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Haddington —
Bk. of Scotland, Rob. Todrick & Alex. Brook
Royal, Jas. Watson and J. D. Watson
Brit. Linen Go., Fermes & Williamson
Commercial, William Dods & Son
Halkirk —
Caledonian, Andrew Macrae
Hasulton —
Bk. of Scotland, J. Cunningbame Kay
Royal, W. A. Dyke? ; T. Dykes, and
Alex. Koss, joint-agents
Brit. Linen Co., James Neilson
Commercial, J. C. 0. Wilson
Union, James Cassels
Clydesdale, D;ivid Patrick
Hatton (Aberdefii) —
Town & Count}', Thomas W. Thomson
Hawick —
Royal, W.ilfpr Haddon
Brit. Linen Co., M. M'Call; Jobn Reunie, sub-
Commercial, George and James Oliver
National, Robert Purdom ; 0. M. Purdom,
Helensburgh —
Bk. of Scotland. Alexatider Breingan
Union, F. C. Buchanan
Clydesdale, A. M.. M. G. Kidston
Helmsdale —
Brit. Linen Co., James J. Hill
Holytown —
Clydesdale. William Murdoch
HdPEMAN (Elgin) —
Town & County, Lacblan M'Intosb
Hopeman — Caledonian (Sub to Burghead)
Union, Geo. P. Wilson
Town & County, P>ancis E. Watt
Nor. of Scotland, William Walker
Innellan —
Clydesdale, Charles Turner
In.xerleithen —
Bk. of Scotland, William Watt Thomson
Insch —
Nor. of Scotland, W. F. G. Dawson
Town & County, John Bisset
Inveraray —
National, Jobn Macarthur and A.
Union, B. M. Wright
Invergarry —
Caledonian, George Malcolm
Invergordon —
Commercial, Murdo Mackenzie
Nor. of Scotland, John Robertson
Inverkeithing —
Clydesdale, J. D. Wyllie
Inverness —
Bk. of Scotland, Alexander F. Steele ; Duncan
Mackintosh signs pro agent
Royal, D. Cargill
Caledonian, (Head OiBce) E. H. Macmillan,
manager ; Edin. and London
agents, the Bank of Scotland
Brit. Linen Co., William Shields
Commercial, James F. Souter
National, W. Taylor Rule and W.
Burns ; G. H. Duncan, assist-
Union, George Black and John Sharp
Nor. of Scotland, James Ross
Town & County, William Douglas
Inverurie —
Union, John Low
Town & County, John Cliarles and Alex. Charles
Nor. of Scotland, Alex. Smith
Irvine —
Royal, A. Gilmour and Wm. Christie
Brit. Linen Co., A. C. M'Jannet
Union, Wm. Hunter, agent; James
Robertson, pro agent
Clydesdale, A. Longmuir
Is LAY —
National, John Cullen and Robt. Cullen
Jedburgh —
Bk. of Scotland, W. A. Skead
Royal, R. B. Anderson and C. W.
Brit. Linen Co., E. R. Richardson
Commercial, Turnbull, Simson, & Sturro-'k
National, Robert Thomson
Johnstone —
RovaL James Thomson
National, W. W. M'Dowall
Union, D. A. Mactavish ; D. Rankine,
pro agent
Junmper Green —
Commercial, William Scott
Keith —
Union, James A. Stephen
Town & County, Thurbum & Fleming
Nor. of Scotland, Adam Annand
Kelso —
Bk. of Scotland, P. Stormouth Darling Alex,
Macdougall, pro agent
Brit. Linen Co., W. O. Stevenson
National, D. W. B. Tait
Commercial, Allan Stevenson
Kemnay —
Town & County, Andrew Petrie
Kilbarchan —
Clydesdale, J. M'Neill Porteous
Clydesdale, Thomas Macmillan
Town & County, James M'Donald
Bk. of Scotland, R. A. Robertson
Union, P. M'Neil
Kilmalcolm —
Royal, J. Cleghorn Huie.
Kilmarnock —
Bk. of Scotland, William Austin
Royal, Joseph Brockie
Brit. Linen Co., James Frier
Commercial, Alex. Millar
National, J. B. Wands; James Wilson,
Union, D. C. Gairdner, agent; Wm.
Thomson and W.CGairdnor,
pro agent
Clydesdale, Jas. Taylor
Kilsyth —
Royal, R. J. Graham
National, J. M 'Gilchrist
Kilwinning —
Commercial, H. King & Sons
Clydesdale, Patrick Burns and And. Speir,
Union, James Patrick
KiNQHORN (Sub-Branch to Kirkcaldy) —
Brit. Linen Co., (Tues. and. Fiiday), W. Millie
Dow ; P. R. Gilbert, '^^sub-
Kingussie —
Brit. Linen Co., Alexander Macpherson
Caledonian, Alex. Macdougall
Kinross —
Royal, Robert S. You eg
Brit. Linen Co., W. Wilson
Clydesdale, Thomas Steedman

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