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Langlands, J. F., coal merchant and colliery agent,
101 St. Vincent St., agent for Dnnnikier & Begg
Collieiies, Fife; telephone.^, Nat. 1474 Argyle;
Corp. 4.345; telfgrams, "Bunkers, Glasgow;"
ho. Muasdale, Bothwell.
Langlands, M. H. (of M. Langlands & Sons), house,
9 Bute gardens.
Langlands, M., & Sons, steam-ship owners, 45
Hope street.
LANGLEY, J. Mitchel, (manager, A. Adams, 16 St.
Enoch square) ; ho. 6 Blythswood drive.
Langley, S., R.S. Major, Queen's Own Royal Glasgow
Imperial Yeomanry, 168 Renfrew street.
LANGMAN & Ewing, commercial and general
printers, 15 Adelphi street, s.s.
LANGMUIR, R. G., agent, 40 St. Enoch sq. ; ho.
43 Glencairn drive,
Langmuir, Robert, M.A., M.B., CM., physician and
surgeon, 10 Windsor ter., N.W.
Langside Ave. U.F. Church, Langside ; Rev. J. R.
Houston, minister.
Langside Established Church, Langside ; Rev. J.
M'Neill Frazer, B.D., minister, 4 Moray place.
Langside Estate Co., Limited., 34 West George
Langside Hill U.F. Church, Langside; Rev Thos.
Currie, M.A., minister.
LANGSKAILL, C. G., commission agent, 10
Hanover st. ; ho. 27 Lyndhurst gardens.
LANGWELL, David, Naracban, St. Bride's road,
Lansdowne Mission Hall, Robert Thomson, janitor,
20 Walker st.
Lansdowne U.F. Church, Gt. Western road, Hugh
Maclaskie, clergyman.
Lakston Monotype Corp., Ltd., 89 Bothwell st.
La Plata Reel Cotton Co., Ltd., 102 Hope st.
LAPPIN, James (of R. Lappin's), ho. 2 Jedburgh
avenue, Ratherglen.
Lappin, Robt., fruit broker, 72 and 76 Candleriggs.
LAPRAIK, Thomas, M.D., F.F.P.S., 116 Mains
street, Blythswood square ; ho. 67 Fotheringay
road. Maxwell park.
LARG, E. & M., dressmakers, 34 Rupert street.
Largovv^abd Colliery Office, 68 Gordon st.
LARKE, A. J., & Co., manufacturers' agents and
warehousemen, 74 Miller st.
Larke, A. J. (of A. J. Larke & Co.), house, Glan-
henwye, Prestwick.
LARTER, F. W. (at Geo. Kenning & Sons'), ho.
3 Walworth terrace, Kent road.
Lascar Transfer Offices, 12 James Watt street;
J. Stewart, jr., superintendent of transfers.
LASCELLES, WOliam (of G.P.O.), house, 103 John
Knox street.
Las Palmas Fruit Packing Co., packers of tinned
fruits and vegetables, Paris ; agent, Thos. Lawrie,
166 Buchanan st.
LASSEN & Hjort, engineers, London, makers of the
Bruun Loewener water softener ; agents for Scot-
land, Paterson, Bell, & Co., 47 Waterloo street.
LATHAM, Harry, wine and spirit merchant, 614
Egliuton street.
LATOUR, Louis, burgundy shipper, Beaune, Cot
d'Or; agents, Leechman and Gray, 21 Hope
LATTA, John (of Castel & Latta), res. New Club.
Latta, Peter (of North British Bottle Mfg. Co., Ltd.),
ho. 1 Queen av., Shettleston
Latta, Peter, jun. (of North British Bottle Mfg. Co.,
Ltd.), ho. 4 York ter., Shettleston.
Latta, Robert, professor of logic. The University ; ho.
4 The College.
Latta, Thos., 129 Bath st. ; ho. 36 Garturk st.
Latter Day Saints' Office, 122 North Frederick st.
LATTIMER, James, boot maker, 210 New Dal-
marnock road ; ho. 33 Norfolk street.
Latimer, Peter (at Archd. Arrol & Sons, Ltd.) ; ho.
19 Leslie street.
Lattimer, Robert, tinsmith, plumber, and gasfitter,
30 Charles St., Bridgeton ; ho. 3 Wesleyan st.
Lattimer, Thos., boot and shoemaker, 169 Crookston
street; ho. 33 Norfolk street, s.s.
LAUCHLAN, Andrew, grain and commission mer-
chant, 15 Clincart road.
Lauchope Coal Co., colliery agents, 15 Royal
LAUDE K, Alex., manager, Roganos, 11 So. Exchange
pi. ; ho. 17 Tassie st., Shawlands.
Lauder, Alex., pawnbroker and jeweller, 1 Ardgowan
St., and 7 Queen st., Govan; ho. Reduala, Maxwell
Lauder, Alexander, flesher, 123 Stirling rd.; ho. 7
Hopetoun pi.
Lauder, Archibald, Scotch whisky merchant, 76
Sauchiehall street; ho. 6 Kelvinhaagh st.
Lauder, Claude R. M. (Francis Lauder & Son), ho.
328 Renfrew street.
Lauder, James, manager and secretary (Glasgow
Athenaeum), St. George's pi.; ho. 13 Parkgrove
terrace, west ; telephones — office, Nat. 3323
Royal; Corp. 3324; house. No. 444 Argyle.
Lauder, John, grocer, 194 North st.
Lauder, John (of Thos. Macindoe & Lauder), ho. 9
Lilybank gardens. Billhead.
Lauder, John B. (of Andrew J. Kirkpatrick & Co.),
ho. 10 Burnbank gardens.
Lauder, John, C. A. (of Carswell, Murray, & Lauder) ;
ho. 59 Dundonald road, Kilmarnock.
Lauder & Lawson, coal exporters and commission
agents, 163 Hope st.
Lauder, Robert (of Stevenson, Lauder, & Gilchrist),
house, 33 Afton street, Langside.
Lauder, W. B., H.M. inspector of factories, 74
Yoik St.; ho. 15 Eskdale st.. Crossbill.
Lauder, W. Coats, & Co., drapers, 657 Govan rd.,
Lauder Patent Acetylene Burner Co., Ltd. ; sole
agents, Wm. Mojes & Sons, 277 Maxwell rd.,and
LAUFFER, Henry, cigar merchant, 299 Swanston
LAUGHLAN. T., fruiterer, 422 Cumberland st.
LAUGHLAND, Andrew (of Smith, Sons, & Laugh-
land), house, 6 Crown ten-ace, Dowanhill.
Laughland, David, agent, Bank of Scotland, Hill-
head ; ho. Linwood house, Linwood, Renfrewshire.
Laughland, James (of Smith, Sons, & Laughland),
8 Lorraine gardens, Dowanhill.
Laughland, Wm. (of Millar, Laughland & Co.), 149|
Hill St., Gamethill.
LAUGHLEN, Miss, 10 Kelvin drive, Kelvinside, N.
LAUGHLIN, Rev. A. C, St. Margaret's Parsonage,
1 Abbotsford lane, Bedford st. s.s.
LAUGHTON, Thomas, wiue merchant, 3 Cadogan
street, and at Huntriss row, Scarborough.
LAUGIER, E., French flowers and fruit salesman.
Corporation Fruit Market ; ho. 141 George st.

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