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Trade and Professional List. xxxiii
Auctioneer — Angus Cameroa
Banks — Bank of Scotland (Limited), Daniel Macleish, agent; British
Linen Company Bank, N. B. Mackenzie, agent ; National Bank of
Scotland (Limited), Duncan Macniven, agent
Booksellers and Stationers— AXes.. Macdougall, Arch. Macintyre
Boot and Shoemakers — Duncan Macgregor, D, Ross
Blacksmitli—CoWn. Young
Bakers — Walter Cameron, William Fraser, Donald Macdonald,
John J. Morton
Coachbuilder — Colin Young
Coal Merchants — A. G. Cameron, D. & J. Macgregor,John Cameron
China Merchants — H. Newlands, P. Maclennan and Co., Mrs
Macintyre, C C. Whyte
Carpenters -A\ex. Gray, A. Mackeller, D. Wright, Don. Cameron
Cartivr iff his— CoVm Young, D, Wright
Coach Hirers — Hugh Macdonald, Macgregor & Cameron
Drapers — Catherine Mackillop, Angus Macdonald, D. Mackinnon,
P. Maclennan & Co., James Fraser, Mary Cameron, Mrs Turner
Dricggists — Peter Macfarlane, H. Mitchell & Son
DistiLl'irs — D. P. Macdonald & Sons
Fleshers -Macdonald & Forbes, John Macdougall, Arch. Graham,
D. Macdonald
Fish Merchant— John D. Cameron
Fruiterers — Miss 4. C. Whyte, Duncan Downie, Mrs C. M'Intyre,
H. M'Coll
6^7w;er5— Alexander G. Cameron, Jane Cameron, Walter Cameron,
Angus Macdonald, Donald Macdonald, John Morton, Duncan Downie,
P. Maclennan & Co., Macdonald Bros., Robert Murray, D. & J. Mac-
ewen, H, Macmillan, A. Stewart
Hairdressers — Wm. Swan, James Stewart
Hotels — Mrs Doig, Alexandra Hotel ; A. Rankin, Argyll Arms
Hotel; Donald Gilles, Ben-Nevis Hotel; A. Graham, Caledonian
Hotel ; Miss Smith Chevalier Hotel; Donald Forbes, Imperial Hotel
J. Macdonald, Macdonald Arms Hotel; Donald Mackintosh, West End
Hotel; Miss Macdonald, Volunteer Arms Hotel; W. Burgess, Palace
Hotel ; Geo. Sinclair, Station Hotel; Mrs Cochrane, Temperance Hotel;
D. Campbell, Waverley Temperance Hotel.
Ironmongers— Avoh. Young, Marshall & Pearson, Mitchell and
Licensed Family Grocers — Robert Murray, D. and J. Macewan, A.
Milliners and Dressmakers — Catherine Mackil'op, Mrs Turner,
Jane Cameron, Angus Macdonald, P. Maclennan & Co., Mary
Cameron, C. Macmillan
Painters — D, Macmillan, A. L. Gray, Allan & Fraser
Plumbers— R. Campbell, R. Harper, Anderson & Nisbet
Postmaster — A. A. Noble
Registrar and Inspector of Poor — John Robertson
Restaurants— Psi\a.oe Hotel, Railway Station
Seed-AIerchants — Arch. Young, Mitchell & Robertson, Marshall
and Pearson
Sheriff Officer — Tboraas Hutcheson
S)licitors — Duncan Macniven, T. Allison, D. Macniven, jun.,
N. B. Mackenzie, A. Campbell

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