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idigiot k Co'0.
Nash Isaac, 4 Welcli-back
Nicholas Jno. & Co. Limekiln-dock
Talmer Wm. DocU-gate-lane
Park End Co. on the Butts
Patrick T. nr St. Stepheii's-st Quay
Poole J. & SonSj Hotwell-road
P.itchard Wm. 25 head of the
Quay, and Cannon's-mafsh
Ring R. F. Temple-back
Roberts, Hare and Leonard, Hills-
bridge, Temple-gate
Smart J. & J. Avon-st
Stock J. & Co. St, JohnVbridge
Verry M. A. Passage-st
Youlten and Heaven, Cheese-lane
Davis Peter, 7 Broad-^weir
Haynes James, St. James's, Barlou
Winter Andrew, 26 Bridge-st
Winter and Son, Jacob'^st
Ball Robt. 8 Lower Maudlin-Ian6
Bayston Wm. 10 St. Augiistine's'bk
Bevan John S. 138 Redcliff-st
Bradgate Charles, 27 OldMarket-st
Brookman Wm. 103 and 141 Red-
diff-st, and 32 Corn-st
Burge John & Co. 14 West*st
Carter James, 108 Redcliff-st
Cousetis Joel, 5 Symes's-alley
Dinwiddy James, 1 Broadmead
Ford Michael, 24 Charlfs-st
Forth James, 12 Pcter-st
Fox w. R. 23 St.Augustine's-par.
Hazell ThomaSi 55 Temple-st
Lucas Samuel and Sons, (wholesale)
86 lledclitt-st, Bristol-bridge, &
26 New-st, Birmingham
Mengrove Thomas, 54 Broad- st
Meredith Thomas, 11 Lower Mon-
Miller Ann, Rownham-pl, Hotwells
Nattriss John, 6 Com-st, and 5,
Panruker Charles, Mall, Clifton
Parker Thomas, 1 Bridewell-lane
Pearce J. 44 Castle-st
Selsby J. 5 Nelson-place, Clifton
Sheriff D. 64 Park-st
Sheppard Josh. 65 Redcliff-st
Sweeny S. 59 Broad-quay
Walters T. & Co. 5 North -st
Wilkins B. 3 Christmas-st
BushellWm. & Co. Little George-
St. without
Evans Wm. and Co. 77 Quay
Hare John & Sons, Temple gate
ManningR.H. & Co. 103Temple-st
Nash and Hill, Nelson-st
AnjerJohn, Thomas-st
Bangley J. Lewinsmead
Boon John, 4 Temple-st
Brain Joseph, Redcliff-back
Brooks Henry, Bridewell-lane
Brooks H. jun. 38 Baldwin-st
Bush James, Baldwin-st-hall
Claik J. N, Wilder-st
Deios John, (wine) 5 Redcliff-st
Emerson John, Milk-st
Featherstone J. Earl-st
Ford Alex. & Jas. King-st-hall
Fownes Mary, (wine) Nelson-st
Francis D. Hotwell-road
Gore G. 6 Blackfriars
Granger Chas. «fe Son, Lfwinsmead
Granger George, Castle-mill-st
Jones B. Lamb-st-court
LangmaD J. Hotwell-road
Lewis George, Ten pie-back
Masey Josh. Walter, 19 Prince's-»t
Masey Philip, Marsh-st
Nichjlls Edwd. (& Vat) West-st
Pearson Thomas, Jaines's-back
Peters Jas.(& fish curer) Baldwin-st
Phillips G. 3 Berkeley-place
Powell Robert, Clare-street-hall
Sutton <fe Cooke, 90 Redcliff-st
Taylor T. jun. Water-st
Taylor Thomas, Leek-Iaue
Thorn E. 18 King-st
Tibbitts John, Bridewell-bridge
Westcott Samuel, Host-st
Wheeler Wm. Grove
Withers Isaac, Captain Carey'»-Ia
Withers Wm- 20 Small-st
Freeman John & Co. Copper Com-
pany, Smallst
Pope Christopher & Co. (manufac-
turers) Avon-mills, Cheese-lane
Curtis James, 21 Temple-st
Dunbar James, Thomas-st
Edgar & Son, (and pewterers) 1
Bath-stand 101 Thomas-st
Fothergill Henry, 3 Redcliff-st
Thomas Jas. (brazier) West-st
Wasbrough & Duggan, (braziers)
3 Narrow Wine-st
Westcott J. & N. 64 Redcliff-st
Wills John, 45 Castle-st
WillshireWm. Lamb, 40 Thomas-st
Braine Moses, 8 Redcliff si
Codrington Wm. & Co. 8 Baldwin-s
Fyson Henry, 42 Redcliff-st
Heffer Richard, 16 Peter-st
Jewell Charles, 139 Redcliff-st
Jewell Wm. 22 Peter-st
Powell J. & S. (and importers) 28
Young James & Co. Thomas-st
See also Corn and Flour Dealers.
