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Bees varied not in the texture of their cells. CrWs ar.& !
magpies followed their several accustomed styles of archi-
tecture, and all instinctively defied improvement. Mankind
came into the world with a bad grace, and often left it with
a worse. Incontinency held its wonted place, and knavery
lagged not behind. Pedants whipped boys, and appren-
tices lightened their masters' tills. Virtue despised vice; and
she in her turn laughed at virtue. Cats mewed, dogs
barked, mice chirped, geese cackled, frogs croaked, and
things went on at the ancient jog trot. Rich men died, and
young spendthrifts succeeded. Children looked up for the
death of the parent, and the parent looked down for the
reformation of the child* Animosities and family feuds pre-
vailed then as much as in the present day ; and, (like great
potentates'), the heaviest purse held out longest. Parsons
preached long sermons by sand glasses, and their wives ad-
ministered salves and potions by midnight. Little rogues-
were hanged, great criminals escaped, and captains swore
big oaths. Physicians wore large muffs, dangled gold-
headed canes, hemm'd loud, and looked wise; and accord-
ing to the strength or weakness of the natural constitution,
the patient recovered or expired. The rich lorded it over
their dependents, and they, in their turn, -domineered over
theirs. Whig and Tory were the pass words for broils and
bickerings. Sycophants and parasites scraped and bowed,
and even gravest men swallowed the enticing bait. The
Wealthy feasted, and the poor starved. A sceptic in reli-
gious matters was a character not then known. Such an
animal would have been caged in iron, and shown like a
wild beast for sixpence. Toppers swilled, guzzled, and
besotted in the tavern ; and their ladies in revenge took a
cup of spirited or wine comfort at home. Lovers ogled,
scoundrels broke vows, and dotards coo'd and bill'd. —
Servants rode before their masters, and running footmen
skipped it before their coaches. Farmers toiled hard, and
fed on meal, milk, and water. They now live lustily on
beef, pudding, and punch. Feasting ruled the roast, gave
consequence, led the world, and enlisted table friends and
batterers, Guns and dogs, hawks and hounds, fiddlers and

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