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with small beer, and to pledge your neighbour at dinner fl
lest his throat should be cut in the quaff, were deemed the
haut-ton of' manners. The gentleman valued himself on
the ceremonious bow, and the lady piqued herself on the
sinking courtesy,,
In extent the buildings of Dundee are now doubled.-—
They stretch to Blackness, Craigie, and to the Hill or Rot-
ten-row ; and to the south we have encroached on the
river. Some of them approach to elegance. The environs
and country are much improved, and we are encircled by
water, by gardeps, and by villas. Families live in an im-
proved taste, and require more accommodation. House
rents are now from £ 5 to =£40, and even to £50 per annum,
Ground for building in the centre of the town hath become
-extremely valuable, and there is hardly a vacant spot in it,
A small area, containing about 300 square feet, was lately-
sold at a public sale at the amazing price of =£500.
In numbers of population we are, since 1750, quadrup-
led ; that is, they may now be fairly taken at S5,000 souls*
In Inns we are completely accommodated. Neither Gor-
don's nor Morren's would do dishonour to any town in
Europe ; and it is by rivalship the public can be well ser-
ved. We have had enoio of John Barnets in our time,
The Shipping is wonderfully increased. — Foreign tonnage
is, at least, quadrupled ; vessels are well found and manned,
and they voyage without interruption from Christmas to
Christmas. — The London trade sail and arrive every fort-
night ; and our home tonnage may be reckoned at 8 to
9000 tons,
Fiers for the shipping and boats (as yet but very imper=
feet), are greatly extended, and have cost large sums — parti-
cularly a shipping one hath been added with arches for the
passing tide. The whole staple trade is loaded and unload-
ed there ; and it forms a pleasant and healthy walk to the
inhabitants. A ship-building dock is well occupied and
employed, and vessels can be built there from 2 to 300
tons. A declivous boat-pier hath been bulk some yeswps
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