Browne John, Little King-^t
Bush Thos. and Josh. Nicholas-st
Cothay Henry, Redcliff-hill
Grace John, [& miller] 15 Queen-
square and Back
Grace, Steel and Grare, Welsh-bk
Greenslade & Bartlett, (and seed)
5 Thomas-st
HellicarThos. & Josh. Welsh-back
Holmes Ths. V. St.AugustineVhall
Hone Josh. (& seed) Broadmead
Jackson Wm. 39 Old Market
Lawes John & Stephen, Counterslip
Lewis John, 23 Quay
Lorymer Jas. (and hop) 113 Red-
cliff-st, and 48 Thomas-st
Lucy Charles, Little King-st
Matthias G. 2 Pembroke-court
Norman J. F. (broker) Bedminster
Ogden Benj. (& flour) Welsh-back
Reynolds Wm. (<fe butter) 31 Back
Roche Wm . & Co. St. Stephen-st
Roe Ch?[3. <fe Co. (and seed) 122
Roe Samuel, Bedminster'mill
Sage Wm. 21 Narrow Wine-st
Sauders Ts. & Co. 2 Bridge-parade
Sheppard T. 34 Queen's-square
Smith Josh. Nicholas-st
SpenicerWm,(& butter) Lit- King-st
Terrell Wm. 17 Back
Thomas Chas, (cfe butter) 13 Back
Turner, Jacques &Co.4 Tontine.
wareb t j»e
Vioing Clias. Counterslip
Vining Tios. 6 Back
Wreford John, Mark-lane
Young Euw. and Co. (and millers)
Young J, and Son, (and millers)
Adams Wm. 2 Old Market-st
Binden George, Lawrence-hill
liurnell Elizth. 7 Dolphin-st
Burrow Eliz. & Son, 6 Broadmead.
Burrows J. 56 Old Market
Chamberlain Mary, West-st
Donaldson Susan, 3 Denmark-st
Edwards T. G. 17 Castle-st
Evans J. 2 Denmark-st
Frost A. 75 Redcliff-st
Glass Uriah, Temple-back
Hayhurst E. and M. Bedminster
Howell Wm. 20 West'St
Jeffries H. Gloucester-road
Jenkins Thos. 27 Stokes-croft
Lane Samuel, 39 Mary-le-port-st
Lovell G. 1 Gloucester-road
Manning James, (& cheese and
butter) 14 Lewinsmead
Palmer Jane, 15 West-st
Parmiter S. 32, Mary-Ie-port-st
Sayer Abraham, 7 West-st
Scott Wm. (&seed) 29 West-st, &
26 Old Market-st
Weare Robert, 21 Broadmead
Allen & Watkins, 80 Castle st
Naish and Capper, Castle-st
Onions Wm. [patent] Moorfields,
St. George's
Allies James and Son, Broadmead
Baker Thomas, 143 Redeliff-st
Beer A. 49 Old Market
Birtell Samuel S. 97 Redcliff-st
Blann Edward, 20 West-st
Burleigh Samuel, 39 Broadmead
Clouter R. Bed minster-causeway
Coles James, 31 RedcliffLst
Curtiss C. 43 Castle-st
Foley Charles, Symes's-alley
Godwin Wm. 12 Old Market-st
Grant and Burge, 83 Redcliff-st
Grant James Russ, [seller] 67 Red'-
Hatcher George, Old King-st
Hewlings Moses, Lawrence-hill
Hill Wm. 14 Lewinsmead
Jones Howell, (seller) 17 Peter st
Jones Wm. Frome-bridge
Leaker John, Tower-lan«
Manley James, 3 Broad-weir asj
30 Redcliff-hiU
Masey R. 62 Old Market-»t

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