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Established by Royal Charter in 1599. — Ratified by Acts of the Scottish and British Parliaments.
Faculty Hall, 242 St. Vincent Street.
Dr. James Finlayson, President.
Mr. Henry E. Clark, C.M.G., Visitor.
Dr. Wm. L. Reid, Treasurer.
Dr. J, Lindsay Steven, Hon. Librarian.
The President, the Visitor, the Treasurer, Dr. J.
Glaister, Dr. J. Lindsay Steven, Sir Hector
Cameron, Dr. J. Barlow, Dr. Robert Perry, Dr.
S. Sloan, and Dr. W. G. Dun, Councillors.
Dr. A. M. Buchanan, Mr. H. E. Clark, Dr. James
Stirton, Mr. D. N. Knox, Dr. J. A. Adams,
Dr. John Barlow, Dr. W. L. Reid, Dr. J. Glaister,
Dr. J, W. Anderson, Dr. Samuel Sloan, Mr.
J. R. Watson, Dr. N. Carmichael, Dr. J. Blyth,
Dr. Malcolm Laurie, Mr. James Swanson, Mr.
Peter Bfnnett, Dr. T. Beath Hendersor, Dr. C.
Workman, Mr. R. M. Buchanan, Mr. Hugh Gait
Dr. W. Ernest Thomson, Dr. J. L. Steven, Mr.
R. B. Ness, Dr. T. K. Monro, Dr. G. H. Edington,
Mr. Wm. Snodgrass, Dr. A. Napier, Mr. II.
Rutheifurd, Dr. T. H. Bryce, Dr. T. Gray, Mr.
A. Macphail, and Dr. Free'and Fergus, Board oj
The Physicians and Surgeons of the Royal, Western,
and Victoria Infirmaries, Clinical Examiners.
Dr. A. M. Buchanan, Mr. H. E. Clark, Dr. John
Dougall, Mr. W. S. Woodburn, ]\Ir. Wm Wallace,
]\Ir. Peter Bennett, and Mr. W. D. Anderson,
Examiners in Dental Surgery.
Dr. J. B. Russell, Dr. J. Glaister, Dr. A. F. Fergus,
Dr. A. K. Chalmers, Mr. H. Gait, and Dr. R. M.
Buctianan, Examiners in Public Health.
Sir H. C. Cameron, Representative of the Faculty to
the General Council of Medical Education and
Registration of the United Kingdom.^
The President, Dr. Robt. Perry, Dr. A. Robertson,
and Dr. N. Carmichael, Managers to the Glasgoio
Royal Infirmary.
The President, Dr. J. Wallace Anderson, and Dr.
John M'Conville, Directors Maternity Hospital
and Dispensary.
Dr. John Barlow, Dr. W. G. Dun, and Dr. A.Napier,
Directors of Stirling's Library.
Dr. J. C. Rentcn and Dr. W. L. Reid, Directors
of the Glasgow Royal Lunatic Asylum.
Dr. T. Brown Henderson and Mr. James Hamilton,
Directors of Glaagoio Loch Hospital.
Dr. E. H. L. Oliphant, Director of Convalescent
Dr. George S Middleton, Director of Glasgow
Samaritan Hospital.
Dr. John Barlovr, Representative to St. Andreius
Ambulance Association.
Dr. Bruce Goff, and Sir. Arch. Sloan, Managers of
Western Infirmary.
The President, the Visitor, and the Treasurer,
Directors of Humane Society.
Governor of Haldane's Trust, Dr. J. Glaister.
Governor of Glasgow School of Art, Dr. John
Governors of Victoria Infirmary, Mr. R. Pollok
and Mr. H. E. Clark.
Governor of Glasgow and West of Scotland Techni-
cal College, Dr. G. S. Middleton.
Governors of Anderson's College Medical School,
Dr. T. Lapraik, Dr. W. G. Dun, and Dr. Free-
land Fergus.
Governor of St. Mungo's College, Mr. John Burns.
Governor of Baillie's Institution, Dr. Alex. Napier.
Dr. Edwin A. Gibson, and Dr. Norman Macnair,
Inspectors of Drugs.
Director of Glasgow Asylum for the Blind — Dr.
A. Free land Fergus.
The President, Trustee of Hannay Bursaries.
The President, Trustee of the Clark Bursary Fund.
The President, Trustee of Balmanno Bequest.
Dr. D. Yellowlees, Trustee Scott Bursary, ^c.
Mr. John Carswell, Trustee of the John Gibson
Dr. j£s. Finlavson, Mr. H. E. Clark, Dr. W. L.
Rtid, Sir Hector C. Cameron, and Mr. D. N.
Knox, Committee of Management M''Arthur
Bursary Fund.
William H. Hill, LL.D., Clerh.
Alex. Duncan, B. A., LL.D., Secretary and Librarian.
William Matthews, Officer.
List of the Fellows and Licentiates or the Faculty Resident in Glasgow.
Those marked * are Fellows, the others are Licentiates of the Faculty.
*Adams, Fred. V., 10 Queen's crescent, west
*Adams, James A., M.D., 5 Woodside crescent
Aitken, John, 29 So. Cumberland street
Allen, John, L R.C.P., 48 Charlotte strett
Anderson, James W., M.D., 1 Annfield place
*Anderson, J. Wallace, M.D., 23 Woodside place
•Anderson, Thos. M'Call, M.D., The College
*Anderbon, W. D., 22 Sandyf'ord place
*Andrew, J. Grant, 12 Woodside terrace
Atkinson, Daniel M., 114 N. Montrose street
•Barlow, John, M.D., 4 Somerset place
*Barr, Thomas, M.D., 13°Woodside place
Barras, James, M.D. , Paisley road, Govan
Battersby, James, F.R.C.S, Parkhead cross
*Beatson, Geo. T., M.D., C.B , 7 Woodside crescent
*Bell, Robert, M.D., 29 Lynedoch street
*Boyd, James Paton, M.B., 2 Newton terrace
Brown, Alex. L., Belhaven House, Pollot shields
*Bro-wn, John, M.D., 247 Calder street
Bruce, Robert W., 65 Waverley ter., Gt. Western rd.
*Bryce, Thos. H., JI.D , 2 Granby terrace
*Buchanan, Alex. M., M.D., Anderson's College
*Buchanan, George Burnside, M.B., 13 Buckingham
*Buchanan, Robert M., M.B., 9 Burnbank terrace
Burges, Lachlan, 45 Dixon avenue
*Burns, John, 15 Fitzroy place
Cameron, Alexander, 27 Grafton street
♦Cameron, Sir H. C, M D., 200 Bath street
♦Cameron, JIurdoch, M.D., 7 Newton terrace

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