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Kirk WOOD, Allan, writer, 5 Moss-street
Knox, James, clock and watchmaker, 176 High-street —
house 1 Orr-street
Knox, James, spirit dealer, 125 George-street
Knox, John, coal merchant, Abercorn-street
Knox, John, gardener, 17 Abercorn-street
Knox, J. & 11. Wrights (Motherweii's Foundry) Abercorn-
Knox, Robert, watchmaker, 143 High-street
Knox, William, spirit dealer, 112 George-street
LAIRD, Alexander, jun. spirit dealer, 48 Wellmcadow st.
Laird, James, iron founder, 92 New Sneddon — ho. 4-3 do.
Laird, John, wood turner, 30 Gauze-street
Laird, Mrs- ladies' boarding school, 181 George-st.
Laird, Robert, grocer, 43 George-street
Laird, Robert, manufacturer, 6 George-street
Laird, Robert, warper and fiowerlasher, 153 Causeyside
Laird, William, wig maker, hair cutter, and perfumer 150
Lamb, James, architect and surveyor, Underwood-st ;
and iron merchant, 1 St. James' place
Lamb, Susan, furnishing shop, 15 Old Smith-hills
Lambert & Pattison, wrights, 20 New Smith-hills
Lambert, Robert, grocer, 30 Glen-street
Lambie, Andrew, hair-dresser, 76 Moss-street
Lambie, James, engineer, 16 North Croft-street
Lang, Alexander, manufacturer, 62 George-street
Lang, Andrew, toy, basket, and brush shop, 116 High-st.
Lang and Anderson, writers, County Buildings
Lang, Gavin, writer. Town Clerk, and J. P« Clerk Dep,
County Buildings — house 51 Moss-street
Lang, James, boot and shoe-maker, 74 Broomlands
Lang, James, grocer and spirit-dealer, 29 Gauze-st.
Lang, John, dyer, 6 New Sneddon, and 2 Hospitai-Iane
Lang, Joseph, baker and grocer, 100 Canal-street
Lang, Malcolm, dyer — house 38 Moss-street
Lang, Mrs.feuar, 8 Old Smith-hills
Lang, Peter, causeyer and cowfeedcr, 63 Moss-st,
Langj Robert; maimfcvcturer; 9 Orchard-street

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