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Marshall, Robert (of Wallace, Scott & Co., Ltd.), ho.
9 Strathmore gardens. Billhead.
Marshall, Robert, saddler, 280 Buclianan st. ; ho. 24
Woodlands road.
Mat-shall, Robt. B., butcher, 18 Gourlay st., Spring-
bum ; ho. 106 Balgrajhill, do.
Marshall, Sons, & Co., Ltd., engineers; tele-
grams, "Britanr.ic, Glasgow"; box, 25 Royal
Exchange; John Scott Richardson, M.I.M.E.,
resident representative ; ho., Craigard, Lenzie.
Marshall & Steven, wholesale grocers, salmon
and tinned fruit importers, and tea merchants, 17
to 23 Shuttle street, and 35 to 39 College street ;
telephone Nos., Nat, Tron 21; Corp., 1130;
telegraphs, " Tariff."
Marshall, Thomas (of William Marshall & Sons),
ho. 10 Belmar terrace. Shields road.
Marshall, Thomas (at Campbell & Benry's), ho.
182 Whitehill street.
Marshall, Thomas, provision mercht., 38 Dundas st;
ho. 7 Fairlie Park drive, Partick.
Marshall, Thomas, grocer and provision merchant,
44 Haybum street; ho. 13 India street, Partick.
Marshall, Thomas, clerk, Western Infirmary ; ho. 3
Dock St., Kelvinhaugh.
Marshall, Torrance, teller (British Linen Co.'s Bank),
ho. 4 Ashfield gardens, Jordanhill.
Marshall, Walter, flesher, 126 London rd. ; ho. 19
Armadale street.
Marshall, W. B., commercial traveller, 101 St. Vin-
cent street ; ho., 325 Albert road, Langside.
Marshall, Wm. David, schoolmaster, Haytield Public
School ; house, 57 Tassie street, Shawlands.
Marshall, Wm., painter and decorator, 31 Rosehall st
Marshall, Wm.,& Sons, warehousemen, 16 Frederick st
Marshall, Wm., commission agent, 123 Dumbarton rd.
Marshall, Wm., cabinetmaker and dealer in furniture
and books, 112 Nelson st., s.s.; ho. 6 Morrison st.
Marshall, Wm., M.A, head master, Provanside
Public School ; ho. 27 Derby st
Marshall, Wm. (of G.P 0.), ho. 67 Abbotsford place.
Marshall, William, glass merchant and glazing con-
tractor, embosser, stainer, and bender; works
107 Reidvale st.; warehouse, 100 Sword st.
Marshall, Wm., church ofBcer, St. Luke's Established
Church ; house, 72 Bain street.
Marshall, Wm., manager and secy., Road Steam
Engine Co., Ltd.; ho. 2 Thomwood ter.
Marshall, Wm., G.P.O. ; ho. 54 Waterloo st, east.
Marshall, Wm., & Co., carting contractors, Lochburn
road, Maryhill ; ho. 47 Viewmount drive, do.
Marshall, W." Gray, of Chapelton, M.A., M.B., CM.,
63 Hamilton dr., Hillhead.
Marshall, Mrs. John, dairy, 6 Park road.
Marshall, Mrs., hardware merchant, 780 New City
Marshall, Miss, stationer, librarian, and fancy goods
merchant, 15 Gower st, Ibrox.
Marshall, Miss, principal. Queen's Park Academy ;
ho. 84 Albert drive.
Marshall, Miss, 70 Buccleuch street.
Marshall, Jane, tobacconist, 41 Fielden st; ho 39 do.
Marshall, Janet, milliner, 44 Kent st.
Marshalls' Semolina and Farola; James
Marshall (Glasgow), Ltd.. 25 E. Cumberland st.
Marshalls, cutlers, saw, plane, and edge tool makers,
176 and 277 Argyle st Corp. tele.. No., 5537.
Marshall Trust, 134 Wellington street; ^William
Mitchell, LL.D., supt
MARSLAND, Sons, & Co., Ltd., sewing cotton manu-
facturers ; foreign trade, 50 Bothwell st ; home
trade, 50 Wellington street.
MARTELL & Co., Cognac; Buchanan, Wilson, &
Co., Ltd., agents, 40 St Vincent place.
MARTIN, Alex., decorative house painter and prac-
tical sign-writer, 298 Crown st; ho. Scarsdale,
Old Cathcart
Martin, Alexander, gun and rifle maker, fishing rod
and tackle manufacturer, bird and animal stuflfer
and skin preserver, 20, 22 Exchange square, and
128 Union street, Aberdeen ; incorporated with
Alex. Henry & Co., rifle makers, 18 Frederick St.,
Martin, Alexander, manufacturer of fancy, paper,
and drapers boxes, 15 Smith's court, 62 Bruns-
wick st ; ho. Largo villa, Shawlands.
Martin, Alexander, wholesale cabinetmaker and
upholsterer, 14 Dobbie's loan and 17 N. Wallace
street, off Parliamentary road ; house, 1 Holyrood
Martiii, Alex. J. (at Cooper & Co.), ho. 4 Donne
Martin, Rev. Alex., retired F.C. minister; house, 3
Arundel drive, Langside.
Martin, Alfred S , assist, inspector of poor, Glasgow
Parish Council; ho., 62 Elderslie st.
Martin, A. J., spirit merchant, 81 Main st, Gorbals
house, 35 Herriet street, Pollokshields.
Martin, Andrew, pawnbroker and jeweller, 172
Renfield st. ; ho. 1 Sutherland ave. — See Advt.
Martin, Andrew (of Martin & Sons, warehousemen),
res. Caimcraig house, Tollcross.
Martin, Andrew, house factor, property
and insurance agent, 154 W. Regent st. and 67
Wyndford st., Maryhill; Corp. and Nat telephone
Nos. 239 ; ho. 69 Cambridge drive.
Martin, A. M., boot and shoe maker, 7 Windsor ter.
south, Govan.
Martin & Barrie, writers, 163 W. George st.
Martin, Barrowman, & Co., Magheramorne Irish
lime and limestone, whiting, cement and plaster of
Paris merchants, 53 Waterloo st. ; stores, 82 to 92
Clarence st, s.s.
Martin, Barrowman & Co., Glynn Whiting Mills Co.,
Co. Antrim ; head office, 53 Watorloo st
Martin, Barrowman & Co., lime merchants and
burners, 26 Chalmers st., off Gallowgate.
Martin, Barrowman, & Co., Freestone Quarries,
Whitespot, by Beith ; ofiice, 53 Waterloo st.
Martin, Ben. (at James Couper & Son's), house, 26
Ward St.
Martin Brothers, ham, butter, and egg merchants,
584 Gallowgate.
Martin Brothers, butchers, 678 Cathcart road; ho.
161 Allison St.
Martin, Campbell (of Dempster, Moore, & Ca , Ltd ),
ho. Drumhead, Cardross.
Martin, Charles, butcher, 13 Rosehall street; ho.
29 Scotia street
Martin, Charles 0. (of Alex. Henry & Co.), house,
15 Fotheringay road. Maxwell Park.
Martin, Charles A., lecturer in French language and
literature. The University ; house, 14 Doune
Martin, Cleland & Taylor, wholesale and mer-
cantile stationers, 66 to 72 Mitchell street
Martin & Co., Ltd., millboard manufacturers, Craig-
marloch, Kilsyth.

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