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PSXit k Cc/3
s^on, esq., late of Glasgow, and a native of Kinloss.
Ni-ar tiie town is a piliar, called Sueiio's stone, 25
feet high above the ground, three feet ten inches
broadband one foot three inches thick. It is .said
to have been elected about the year 1008, in memory
of the defeat or final retreat of the Danas ; this
noble raoi.umei\t is finely sculptnied, and is said to
be tlie most stately of the kind in Europe. The
country about Forres is very pleasant. Upon an
eminence to the south east of the town stands
Nelson's tower, an erection of considerable eleva-
tion, the walk to which, as it winds round the hill,
is e.^ctremely agreeable, and admits of a great expanse
of finely cnltivated scenery. Tlie trade of Forres
is chiefly domestic, and "many young females are
employed in making straw pjat tor ladies' bonnets,
which is weekly forwarded to Elgin, An annual
meeting is held here, called the Trafalgar club, of
which the marquis of Iluntly is president and
patron ; there are also several excellent societies,
and three masons' lodges. A small debt court, for
all sums under five pounds, is held on the first
iMoiiday in every month. Tlie places of worship
are the established churcli, a chapel for Seceders,
and another for Independents. Weekly markets
are held on 'l\iesday and Friday ; and fairs are held
on 1st. VVedne.sday in February, 2nd. VVediiesil.iy in
April, 25th and 26th of June, lOtli of August,' or
Wednesday after, 2nd Wednesday and Thursday in
November, all old style ; and on St. John's day, if
on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, if not, on
the Wednesday after.
POST^ OFriOS.—Post Blaster, Mr. Robert Watsou. The Edinburgh Mail arrives at a qunrter
past four in the mornirg, and is despatched at half-past seven in the morning. The Inverness Mail arrive.*
at half-past seven in the morning, and is despatched at a quarter past four in the morning. All Nona
letters come and go by the Inverness bag. Grantown, a foot post daily. Kingusie, a foot post on Sundayn,
Tuesdays and Fridays.
Established Chlikch — Rev.Wm.Hoyes, Minister; J. A. Grant, esq. of Viewfield, Provost
John Moir, Precentor I William Mitchell, esq. ^
1-ndep£NdentCh4pp.l — Rev. Jno. Martin, Minister; ! George Mc Intosh, esq. V Bailies
James Grant, Precentor | Alexander Milne, esq. J
Seceuers' Cm^RL — Rev. Thos. Stark, Minister ; Dr. John Grant, Dean of Guild
John Kynoch, Precentor j Robert Watson, esq. Treasurer
Rrodie Wm, esq. of Brodie
Dunbar Lewis Brodie, esq. of Bur-
gle and Lethen
Fraser Major Thos. Dromduan
Gordon Lady Gumming, Forres
Graut Alexander, esq. Thornhill
Grant Mrs. Ann, of Kinkorth
Grant Miss Jane, Gordon's wynd
Grant Capt. James, High st
Graut Capt. John, High st
Grant Major Gen. Wm. of Tanachy
Mc Leod Norman, esq. of Dalvje
Moray the Right Hon. Earl of,
of Tarnua
Munro Mrs. Dunbar, High st
Rose Col. Alex, of Birdsyards
Lauder Sir Thos. Dick, bart. of i Strachan Major Patrick, East end
Relugas i
Henderson Mrs. Margaret, (ladies
Hunter Miss, (ladies' boarding)
Moir John, (English)
Russell John, (private)
Urquhart Alex, (grammar)
Austie .Tohn, High st
Bridges David, High st
Ross William, High st
Stewart James, Rafi^s close
Branch of British Linen Co. John
Cuniming, esq. agent ; draw on
the said house in Edinburgh,
and on Smith, Payne, & Co.
John Cuniming, esq. receiving
agent for the Commercial Bank
of Scotland, and several provin-
cial banks
Allan James, Tolbooth wynd
Mc Donald Hugh, Tolbooth wynd
Mc Pherson James, High st
Phimister Jno. Urquhart's wynd
Smith Alexander, Shambles wynd
Bain William, (& stationer)
Milne Alexander, (& statiouBr)
Alves John, High st
Bain Alexander, High st
Bezeck John, Urquhart's wynd
Bis.set Alexander & Son, High st
Fendlay Alex. Shambles wynd
Grant William, High st
Kerr Robert, Tolbooth wynd
Lauder Francis, Raffs close
Mc Culioch Donald, High st
jMc Kynoch & Mc Kenzie, High st
Herrald Alex. Shambles wynd
Mc Kenzie Alex. Tolbooth wynd
Thomson Peter, Shambles wynd
Fraser Robert, Tolbooth wynd
Millar James, Castle hill
Norie James & John, Noiie's place
Taylor David, High st
Taylor James & William, High st
Taylor John, High st
Bowie Janet, (& straw hat) Highgt
Carnaby Jane, High st
Stewart Mrs. Janet, High st
FIRE & LIFE insurance;
Caledonian, Jn. F"'orsyth, agent
Edinburoh Insurance Co. John
Gumming, esq. agent
North British, George Cuni-
ming & Co. agents
NoRMTCH Union, John Gumming,
esq. agent
Kerr William, Shambles
Munro John, Shambles
Munro Lachlan, Shambles
Murdoch Alexander, Shambles
Murdoch John, Shambles
Murdoch William, Shambles
Bremner James, High, st
Hendrie James, High st
Henry George, High st
Morricc James, High st
Muterer R. & J. High st
Rose John, High st
Anderson John, High st
Barron James, High st
Bell Alexander, High st
Bezeck William, High st
Carnaby George, High st
Cunuuing William, High st
Dickson William, High st
Dunbar Alexander, High st
Eddie James, (& stamp distribu-
tor) High street
Eddie Thomas jun. High st
Gillan John, High st
Grant James, High st
Hutchi.^on James, High at
Mann Alexander, High st
Mc Intyre Peter, High st
Stewart William, High st
Ur(|uhart Alexander, High st
White Alexander, High st
Gillan James, High st
Puise William, High st
Raff Alexander, High st
Ross & Kerr, High st
Ross George, High st
Eddie Alexander, High st
Taylor Robert, Hair st
Bowie James, Red Lion, High at
Louden David, Hotel, High st

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