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M'Lellan, And. & James, cartage contractors and
forwarding agents, 15 and 17 Stanley street, s.s.,
and Ingrain st., Govan. Receiving offices — 44
Oswald St., City; Tunnel st., Stobcross; and
Princes duck. Plantation quay. Telephones' — ■
National, 1509 South and 1282 Argyle, 129
Govan; Corp., 2797 Oswald st, X60 Stanley st.
MacLellan, A. & Co., electrical engineers, contracto .'S,
and manufacturers, 63 Waterloo st. Nat. telep..
No. 1281 Argyle.
M'Lellan, And., contractor, 15 and 17 Stanley st.,
s.!*.; ho. Moss House, Cardonald.
M'Lellan, Arclid. Jas. (of M'Lellan & RoJger),
ho. 5 Dowanvale ter., Partick.
M'Lellan, Arch. N., M.B.C.M., physician, 14 Somer-
set p'ace, W. ; National telephone No. 473 ; Cor-
poration telephone No. 19.
M'Lellan, Charles G. (of D. G. M'Lellan & Sons), ho.
North Hagliill, Cumbernauld road.
M'Lellan & Co., cycle agents, 110 Allison st.; ho.
102 do.
M'Lellan, David D. (of the Clyde Structural Iron
Co., Ltd.), ho. 31 Broomhill ter., Partick.
M'Lellan, David, G. & Sons, manufacturing chemists,
174 Glenpark street.
MacLellan, Donald, Ardmay, 1 Eglinton drive.
M'Lellan, Donald E., detective, St. Eollox police
office ; ho. 8 Barony st.
M'Lellan, Dugald, civil engineer (Buchanan st.
ttation); ho 13 Clarence drive, Kelvinside
MacLellan, George Scott (of P. & W. MacLellan, Ltd.),
residence, VVeot Lodge, DowanhiU.
MacLellan, Geo. & Co., india-rubber, asbestos,
and waterproof manufacturers, Glasgow Rubber
Works, MaryhOl rd. Warehouses —
Glasgov, 332 Argyle street.
London, IG St. Helen's place, E.G.
Liverpool, The Atlantic, 8 Brunswick st.
Newcastle, 16 and 18 Broadchare.
Sunderland, 44 Borough road.
Cardiff, West Bute street docks.
Belfast, 3 Albert sq., opposite Custom House.
Bergen. Norway, Strandgaden, 70.
M'Lellan, Geo., grocer, 39 George street ; ho. 117 John
Knox street.
M'Lellan, George, 22 Robertson street.
M'Lellan, Gordon (of D. G. M'Lellan & Sons), house,
1 Alexandra park gardens, Dennistoun.
M'Ltlland, Hugh, Hamilton and Burnbank carrier,
73 Ingram st. ; lio. 13 Whitehill road, Burnbank.
M'Lellan, Jas., contractor, 15 and 17 Stanley St.,
s.s ; ho. 11 Great Wellington street.
MacLellan, James F. (of Alex. A. Laird & Co.), ho.
7 Belhaven ter.
M'Lellan, Jas. & Co., muslin manufacturers, 107
St. Vincent street ; factory, 10 Tylefield street.
M'Lellan, Jas. (of Jas. M-Lellan & Co.), ho. 3
Alexandra park gardens.
Maclellan, Rev. J. C, minister, St. Mark's Parish
Church ; ho. 14 Derby ter.
M'Lellan, J. & P., stationers, 101 Byres road,
MacLellan, John (of James Watson & Co., iron
merchants), ho. The Gables, Saltbura by the
M'Lellan, John, spirit merchant, 22 Abercromby at.;
ho. 9 Grantlea ter., N., Mount Vernon.
M'Lellan, Jno. H., plumber & gasfitter, 48 M'Lellan
M'Lellan, John, captain (at G. & J. Burns'), ho.,
Anchorholm, Carmyle avenue, Carmyle.
MacLellan, John G., oil and commission merchant,
166 Bucli.auan st. ; ho. 7 Belhaven terrace.
MacLellan, Lewis (of Lewis & John MacLellan),
house, 5 Bowmont gardens.
MEacLellau, Lewis & John, oil importers and
refiners, tallow melters, lard refiners, soap and
grease manufacturers, rosin distillers, turpentine,
tar and pitch importers, 65, 67, and 130 Port-
Dundas road.
MacLellan, Malcolm, 3 Clairmont gardens.
MacLellan, Rev. Malcolm, minister, St. Peter's Parish
Church ; ho. 2 Kelvingrove ter.
M'Lellan, N., dairyman, 103 Montrose street.
MacLellan, Peter (of George MacLellan & Co.), ho. 1
Montague ter., Kelvinside.
M'Lellan, Peter (at Thos. Muirhead & Co.'s), house, 14
Balmoral ores., Crosshilh
M'Lelland, Peter (at Mann, Byars, & Co.), house,
Craignell, Soijthbrae drive, JordanhiU.
MacLellan, Peter Scott (of George MacLellan & Co.),
1 Belhaven crescent.
M'Lellan, Peter H., janitor, Western Infirmaiy, house
32 DowanhiU st.
MacLellan, P. & W. (Ltd.), engineers, waggon
budders, bridge and boiler makers, iron, steel, and
metal merchants, smiths, machine tool makers, bolt,
nut, rivet, and chain manufacturers, and general
ironmongers, 129 Trongate; Clutha Works,Vermont
street. Plantation ; registered office, 8 Great Win-
chester street, London, E.C.
M'Lellan, Robert (of G.P.O.), house, 6 Church road,
M'Lelland, Robert (of Bell Bros. & M'Lelland), ho.
6 Great Western ter., Kelvinside.
M'Lellan, Robt., china and fancy goods merchant, 402
Paisley road; house, 52 Ardgowan st.
M'Lelland, Robert, architect and measurer, 65 Bath
st. ; house. The Hirst, King's rd., Auchinlodmont,
M'Lellan, Rubt., brassfounder, electrical engineer,
and shopfitter, 104 Renfrew st. ; bo. 22 St. Vin-
cent cres.
M'Lellan & Rodger, wholesale warehouesmen, 6
Union street.
M'Lellan, Russell & Co., house furnishing iron-
mongers, 272 Byres road.
M'Lellan, Thomas, ironmonger, 116 Main st., Barr-
M'Lelland, Thomas, writer (of Dixon, Erskine, &
M'Lelland), res. Rockbank, Bishopbriggs.
MacLellan, Walter T. (of Thomson cS; Gray, and
Thomson, MacGregor, & Co.); ho. Northwood,
MacLellan, Wm. W. (of George MacLellan & Co.),
house, 3 Montague ter., Kelvinside.
MacLellan, Wm. Turner (of P. & W. MacLellan, Ld.),
129 Trongate; house, 1 Fitzroy place.
M'Lelland, Wm., flesher, 27 Old Dumbarton rd., and
192 Kelvinhaugh st. ; ho. 31 Old Dumbarton
MacLellan, Wm. H. (ol Lewis & John MacLellan), ho,
7 Belhaven terrace.
M'Lellan, Wm., printer, 240 Hopest; ho.l3 Barrland
M'Lellan, Mrs., 8 Oxford ter.
MacLellan, j\lrs. George, 1 Belhaven cres.
MacLellan, Mrs. Lewis, 7 Belhaven ter., Kelvinside.

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