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Weavers.— Deacon— William Mathieson, carter, Boicmaster— William Jenkins,
Shoemaker. Clerk — William Grigor, writer.
Wrights. — Deacon— John M'Kenzie, house carpenter, Boxmaster — Robt. Brander,
carpenter. Clerk— George Leslie.
Offices. Names and Designations.
Burgh Sasine Record, Court House < Fife Duff Robertson, town clerk
Burgh Fiscal Office, Batchen Lane Alex. Gordon, writer
Billet Master, 137, High Street Wm. Miller, perfumer
County Clerk, 22, North Street Alex. Cameron, writer
Collector of CountyAssessments, Court House Fife Duff Robertson
Commissary Clerk, 126, High Street James Grant, writer
County Sasine Record, Court House George Leslie, sheriff clerk
Clerk to Commissioners of Assessed Taxes, I T r» -ivr„wi~„-u a m-\
Court House ' j J. D. Murdoch, S. CD.
Collector of Taxes, 1, North Street Robert Young, writer
County Fiscal, 1 North Street .... Wm. Grigor, writer
Courant Office, 37, High Street James Black, printer
Courier Office, 10, Batchen Street Robert Jeans, printer
Advertiser Office, 5, Lossie Wynd Macgillivray & Son, printers
County Police Office, 22, Greyfriars Street... Wm. Hay, chief constable
Inland Revenue Office, 219, High Street James Macfadzean, collector
Justice of Peace Clerk, 126 High Street James Grant, writer
Justice of Peace Fiscal, 54, High Street Alex. Cooper, writer
Provost's Office, 126, High Street James Grant, writer
Presbytery Clerk, Greyfriars Cottage Rev. P. Merson
Police Assessment Office, 17, Batchen Street James Anderson, writer
Police Office, 22, Greyfriars Street P. Grant, superintendent
( Jonathan Stiven, inspector
Poor-Law Office, 87, High Street < F. D. Robertson, collector
{ Wm. Macdonald, accountant
Post Office, 6, Commerce Street J. C. Sinclair, postmaster
Registrar of Births, Marriages, Deaths James Allan, Kay's Close, 95, High St.
Road Money Collector, Steinson's Court Wm. Grant, accountant
Savings' Bank, Museum (Messrs Merson, Macdonald, and Gall,
Sheriff-Substitute, Court House D. Macleod Smith
Sheriff -Clerk, Court House George Leslie
Surveyor of Taxes, 1, North Street Wm. Grigor, writer
Stamp Distributor, 22, North Street Alex. Cameron writer
Session Clerk, 82, High Street James Petrie, banker
Town Clerk, Court House Fife Duff Robertson
Town Chamberlains, 1, North Street Grigor & Young, writers
Collector of Road Assessments, Court House F. D. Robertson
Gray's Hospital Clerk, Court House do.
Lunacy Board Clerk, Court House do.
Lossiemouth Harbour Clerk, Court House... do.
Prison Board Clerk, 126, High Street James Jameson, writer
Turnpike Road Treasurer, 1, North Street... Robert Young, writer
0ffic6s. A^Gnijs
British Linen Co. , 115, High Street R. & W? Brander
Union Bank, 82, High Street James Petrie
Commercial Bank, 209, High Street Alex. Mackenzie
North of Scotland Bank Peter Christall
Caledonian Bank, 164, High Street Wm. Macdonald
Royal Bank, High Street Murdoch & Forsyth
City of Glasgow Bank, High Street George Leslie
Established in 1815. President— Mr. Sheriff Cameron. Trustees— Provost Grant ;
Alex. Cooper, writer ; Sheriff Cameron ; Wm. Grigor, writer ; Rev. Francis Wylie ;
Dr. Morice, Institution Road. Managers— Dr. Taylor ; James Anderson, writer ; Jas.

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