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Hardie. James (Queen's), 36 Murray place.
Macgrcfror, William (Oorn-Excluinge), 1
Spittiil street.
Meiizies, Tliomas (Star), 122 Baker street.
Robertson, Jolm (lCa^;le), 43 Murray place.
Wood, Hugh (Castle), Esplanade.
Davie. Brown &. Younf;, Stirling Foundry,
11 Orchard place.
Gould, Smith i Co., Burnside Foundry,
20 Lower Craigs.
M^Ewen, Daniel. G8 King street.
M'Nair, Alexander, Thistle street.
Christie, John, 14 Murray place.
Graham i Morion, 16 King street.
Lawson. James. KJ Baker street.
Miller, Peter, d% King street.
Christie, William, 18 I'ort street.
Drummiiiid & .Son. Itohert, 5 Murray place,
f I rant, Alex.. I Bow street.
Ilarvcy, William, (j2 King street.
Hcptinp, Lambert, '.i^ Murray place.
Macdonald, Henry S., !) Port street.
Stewart, I), i J., 25 Port street.
Swan, Andrew. 4 Port street.
Turnbull, David, 22 King street.
Currie, Robert, 13 Port street.
Graham, J. i J., 11 Barnton place.
Guthrie, James. '.) Upper Bridge street.
Henderson, Alex., 10 St. Mary's wynd.
. Henderson, Thomas. 59 Port street.
Johnston & An<lerson. 45 Port street.
Kemp, Murray & Nicholson, 10 Dum-
barton road.
Laiufr, Alexander, SI Baker street.
Meikk'jdhn, Alexander, Rapioch.
Miller. David. Newhouse.
Morrison .i Sons, John, fj Dumbarton road.
M'Dongall. William. 54 Kin*.' street.
M'Nab, Thomas, 8 Dumbarton road,
Graham v't Son, Thomas, 20 Shore road.
Lamb <!!c Buchan, Thistle street.
Crocket, David, 43 Spittal street.
Dalgetty, John, 3 Bank street.
Ferguson, John, 2 Bow street.
Yellowlees i Sons, David, 2 Queen street,
Brown, James, 00 King street.
Fulton, John (Ciimbusbarron, Gargun-
nock and Kippen), 2 Broad street.
Glen, William, 4 Broad street.
Law, Robert, 11 Broad street.
Rcid, James (Dunmorc\ 10 Shore road.
Scholicld, Peter (St. Ninians and Ban-
nockburn), 21 Lower Craigs.
Seaton, Peter (Drip Moss), 15 Bow street.
Anderson, Mrs.. 18 Friars street.
Bald, Mrs , 23 Kin£r street.
Bald, Mrs. A., 34 Queen street.
Bttxterj Miss, 27 Ciueen street.
Brown, Mrs. .lames, GO King street.
Bruce, Mrs. James, 102 Baker street.
Cameron, Mrs., 10 Friars street.
Campbell, .Mrs.. 00 Baker street.
Christie. Mrs., 30 Castlehill.
Clark, Mrs.. 7 Bank street.
Clugston, Mrs., 0!) Port street.
CoutJs, ilrs., 2 Wallace street.
Ciuigie, Mrs., 15 Allan park.
Craise, Miss, 2 Port street.
Davie, Miss, 111 Baker street.
Dawson, Miss, 34 Queen street.
Dawson, Mrs.. 10 Baker street.
Doig, Mrs., 48 Upper Craigs.
Donaldson, Mrs., 28i Murray place.
Donaldson. Mrs., I'J Nelson place.
Duncan, Jlrs., 100 Baker street.
Duncan, Mrs., 3 King street.
Fraser, Mrs., lOjJ Upper Craigs.
Graham, ^Irs.. 15 King street.
Henderson, Mrs., 5 Burghmnir.
Hill, Mrs.. 7 Murray place.
Hutcheson, Mrs.. 2 Rarnton place.
Jamieson. Mrs , 21 Quwii street.
Lcarmonth, Mr.*. Andrew. 10 .Maxwell pi.
Leckie, Mrs., WA (iueen street.
Lecpat. ilrs.. 42 ^Murray place.
Mactarlane. .Mrs., lOA Upper Oaigs.
Mcffcn, Mrs., 120 Baker street.
Mitchell, ^Irs. James, it Abercromby place.
Mitchell. Mrs., 21 Baker street.
M'Aree, Mrs., 23 (Jueen street.

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