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HfLL, John, flower lasher, 5 Christie street
Hill and M'Gown, beamers, 15 Back Sneddon
Hill, Ninian, flower lasher, 2 Middle lane
Hill, Thomas, grocer, 29 Back Sneddon
Hodge, Mrs.. '.house 131 High street
Hodge, WilHam, writer, .house 51 High street
Hodgert, Ninian, sen. teller in Union Bank, .house 4 East
Buchanan street
Hogg, James, spirit dealer, 36 New Sneddon
Hogg, William, warper, 168 Causeyside
Holmes, Andrew, vintner, 2 Love street
Holmes, A. C. & Co. manufacturers, 4 Orchard street. .
house Saucel Bank House
Holmes, James, shawl manufacturer, 8 Orchard street. .
house Saucel hill
Holmes, James, warper, 22 Causeyside
Holmes, James, wright & glazier, and grocer, 80 Broom-
lands, and 10 John street
Holmes, John, cartwright, 7 Abbey close, .house 12 Abbey
street, .wood yard, 18 do.
Holmes, John, cowfeeder, 147 George street
Holmes, Mrs. grocer, 54 George street
Honeyman, Mrs. baker and spirit dealer, 40 High street
Hood, Charles, glass, china & stoneware mercht. 6 Moss st.
Hood, John, grocer and grain dealer, 17 New Smith-hills
Hope, J. auctioneer and appraiser, general agency ware-
house and public auction rooms, Lyceum Buildings,
248 High street
Hopkin, John, grocer, 35 Glen street
House of Recovery, 10 Bridge street
Houston, Archibald, twister, 91 Canal street
Houston, Geo. manuf. 168 Causeyside. .ho. 33 Oakshaw st.
Houston, Jn. cloth merch. 37 Wellmeadow st. & 36 High st,
Houston, Peter, flesher, 12 Sandholes and 96 Canal street
. .house 34 Broomlands
Houston, Peter, grocer and spirit dealer, 1 St. James' st.
Howat, J. painter, 192 High street
Howe, Mrs. furnished lodgings, 36 Glen street
Howie, James, cowfeeder, 21 New street

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