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Kerr, Mrs. Peter, Gallowhill house, Reufrew road
Kerr, Mrs. Thomas, Camiiethan villa, Arkleston road
Kerr, Peter, hardware dealer, 15 Lawn street
Kerr, Peter, & Sod, heddle twme manufacturers, New Street Mills
Kerr, P., & Son, thread manufacturers, New Street mills
Kerr, R. & J. P., power-loom cloth manufacturers. Underwood Mills
Kerr, Robert, painter and decorator, 24 Gauze street — house 30
Seedhill road
Kerr, Robert, 14 Abbey street
Kerr, Robert, of Kerr & Young — house 1 Mary street
Kerr, Robert, farmer. East Fulton, by Johnstone
Kerr, Thomas, of Kerr & Finlator — house 12 Greenlaw avenue
Kerr, Thomas L., agent G. & S.W. Ry., Potterhill station — house
station house
Kerr, Walier, clerk. Canal Station G. & S. TV. Railway — ho. 10
Rosebery place
Kerr, TV., electrician, 21 Seedhill road
Kerr, TVilliam, farmer, Linclive, by Linwood
Kerr & Young, glaziers, 47 Old Sneddon street
Ketchen & Carnduff, furnishing ironmongers, 17 High street —
telephone No. 88
Ketchen, John, of Ketchen & Carnduff, house 1 Queen Mary ave.,
Crossbill, Glasgow
Keter, TVilliam, farmer, Bogside, Renfrew
Kibble Reformatory, Greenock road
Killin, Alexander, spirit merchant, 26 Gauze st. — ho. 7 Gauze St.
Killin, Archibald, traveller to Brown & Poison's — house 4 VVhite-
haugh terrace
Killoch, John, clerk. Parish Council Office — ho. 3 Gladstone ter.
Killoch, Mrs., confectioner, 150 George street — house do.
Killoch, Miss, greengrocer, 15 Alice place — house 24 Stock street
Kilpatrick, Alexander, funeral undertaker, 16 Abbey st. — ho. d^.
Kilpatrick, Alexander PL, slater, 40 Canal street — house 2 George
Kilpatrick, Archibald, district superintendent British TVorkmans
Assurance Coy., 14 Moss street — house do.
Kilpatrick, Hug'h, house painter and sign writer, 6 St. James place
— house 9 Glen street
Kilpatrick, James, of James Kilpatrick & Son, Dyers' wynd —
telephone No. 94a — house Briersdene, Mansion house road
Kilpatrick, James B., plumber — house 2 Crossflat terrace
Kilpatrick, James, & Son, plumbers and lead merchants and electrical
engineers. Dyers' wynd and Terrace buildings — tele. No. 94
Kilpatrick, Janet, dressmaker, 7 TVest Croft

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