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" Nor must the lovely female race refuse
" The grateful tribute of the willing muse ;
" Whose matchless beauty, with strict \irtue join'd,
" May straight convince the sense of all mankind
" How false the poet, who durst thus declare —
*' Chaste is no epithet to suit the Fair."
Restor'd Religion hath advanc'd her height,
And spread through distant parts the sacred light.
" Thrice happy town, did she but rightly know ">
" The gifts that Heav'n, and Heav'n's dear tribe bestow; C
" And, by her gracious deeds, her saving knowledge show!" J
Alectum once 'twas named; but when you've view'd ~)
The joys and comforts by kind Heav'n bestow'd, C
You'll call it Donum Dei,— Gift of God j
Boetius! Honour of the realm and town !
Speak thou the rest, and make thy Mother's honours known.
Dr. Arthur Johnston, Physician to King Charles I.
His Epigram on Dundee.
Hail, Ancient City! whose extended sway "5
The roaring billow's of the noisy Tay, (.
And ground, which ill conceals* invading Danes, obey. J
Genoa, beholding thee, no longer boasts
Her native marble, pride of foreign coasts;
And barbarous Egypt scorns her stately towers
And Royal pyramids, compar'd with yours;
Gargara, the world's rich granary once, now yields
Her golden harvest, and her fruitful fields ;
Liburnian galleys now strike sail to thine, "
Which, braving dangers, plough the foaming brine j
Now rich Venetians of fell want complain,
Nor Cnidus longer boasts her finny train ;
With yours compar'd, the Spartan youth's not bold ;
Thy greater Consuls, Rome, with s"corn behold;
" No other place has learn 'd a nicer slight ~)
*' False from true merit to distinguish— right C
" From wrong— and each accordingly requit. J
" Here, barley's juice infus'd, yields noble Beer, "1
" To please the palate and to make good cheer ; (-
*' Nor can you Maltsters juster find than here." J
Who, from Tay's brow, would poorly fetch tby name, 7
(Whence Taodunum known by vulgar fame) C
Of want of sense and art may justly bear the blame ; J
For since by hands immortal' built you seem,
Mortals thy juster name Dei Donum deem.

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