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. Judge— Alex. Russell, Dean of Guild. Assessors— The Provost and Magistrates of
the city. Clerk— F. D. Robertson, Town Clerk. Officer— Supt. Grant, who adjusts
and stamps all weights and measures for the usual fees.
By the Act 9th Vict., cap. 17, passed on 14th May, 1846, all exclusive privileges of
burghs and trades' incorporations were abolished ; but no party is eligible to be
elected a member of the Town Council except burgesses. The dues were in 1849 re-
duced from £20 to £4 each, being £2 for Burgess, and £2 for Guild dues. Since that
time the fees for the admission of Freemen Burgesses have been reduced to £1 Is.,
In terms of Act of Parliament, 23 and 24 Vic, cap. 47.
After the Reformation, the Preceptory of Maisondieu having fallen to the Crown,
James the Sixth of Scotland and First of England, by Royal Charter of Confirmation,
dated the last day of February, 1620, granted to the Provost, Bailies, Councillors, and
community of Elgin, and their successors, the Hospice or House of Preceptory of
Maisondieu, lying adjacent to the said burgh, founded for the aliment and support of
certain poor and needy persons, with the right of patronage to the same ; together
with all lands, tenements, rents, &c, &c, belonging thereto, and of which the pre-
ceptor and biedmen thereof were in possession at any former period ; together with
the town and lands of Over and Nether Manbeen and Haugh of Manbeen, the lands
erf Over and Nether Kirdels, the lands of Over and Nether Pittensear, for the support
of certain poor and needy persons, according to the original establishment thereof ;
and also to maintain and support a teacher of music, properly qualified, to instruct
the youth within said burgh in music and other liberal arts, and also to answer and
promote the affairs of the said burgh, because the common revenue was barely
sufficient for its own purposes. The lands of Maisondieu were accordingly appropri-
ated by the magistrates for the purposes designed by the charter. No evidence can
be found that those of Manbeen, Kirdels, and Pittensear had ever been in their actual
possession ; but the charter gives right to the casualties of these lands payable at the
time to the hospital of Maisondieu, the Dominium utile being in the hands of lav
proprietors. The lands of Maisondieu contained 29 acres, 2 roods, and six falls. The
present rent of the land is £101 6s. 4d., besides £82 7s. Id. of a feu-rent, being, in all,
£183 13s. 5d. sterling.
A biedhouse was erected at the east end of the burgh in 1624, to contain four poor
persons, with a piece of garden ground attached. This building having become
ruinous, a new biedhouse was erected by the Magistrates and Council in 1846. Each
biedman, besides the accommodation of house and garden, receives £10 10s. per annum.
The present incumbents are— Alexander Christie, James Glass, Andrew Laing,
and John Mitchell
The charity under this title was instituted by Wm, Cummine of Auchray and
Pitullie, who, by deed of mortification, dated the 12th October, 1693, bequeathed a
sum of money to be laid out in the purchase of lands, the rents of which were to be
applied for the maintenance of four poor old decayed or broken merchants, being
residenters within the burgh, and burgesses thereof. With part of the amount the
" Leper" lands had been purchased previous to the date of the deed of mortification,
and since that time the four crofts called the "hospital crofts," and a rood of burgh
land, havebeen purchased for the purposes of the charity. The balance, £2022 17s. 9cL
Scots, or £168 15s. sterling, lies in the hands of the Town Council, for which interest
at 5 per cent, is paid yearly into the funds of the charity. The lands are in the
possession and under the management of the Magistrates, and the
Present rental is ... ... ... ... £79 13 9
Interest of £168 15s. in town's hands ... ... 8 8 9
£88 2 6
This sum, after deducting local taxes and other burdens, is divided equally among
the four decayed merchants presented to the charity. The presentation is vested in

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