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Boston booking office for passengers, 67 St. Vincent
Bostwick (The) Gate and Shutter Co., makers
of Bostwick's patent collapsible gates, grilles, orna-
mental wrought iron work, gates, railings, hoist
enclosures, &c.; patent locked wire, ornamental
wire, patent fireproof corrugated metal lathing,
automatic closing and locking gearing for hoist
gates, &c. Agent, W. Potier, 93 Hope street.
BOSWELL, James, cashier (at Hetherington &
Anderson's), ho., 317 Allison stieet
Boswell, M. C , cashier, Langfier, Ltd. ; house, 2
Jane street, Berahouston.
BOTHVVELL, George, dealer, 198 Main street, s.s.
Bothwell, Thos. & George, boot and shoe-
makers, 30 Alexandra parade.
BoTHWBLL and Uddingston Gas Co., Ltd., smithy
char malting and welding coke, &c. , Gas works,
Uddingston; telephone 0192 Uddingston.
Bothwell Castle Estate Office, 150 West Regent st.;
E. Summers Smith, factor.
Bothwell Park Quarries and Brickworks, Ltd.;
Quarries and Brickwork, Fallside, by Bothwell ;
telephone No 8 Uddingston; registered office, 142
St. Vincent street (telephone Nos., Natl., 1368 and
713 Argyle, and Corporation, 68).
BOTTARO, L., & Co., Genoa; agents, R. Cowan,
M'Kinnon & Co., 58 Bath st.
BOTTOMLEY, Albert (of Ottoman Art Hassock
Co.); ho. 139 Berkeley street.
Bottomley. J. T., M.A., D.Sc, F.R.S., F.C.S.,
M.LE.E., consulting electrical engineer; office and
laboratory, 205 Byres rd. ; ho. 13 University gds.
Bottomley &Liddle, F.L P. A. chartd. patent agents
and agents for the registration of designs and trade
mark'i, experts in legal cases regarding patents,
designs, and trade marks (undertake every descrip-
tion of business relating to the obtaining of
British, foreign, and colonial patents, the registra-
tion of designs and trade marks, copyright of
books, &c.), 154 St. Vincent st. ; " Handbook to
Inventors" gratis; telephone Nos., Nat. 1227
Argyle ; Corp. 1237 ; telegraphic address,
" Patentable, Glasgow."
Bottomley, Wm., C.P.A., patent agent and agent
for the registration of designs and trade marks, British
foreign, and colonial, expert in legal cases relating
to patents, &e. (of Bottomley & Liddle), 154 St.
Vincent street; ho. 16 University gardens; tele-
phone No. 1227.
BOUGLAS, Henry B., agent, Clydesdale Bank
(Lim.), George street Branch ; residence, Carluke.
BOUIK, Alex., spirit merchant, 99 Kirk street, and
170 Great Hamilton st. ; ho. 19 Binnie place.
BouLiNiKON Felt Co. (Ltd.), felt manufacturers,
Manchester; W. Cooper, agent, 33 Virginia street.
BOURNE, S. J. & Co., (of London), millinery ware-
housemen, agents for Scotland, Cowie & Co., 74
Miller street.
BouRTKEEHiLL Coal Company, manufacturers oi
every kind of fire-clay goods, 120 to 130 Sal-
keld street.
BOUSTEAD, Robert, 41 Robertson street, and at
Paris, 89 Rue de Maubeuge.
BOUTILLIER, G., Briand, & Co., brandy shippers,
Cognac ; agents, Greenlees Brothers, Baltic cham-
bers, 40 Wellington street.
BOUVERIE & Co., Scotch whisky merchants, 16
Bothwell St.
BOVINGDON, \., Windsor and cane seat manufactr.,
63 Stirling street.
Bovril, Limited, 113 Bath street.
Bow & Gilmour.coal merchants and coal exporters,
48 West Regent st. ; telephone No., 3949; tele-
graphic address, "Stratum," Glasgow.
Bow, Higgins, & Co., coal and coke exporters, 95
Bath street.
Bow, James (at Clyde Shipping Co., Ltd.), house,
Viesvfield, Busby.
Bow, John W. (Mann, Byars & Co.); ho. Viewfield,
Bow, M'Laohlan, & Co. Ltd., shipbuilders, engineers,
boilermakers and ironfounders. Thistle Works,
Bow, Robert (of Bow, Higgins, & Co.), house 17
Bruce road.
Bow, Mrs James, 24 Sandyford place.
Bow's Emporium (Wm. Bow), complete house
furnisher, 61 to 71 High street, 2 to 20 Bell street,
and 2 to 10 Walls street, city; house, West house,
Uddingston, W.
BO WD EN, G. Harknd & Co., electric power en-
gineers, 50 Wellington street.
Bowden, Jas., resident attendant, Camphill Gallery,
Bowden, James, printer, 17 Bedford street
BO WEN & M'Kechnie, wine merchants, 33 Virginia
street ; and at 9 Cross st., Finsbury, London, E.C.
BOWERS, George, inspector of weights and measures,
85 Parnie street; ho. 26 Kelvin drive.
Bowers, John, writer, depute Town-Clerk, City
Chambers ; ho. 5 North Bank ter., Kelvlnside, N.
BOWES, James C, C.A. (of Nairn, Bowes, & Craig),
ho. 11 Brighton place, Govan.
Bowes, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 29 North
Frederick st. and branches ; house, 134 Holland
Bowes, Wm. A. writer, 74 Bathst.; ho. 134 Hol-
land street.
BOWIE, Arch., jun. (of A. Bowie & Co.), house, 85
Leslie street.
Bowie, A., & Co., saw millers and moulding manu-
facturers, 176 Maxwell road, s.s.
Bowie, Arthur J., stationer, librarian and newsagent,
293 Paisley rd. west; ho. 6 Blythswood drive, W.
Bowie, C. T., Fisher & Co., house painters, decora-
tors, and dealers in paper-hangings, 26 Bothwell
street; branch, 15 Gilmour street, Paisley.
Bowie & Co., hosiery manufacturers, Netherby,
Cathcart; ho. Norwood, Busby.
Bowie & Co., horse and cattle condiment manufac-
turers, 380 Cumberland st., s.s.
Bowie, David, commission merchant, 28 St Enoch sq.;
house, Gleucoila, Bellahouston.
Bowie, Fredk. W. J., commission agent, 93 Hope st.;
ho. Dalgrange, Cambuslang.
Bowie, Henry D. (of Hugh Brown & Co.), ho. Ailsa
cottage, Uddingston.
Bowie, Ivie, traveller (James Harper & Co.), ho. 12
Albert drive.
Bowie, James, 28 St. Enoch square ; ho. Glencoila,
Bowie, James, measurer, City Line, Queen's Dock;
ho. 425 Shields road, PoUokshields.
Bowie, James W. , vocahst, 63 Gt. Western road.
Bowie, James, L.D.S., surgeon-dentist, 6 Hillfoot st,
Bowie, J. H. (of C. T. Bowie, Fisher & Co.), house,
Torburn, Bearsden.

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