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I8I7. Renfrew Mort-Safe Company. . Robert Young, preses and trea-
surer, High street.. John Stewart, clerk, Cross. .Andrew
Crawford, sen. officer. High street.
1817. Renfrew Mort-Safe Society . .Robert Youwg^ preses, Kighst.
Alex. M'William, treasurer, Cow lane. .George Stewart,
clerk, Cross.. And. Crawford, sen. officer, High street.
1820, Renfrew Social Book Club. .Archibald Allison, preses, Muggs
lane.. John Stewart, treasurer. Cross. .Thomas Stewart,
clerk, Canal road. .John M'Kenzie and Hugh Adam, Li-
1820. Renfrew Coffin Cover Soc/eif?/. .Wm. Ferguson, preses. High
street. .James Filshill, treasurer, High street. .J. Jeffrey,
clerk, Back row.
1820. Renfrew Female Benevolent Society. .Mrs. M' William, presi-
dent. Cow lane.. Adam Hogg, clerk. Cow lane.
1825. Loyal RenfreivYeoma?iry Society. .RohertK\ng, preses, High
street. .William Barclay, treasurer, Dog row. . Jn. Brown,
clerk, High sti-eet. .John Baird, officer. High street.
1825. Renfrew Coffin Society . .CoUn Houston, preses, Kirk lane. .
J. M'Neil, treasurer, High st. .Rt. Young, clerk, Cowlane.
Engi/ie/br extinguishing Fire,
Captain James Wallace, Dean of Guild, High street.
The Water Engine and other Apparatus, are deposited at the Gaol,
Key to be found at A. Allison's, Town-officer, Mugg's lane.
Grave Digger — Andrew Crawford, jun. Kirk Lane.
Fairs — T'lird Tuesday of May, and Second Friday of June.
Street Guide of Polio ks haws.
Auldfield, Hunter street.
Baird's Court, south side of Harriet street.
Bengal Street, north side of Main street.
Cartcraigs street, (North) from Toll Bar, along road leading to
Cartcraigs Street, (South) from head of King st. along Race road.
Cross Street, from Harriet street to Toll bar.
Factory Street, from Main street to River Bank bleachfield.
Green Lane, east side of Factory street to Pleasance street.
Harriet Street, from Auldhouse Bridge to King street.
Hunter Street, south side of King street.
King Street, from Harriet street to Cart water.
Kirk Lane, south side of Main street, to Kirk street.
Kirk Street, west side of Factory street to Kirk lane.
Main Street, from King street to head of Pollok street.
Maxwell Street, from Pollok Gate along road leading to Glasgow.
Pleasance Street, from Main street to River.
Pollok Street, from Main street to Pollok Gate.
Shawhill Street, from Pleasance along Shawhill.
Wellington Street north side of King street to Turnpike road.
Wilson Street, from Pollok street to Turnpike road.
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