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Duncan, John, ppirit dealer, Millerston
Duniop, Alexander, cowfeeder, Orr Town
Dunlop, John, wine and spirit merchant, 100 Broomland'S
Duniop, Peter, spirit dealer, 14 Gauze-street
Dunlop, Ritchie, tailor, up 2 stairs, 243 High-street
Duniop, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 145 Causeyside
Dunlop, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 28 George-steeS
Dunn, JameS; & Co. manufacturers, 1 Old Smith-hills-—
house Greenhill
Dunn, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 25 Maxwellton-street
Dunn, John, writer, 10 Moss-street — lodging 13 High-str,.
Dunn, William, manufacturer, Barterholra
Dunnett, Francis, cloth-lapper, 21 Causeyside
Dykes, James, warper, 22 Causeyside
Dykes, Thomas, starcher and silk boiler, 70 Causeyside
EAGLESHAM, Hugh, shawl manufacturer, Christie
Buildings, 5 Terrace
Eaglesham, Misses, millinery, Leghorn and straw hat
warehouse, 172 High-street
Edmiston, John, spirit dealer, 7 New Sneddon
Edmiston, Mrs. spirit dealer, 35 Canal street
Edwards, Andrew, broker and tailor, 92 High street
Erskine, David, grocer and tea dealer, 64 Causeyside
Erskine, James, tailor, 1 1 Maxwellton-street
Erskine, John, mangier, 11 Maxwellton-street
Erskine, John, warper, 9 Orchard street
Erskine, Robert, warper, 3 Bridge-street (Burgh)
Erskine, Thos. singeing house, 171 Causeyside — ho. 64dc^».
Elliot, William, enterer, 11 Wellmeadow-street
Ewing, William, police Serjeant, 3 South Croft-street
Excise OfHce, 105 High-street, (see public offices)
FAICHNEY, John, grocer, 23 Orchard-street
Fallow, George, stocking maker, 2 Moncrieff-street
Fallow, Mrs. milliner and dress maker, 2 Moncrieff-st.
Falconer, James, manufacturer, 36 Orchard-street
Ftslconer, John, manufacturer, 2 W^ardrop-street
Falconer, William, surgeon and druggist, 168 George-st*.
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