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FAICHNEY, John, grocer, 23 Orchard street
Fallow, George, stocking maker, 2 Moncrieff street
Fallow, Mrs. milliner and dress maker, 2 Moncrieff street
Falconer, James, manufacturer, 24 Gauze streer
Falconer, John, manufacturer, 2 Wardrop street
Falconer, William, surgeon and druggist, 168 George street
Farquharson, Peter, dyer, Barterholm
Farquharson, Robert, manufacturer, 34 St. Mirren's street —
house 2 St. James' place
Fergus, James, teacher, 1 1 Abbey street
Fergus, John, manufacturer, 2 Gauze street
Ferguson, Daniel, shawl manufacturer, 39 Causeyside
Ferguson, Daniel, spirit dealer, 32 Canal street
Ferguson, Fergus, agent, 108 Causeyside
Ferguson, James, excise officer, Saucel distillery, King street,
Ferguson, John, gardener, Underwood street. > shop 7 Old
Ferguson, Mrs. dress maker, Williamsburgh
Ferguson, John, thread manufacturer, 3 New Sneddon
Ferguson, Margaret, milliner and dress maker, 27 West
Ferguson, Neil, tailor, 30 Ferguslie
Ferguson, P., late Quarter Master, 37 New Sneddon
Ferguson, Patrick, grocer and chandler, 221 High street
Ferguson, William, grocer, 31 New Sneddon
Fernie, George, agent, 21 George street
Fernie, William, writer, .house Greenhill
Ferrie, Andrew, flesher, 9 St. Mirren's street
Ferrie, John, flesher, 11 Sandholes
Ferrier, Charles, coal merchant, 5 Love street
Ferrier, John, teacher, 31 Calside
Ferrier, Mrs. dress maker, 13 High street
Ferrier, Rev. Dr. William, 37 Oakshaw street
Ferrier, William, spirit dealer, 6 Love street
Eillins, John, fruit dealer, Millerston
Fmdlay, David, grocer and spirit dealer, 27 George street
Findlay, Geo. baker, grocer & spirit dealer, 126 George st.
Findlay, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 15 Saucel
Findiay, J. clerk, Union bank, .lodging 3 New Sneddon
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