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Cameron, Peter, gardener
Cameron, Innes, nierchant
Cameron, Mrs., do.
Cameron, Peter, mason
Campbell, W. T. 5 Preventive Officer
Cruickshank, Alex., police constable
Dey, Alex., tailor
Dey, James, cattle dealer
Fitzpatrick, Hugh, R.C. School
Fleming, Mies Elsie, merchant
Fleming, Angus, mason
Forbes, Alex., gamekeeper
Eraser, Peter, blacksmith
Gall, Rev. Henry, R.C. Chapel
Gordon, Win., V.S. (late Torrans)
Grant, James, A.M., Parochial School
Grant, James, Donaldson School
Grant, John, shoemaker
Grant, Penual, merchant
Grant, John, carpenter
Grant, John, cattle dealer
Grant, Peter, cattle dealer
Grant, Wm., cattle dealer
Grant, Jas., flesher
Grant, John, flesher
Grant, Donald, Inland Revenue Officer
Howie, Wna.., saddler
Mackie, Mrs., baker
Macaulay, James, weaver
Macgregor, John, late Keppoch
Macgregor, James, late innkeeper
Macgregor, Donald, shoemaker
Macgregor, Alex., flesher
Maclennan, Rev. J., The Manse
Meldrum, James, tailor
Meldrum, Andrew, sheriff officer
Meldrum D., Sheriff- Clerk Depute, Post-
master, &c.
Munro, Hector, Preventive Officer
M'Donaldj Miss Jane, merchant
M 'Donald, Alex., mason
M 'Donald, Jas., earner
M 'Hardy, Mrs., Gordon Arms Hotel
M 'Hardy, Alex., shoemaker
MTntosh, John, weaver
M'Kenzie, Jas., mason
Rose, K,obert, carpenter
Smith, John, merchant and innkeeper
Smith, John Stewart, merchant
Smith, Peter, carrier, Provision Store
Smith, Donald, baker
Smith, Win, & John, slaters
Spence, John, merchant
Stewart, Mrs. G, baker
Stewart, John, carpenter
Stewart, Alex., carpenter
Stewart, Wm., tailor
Stewart, Wm., cattle dealer
Stewart, Gavin, shoemaker
Stewart, Peter, mason
Stewart, Charles, mason
Stewart, Mrs. W., merchant
Stewart, Paul, carrier
Stewart, Wm., cattle dealer
Stewart, John, sheriff officer
A parish comprehending the valleys of the Fiddich, and its tributary the Dullan,
or, in other words, Mortlach proper, the district of Auchindown, the deer forest of
Glenfiddich, and the larger half of Glenrinnes. The means of communication
through these districts all converge upon Dufftown, a compact and thriving village.
The total population of the parish in 1861 was 3096.
Heritors— The Earl of Fife ; the Duke of Richmond ; George A Young Leslie of
Kininvie ; and the Rev. T. A. Gregory of Buchromb.
Patron — The Crown.
Minister— The Rev. James A. Cruickshank.
Schools— Parish School— Teacher— John Macpherson. ; Adventure School m Duff-
town— Teacher— J. Davidson ; Side School at Milltown of Auchindown— Teacher— J.
Farquharson ; Do. at Raws, Auchindown— Teacher— T. Wilson ; three Female Schools
in Dufftown— Teachers— respectively, Miss Gill, Miss E. Menzies, and Miss Hiekton.
Free Church — Rev. John Shoolbraid.
Roman Catholic Chapel— Clergyman,— Rev. John Kemp; Do. Schools— Teachers—
Rev. J. Kemp, and Miss Hornby.
Session Clerk— John Macpherson, Parish School.
Registrar — John Beaton, accountant.
Parochial Board— Chairman—Rev J. A Cruickshank. Inspector— James Grant,
auctioneer. Collector— John Walker, accountant.
Banks- North of Scotland Bank— Agent— James Petrie. Aberdeen lown and
County Bank— Agent— William Cantlie.
Post Office— A Savings Bank and Money Order Office. Postmaster — James Grant.
Mail arrives at 8 "20 p.m., and is despatched at 4 a.m.
Railway Station— Dufftown, about half a-mile from the village. Station Agent—
Archibald Browa.

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