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GuRRiE, William, grocer, 7 New Smith-hills
Guthbertson, Gavin, bookseller and stationer, 9 Moss-ilt.
— -house 95 Glen-street
Guthbertson, Miss, teacher, 25 Glen-street
Guthbertson, Miss Jean — house 17 Love-street
©ALLAS, James, lock smith, 7 Old Smith-hills
Dalrymple, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 15 Moss-jBt.
Dalziel, Andrew, brewer-— house 30 George-street
Dalziel, John, victualler and pattern drawer, Old Smith-
Dalziel, Mrs. James, dress & corset maker, 21 George-st.
Darling, Andrew, wright, 63 George-street
Davenport, James, broker and grocer, 5 Old Sneddon
Davidson, Alexander, boot and shoemaker, 77 Moss-st,
Davidson, A. jun. confectioner and vintner, 30 St. Mir-
ren's street
Davidson, Arthur, manufacturer, S Gauze-street
Davidson, James, cloth lapper, 15 Prussia-street
Davidson, John, beamer, 10 Queen-street
Davidson, John, teacher of English and writing, &c. 158
Davidson,, Matthew, cowfeeder, Newton-street
Davidsoni, Miss — house S Orr Square
Davidson, Misses, milliners and dress makers, 79 Moss-st,
Davidson, Mrs. James, confectioner, 15 New Smith-billai
Davidson, Mrs. spirit dealer, 16 High-street
Davidson, Samae!, confectioner, 47 High-street
Davie, James, grocer and vintner, 1S9 Causeyside
Deans, Andrew — house 2h Orchard-street
Dempsters, Misses, dressmakers, 27 Old Sneddon
Denholm, Thomas, toll-keeper, Renfrew Road
Denny, Joseph, wright and glazier, 7 Old Smith-hills
Devan, P. & Co. dyers, 13 New Smith-hills
Dick, David, bookbinder, bookseller, stationer, and libra-
rian, 3 High-strec;t, west end of Old Bridge
Dick, James, smith and farrier, 122 Causeyside
Dick, Miss, dressmaker, 4? School-wynd
Dick, Thomas- — ^house Burns' Place
Dick, Thionias, teacher, (High-street School) 51 High-st.
Dick, Walter, & Son, commission warehouse, 19 Causeyside

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