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C f Strone Terrace, Lawrence street, Partick. 15.
F k Struan Terrace, Albert road, Crosshill. Nos. 4
to 12 and 1 to 33 ; 12 ; Remainder, 16.
H h Struther's St., f. Stevenson st. to Millroad st. 4.
J.[ h Subdean Place, Ladywell street. 3.
G h Suffolk St., f. South St. Mungo st. to Kent st. 4.
H i Summer Street, off Broad street. Mile-end. 2.
f Summerfield Cottages, Whiteinch. 15.
/ Summerfield Place, Whiteinch. 15.
Ij Summerfield Street, off Dalmarnock rd. 1.
jB h Summertown, Copeland road, Govan. 20.
B h Summertown Rd., off Copeland rd., Govan. 20
F i Surrey La., f. Cumberl. st. to Polloksh. rd. 12.
V i Surrey PL, head of Surrey st., Pollokshw. rd. 12.
Fi Surrey St., f. Portugal st. to. Pollokshw. rd. 12.
F i Sussex Place, 9 Adelphi street. 11.
1) i Sussex Street, Kinning park. 14.
C j Sutherland Avenue, Pollokshields. 14.
E d Sutherland St., off Union street, Springbm-n. 3.
Cf Sutherland Terrace, Hillhead. 15.
F f Swan Lane, Port Dundas. 6.
Gf Swan Street, off Canal St., Port Dundas. 6.
//' Swanston Street, off Dalmarnock road. 1.
/ h Sword Street, Gallowgate to Duke street. 3.
I', i Sydenham Place, Kinning st., Kingston. 13.
F h Sydney Court, 62 Argyle street. 7.
n h Sydney Street, from Gallowgate to Duke st. 3.
I i Tamworth Street, off Peel street, Mile-end. 2.
. G g Tarbet Street, off Balmano street. 5.
D li Taylor Place, Govan road. 19.
G fj Taylor Street, f. Rottenrow to Parliamentary rd.
Do., from Rottenrow to Stirling road. 5.
Do., f. Stirling rd. to Parliamentary rd. 6.
G rj Templebar Place, 325-363 Dumbarton rd. 10.
C g Temple Bar Quadrant, 352-362 Dumbarton
road, Overnewton. 9.
G f Tennant Street, from Castle st. to Glebe st. 6.
D h Terminus Quay, off Paisley road. 14.
Eg Terrace St., off St. Vine, st, Greenhill pi. 10.
C g Teviot St., Kelvinhaugh st. to Gilbert st. 10.
D e Teviot Terrace, Kelvinside. 17.
H J" Tharsis Street, off Garngad road. 3.
Ef Thistle Lane, GarnethUl. 9.
F I Thistle Street, f. Adelphi st. southward. 12.
Eg Thistle St.,f. Sauchiehall st. to Shamrock st. 9.
H i Thomson's Lane, Mile-end, from Marlborough
street to Greenvale street. 2.
H i Thomson's Lane, from Green st. to Risk st. 4.
Ell Thomson's Square, 63 Main st., Anderston. 10.
£h Thomson St., from Duke St. to Reidvale St. 3.
A g Thompson Street, Govan. 20.
Cf Thomson Street, off Byars rd., Partick. 15.
B g Thornbank Cottage, Ferry rd., Pointhouse. 15.
Ee Thornton Terrace, New City road and North
Woodside road. 9.
€ e Thorn ville, Great George street, Hillhead. 15.
/>/ Thornville Terrace, Wilson st., Hillhead. 15.
Af ThornwoodTer., near BroomhillDr., Partick. 15.
B g Three Ell Road, Govan. 20.
D e Tillie Street, off North Woodside road. 9.
J-J /j Titwood Place, Nilhsdale rd., Strathbungo. 14.
E i Tobago Street, from Canning st. to Stevenson
street, Calton. 4.
G h Tontine Buildings, from 12 to 34 Trongate. 5.
D i Tower Street, Parkgrove, off Paisley road. 19.
Do., East of county boundary. 14.
// Tower Street, Blochairn.
Towerhill Street, Springburn.
Ed Towerhill Ter., Balgray brae, Springburn rd. 3.
H g TownmillRd.,f. Alexandrapara.toCaual bauk.3.
E h Tradestou, at the S. end of Glasgow bridge. 13.
E j Trafalgar Street, Main street, Bridgeton. 1.
D I Trefoil Avenue, Shawlands.
G h Trongate, f. the Cross to Stockwell & Glassford sts.
Do., f. Cross to King St. and Candleriggs. 5.
Do., from King st. & Candleriggs to Glass-
ford and Stockwell streets. 7.
C i TuUiallan Place, Paisley road. 19.
Eh Tureen St., f. Gallowgate to Green st., Calt. 4.
F h Turner's Court, 87 Argyle street. 7.
E f Turner's Street, Garngad road. 3.
/ h Tylefield Street, f. Gallowgate to Soho pi. 2.
F j Underbank Terrace, Kidston street. 11.
F h Union Corner, Gordon st. and Union St. 7.
F h Union Court, 172 Argyle street. 7.
// h Union Lane, Green street, Calton. 4.
K k Union Place, Farmeloan road, Rutherglen.
E g Union Place, off North street, Anderston. 10.
F h Union Street, f. Argyle st. to Gordon st. 7.
E h Uuion St., Calt., f. James' st. to Green st. 4.
K h Union Street, East, Parkhead. 2.
C f University, Gilmorehill, south f. Hillhead. 9.
D f University Avenue, Hillhead. 15.
C f University Gardens, off' University Avenue.
C f University Garden Terrace, from Ashton terrace
to Sutherland terrace. 15.
C f University Place, Byars road. 15.
G f University Place, \Vood street, Partick. 15.
C g University Street, off Old Dumbarton road. 10.
G i Upper Fauld's Place, 480 So. Wellington st. 11.
G i Upper Govan Street, off South York street. 11.
E j Upper Muirhouse Place, Pollokshaws road. 13.
G g Ure Place, 80 to 96 Montrose street. 5.
G g Ure Place (North), w. end of Rottenrow st. 5.
A g Ure Street, Govan. 20.
F j Urie's Row, Old Ropework, Hutchesontown. 11.
E I Valeview Terrace, Mount Florida. 16.
A' i Van Street, Parkhead. 2.
F e Vere Street, Keppochhill road. 6.
D i Vermont Street, off West Scotland street. 14.
Do,, west of county boundary. 19.
D d Vernon Street, off Gairbraid st , Maryhill. 17.
F h Victoria Bridge. N. half, 7; south'half 12.
F h Victoria Build., ft. of Stockwell &Gt. Clyde sts. 7.
C e Victoria Buildings, Byars road, Hillhead, 15.
F g Victoria Buildings, West Regent Mtreet. 7.
Ej Victoria Bdgs, Maxwell rd., Pollokshields. 13.
B e Victoria Circus, Dowanhill. 15.
G e Victoria Crescent, Dowanhill. 15.
E h Victoria Cross, Victoria road, GovanhilL 12.
F I Victoria Drive, Mount Florida. 16.
C _f Victoria Gardens, off Havelock st., Dowanh. 15.
E k Victoria Infirmary, Queen's Park, Crosshill. 16.
/ Victoria Park, Whiteinch. 15.
A e Victoria Park Gardens, off Balshagray avenue,
Partick. 15.
F I Victoria Place, Mount Florida. 16.
B g Victoria Place, Govan. 20.
/ I Victoria Place, Rutherglen.

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