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interest of a sum of £4000, left by Dr Gray on the death of his wife, for a new church,
not being required for that purpose, has been applied for the purposes of the hospital.
The hospital was opened for the reception of patients in 1819. The average number
admitted during a year is about 300, and the average number in the house at one time
is 25.
Trustees— The Member of Parliament for the county ; the Sheriff or Sheriff-Sub -
etitute of the county ; the two Established Clergymen of the town ; Sir Archibald
Dunbar of Northfield. Bart. ; Peter Brown of Dunkinty ; Thomas Miln of Milnfield ;
James Taylor, M.D., Elgin ; Sheriff Cameron ; Captain Stewart of Lesmurdie ; Hugh
M'Lean of Westfield ; Rev. George Gordon, Birnie ; James Grant, Prospect Lodge ;
James Petrie, banker, Elgin ; Hon. James Grant of Main. Medical Attendants — Dr.
Ross and Dr. Robb. House Surgeon — Dr. George Whyte. Clerk and Treasurer — Fife
Duff Robertson. Matron — Mrs. M 'Donald. Admission — Patients admitted on certifi-
cate of a Member of Committee of Management, Parish Ministers, or two elders.
Medicines are supplied to the Hospital by the Druggists in Elgin, each having his
turn for a year.
Dr Gray also bequeathed the annual interest of £3000 for the use of reputed old
maids in the town, daughters of respectable but decayed families, the amount to be
placed in the British Funds, and the annual interest to be distributed by the two
parish clergymen and physicians to the proper objects. There are at present nine
annuitants, who receive from £9 to £16 each per annum.
Established in 1834, and built by a voluntary assessment of £850 on the landowners
of the county. The buildings have since been considerably enlarged, and there are at
present 33 males and 34 females in the Asylum. The establishment is conducted in
connection with Gray's Hospital, and is supported by the interest of £1200, subscribed
for the purpose, and a board of £18 per annum, paid for each patient belonging to the
county by the parishes who send them, and £20 for each patient admitted from other
counties ; in addition to which, a bequest of £50 has been left to it by the late Miss
Gumming of Blackballs, one of £150 by the late William Innes, Elgin, and one of
£150 by the late Mrs Grant of Birchfield.
Directors— Sir Archd. Dunbar, Bart. ; the Sheriff, or in his absence the Sheriff-Sub-
stitute ; P. Brown, Linkwood ; Thomas Miln of Milnfield ; Dr. Taylor, Elgin ; the
two Ministers of Elgin ; Sir A. P. Gordon Cumming, Bart, of Altyre ; Alex. Lawson,
Oldmills ; Hon. James Grant of Main ; George Gatherer, writer, Elgin.
Medical Attendants— Dr. Ross and Dr. Robb. House Surgeon— Dr. George "Whyte.
Superintendent .and Matron— Ml. James Reid and Mrs. Reid.
Established in 1714, for the maintenance of decayed guild brethren, their widows
and children. The annual dues are 2s. each, and the entry-money has been raised at
various times from £1 to the amount at present exacted, £100 sterling. Present
number of members, 28. Present rental, £584 lis. lOd. sterling, which, after deducting
public burdens, expense of management, and a small sinking fund, is divided among
the annuitants, who are paid on the first Monday of February, May, August, ana
November. No person can be admitted a member unless he is a merchant burgess
and guild brother, and under forty years of age, except member's sons. The eldest
eon of a member is admitted free on coming of age, and the second and younger sons
on the payment of £10 sterling. The annual meeting takes place on the first Satur-
day of October, when the office-bearers are elected, applications for the benefit of, and
admission to, the fund are discussed, and all other business transacted. President —
James Petrie, banker. Managers— Dr. Duff ; W. Culbard ; W. S. Ferguson, jeweller ;
Eric Anderson, Oakbank. Auditors — John A. Cooper, Spynie ; Dr. Taylor ; Alex.
Culbard, tanner ; Alex. Alexander, watchmaker.
Treasurer— Alex. Russell, Main. Clerk— Robt. Young, writer. Officer— Jas, Reid.
This mortification was made by the Right Hon. William Lord Braco, only lawful
eon and heir of William Duff of Dipple, and great-grandfather of the present
Earl of Fife. By disposition, of date the 17th April, 1729, Lord Braco dis-

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