, John, 69 St Vincent st
Lees, David, 128 Hope st
Lindsay, W. G. & J. W. Rich-
mond Chambers, 147 Bath st
Lochhead, John M. 16 Bothwell st
Logan, John, 108a W. Regent st
Logan, J. & C, 196 St. Vincent st
Logan, MacCormack & Brown, 65
Bath st
Logan, Thomas, 4 Bath street
Love, P. A. R. 212 St. Vincent st
M'Adam & Shaw, 190 W. Geo. st
Macara Bros., 1©7 St Vincent st
M' Asian, Wm. 58 Bath street
M'Auslin, Wm., 78 W. Regent st
M'Auslin, Wm., 79 W. Regent st
M'Bain, Jas. Cowan (of Macmillan
& M'Bain), 163 Hope st
M'Caig, R. B. & Mitchell, 183
W. George st
M'Callum, R. G., 58 Renfield st
M 'Galium, Wm. 128 Hope st
M'Chlery, J. Anderson, 190 West
George street
M'Clelland, A. S. 115 St. Vincent
M'CleUand, Ker, & Co. 115
St. Vincent street
MacCormack, Jas. 65 Bath street
M'Cosh, John, 190 W. George st
M'Crindle, Wm.,55 W. Regent st
M'Cubbin, John, junr. 108a West
Regent street
M'Cubbin, W. B. 103 Bath street
M'Culloch, Geo. & Richard, 69 W.
Regent st.
Macdonald, Geo. A. 116 Hope st
Macdonald, Stewart & Stewart,
116 Hope St.
M'Dougall& Brown, F.S.A.A., 138
West Regent st
M'Ewan & Neil, 121 W. Regent st
MacEwing, Alex. 128 Hone st
M'Farlane, E. S. (at * M'Lay,
M'AIister & M'Gibbon's), 94
Hope st
M'Farlane, Hutton, & Patrick,
203 West George st
Macfarlane, Jas. 74 York st
Macfarlan, Robt. 149 W. George st
M'Gavin, Jas. 75 Jamaica st
M'Gregor & Maclennan, F.S.AA.,
166 Buchanan st
Macharg, A. S. 115 St. Vincent
Macharg & Son, 69 Buchanan st
Macintosh, Robert, 95 Morrison st
M'lver, John, 51 Abbotsford pi
MacKay, Jas. R. 219 St. Vincent st
M'Kean, Geo. B. 121 W Regent st
Mackenzie, Alfred W., 175 St.
Vincent street
MacKenzie, J. Tannett, 175 St.
Vincent st
Mackie & Clark, 55 Bath st
Mackie & Co. 10 Bridge st
Mackie, Hugh M. 65 Bath st
M'Kim,T. &G. B. 149 St. Vin. st
Mackinlay, Geo. & Sons, 173 St.
Vincent st

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