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Fairbairn, Jn. C. , 6a George st.
Cribson, Ricbard R. [Sutherlmid,
Cargey, <£■ Gibson), 13 George
<Tidden, James L. (Cfidden <t
Marshall), 53 George street
Crilmour, Hugb {H. Gilmour <£•
Shaw), 18 St Andrew square
•Guild, Robert Harrower {Guild,
Bowhill, <i' Lawson), 29 St
Andrew square
Sbaw, J. M. Somerville {H.
Gilmour & Shaw), 18 St Andrew
Sj)ence, Lewis S., 6a George st.
Sullivan, Jas. {Sime ct Sullivan),
14 Frederick street
Sutherland, Edward S. {Suther-
land, Cargey, tfc Gibson), 13
George street
Thomson, E. J. Comrie, 29 St
Andrew square
Hamilton, J. Lyon, 34 St Andrew ; Thomson, T. S. {Macrorie <&
square ' Thomson), 77 George street
Hardie, R. S. L. {Hardie d: Turn- j Tod, J. H. , 36 Hanover street
6i«^?), 43 George street jTorrie, R. Jameson {Torrie,
Hislop, Hfinry "VVm., 14b George Brodie, tfc Maclagan), 25a St
street Andrew square
Hope, John D. (Hope <£• OZ ive?'), J TurnbuU, G. Barbour {Hardie &
16 Princes street
* Jamieson, Rob. , 30 St Andrew sq.
Johnstone, Alf., 10 St Andrew sq.
Ker, Thomas {Lavrrie <fc Xer), 4
St Andrew square
Kirkpatrick, J. I., 37 George st,
T.), 43 George street
Walker, J. D. {J. D. Walker &
Watso7i), 17 St Andrew square
Watson, Richard M. (/. D.
Walker & Watson), 17 St
) Andrew square
Landale, R. J. (Kerr, Bonnar, (fcjWhyte, Fred. (Mills <h Wliyte),
Landale), 9 York buildings
Lawrie, Henry D., 4 St Andrew
Lawrie, James D. {La\m'ie& Ker),
4 St Andrew square
Lawson, William (Guild, Bow-
hill, i; Lawson), 29 St Andrew
Lyle. Robert A. (T. & R. A. Lyle),
3 North St Andrew street
Maclagan, D. Douglas (Torrie,
Brodie, d- Maclagan), 25a St
Andrew square
Macnair, Robert (MacvMir <k
Balfour), 29 Queen street
Macrorie, John (Macrorie <&
Thomson), 77 George street
Marshall, Claude N. (Gidden &
Marshall), 53 George street
Miller, Ebenezer (Thomas Miller
<£■ Sons), 69 Hanover street
Miller, George (Thomas Miller jfc
Sons), 69 Hanover street
Mills, John H. ( Mills & Whyte),
2 St Andrew square
Munro, J. M., 34 St Andrew
Ogilvie, J. A. S. (W. T. Armour
& Ogilvie), 4a St Andrew sq.
Oliver, D. T. (Hope d: Oliver),
16 Princes street
Pitcairn, George S. , 37 George st.
Rae. Walter G. (Lawrie & Ker),
4 St Andrew square
Robertson, Alex. H. (A.H. Robert-
son <L Seater), 2 St Andrew sq.
Robertson, C. S. (C. .S'. dfc J.
Robertson), 9 North St David
Robertson, John H. (John Robert-
son & Co.), 31 Geoi'ge street
Robertson, John R. (C. S. & J.
Robertson), 9 North St David
Sanderson, Alfred N. (/. S. <fe A.
Sanderson), .5 Queen street
Sanderson, J. Souter (/. S. & A.
Sanderson), 5 Queen street
Seater, Geo. S., jun. (A. H. Rob-
ertson <fc Seater), 2 St Andrew
2 St Andrew square
Stove Manufacturers.
Smith & Wellstood Limited, 17
Greenside place
Straw Hat Makers.
Calver, R. , 9 HiU place
Gibbard, Robert, 2 Leith Street
Gilmour, J. &T., 34c Hanover st.
Johnston, Miss, 21 Nicolson sq.
Moflfat, J. W., 4 Mansfield place
Ross & Wallace, 13 So. St Andrew
Sutherland, Misses, 56 March-
mont road
Tavlor, George, 50 South Bridge
Wilson, Miss M., 129 Rose street
Sugar Refiners, Mer-
chants, and Agents.
Donaldson & Henry, Coatfield
lane, Leith
Duncan Robert J. , 10 Bernard st.
Falconer, Thos., 24 Bernard st.
Fleming, Jas. , & Co. , 19 Albert st.
Fleming, John,'& Sons, 2 & 4
Forth street
Ford, William, &Sons Limited, 93
Constitution street ; agents for
the Sankey Sugar Co., Liver-
Sklovsky, Salomon, 7 Lauriston
Sun-Blind Manufac-
Dickson, Wm., 15 Sunbury pi.
Surgeons and Surgeon-
See Medical Directory, p. 806.
Surgical Instruments.
CO., THE, iB Hill street. See
Magnetic Appliances.
Those marked * are ordained.
See also Engineers, Civil, p. 696.
Beatson, William, 31 Charlotte
street, Leith
*Beattie, George, & Son, 136
George street
Belfrage & Carfrae, 1 Erskine pi.
*Bennett, J. B., 12 Hill street
*Brown & Walker, 122 George
*Buchanan & Bennett, 12 Hill st.
Buchanan, John, 12 .Hill street
Buchanan, John H., M.I.N. A.,
(ships and machinery), 5
Oswald street, Glasgow
*Calvert, Edward, 16 N. St
Andrew street
Carrick, William T., 10 Grove st.
Carse, Edward C, 38 Leith walk
Christie, Alex. K., 155 Dalkeith
Clarke, Harry, 56 Constitution st.
*Cousin & Ormiston, 140 Princes
Craig, Geo., 85 Duke street, Leith
Craickshank, Son, & Co., 73
George street
Fairbairn, Hamilton D., 56 Queen
'■"Fairbairn, Thos. , 56 Queen st.
*Faiiiey, James, 1 India build'gs
*Francis, W. H., 122 George st.
*Fraser, Boyce M,, 42 New street,
Geddes, Henry, & Henderson, 14
Commercial street
*Gibson, Jas. D., 28 Queen street
*Goalen, James, 141 Constitution
street. See Adv.
Grey, Wm. H., 59 George street
Hall, D. M., 14 & 15 South
Norton jjlace
Hamilton, Paterson, &Rhind, 10a
George street
* Hamilton, Jn. C, 50a Frederick
"Hay, Alex., & Co., 88 George st.
*Hay, Alexander, 88 George st.
*Hay, John, 88 George street
Henderson, Peter L., 122 George
*Hogg, Wm. , 26 Frederick street
*Jerdan, Robert, 28 Queen street
*Keir, Robt. , 20 George street
*Kilgour, John, 29 Howe street
Kinnear Campbell, F. A., 11
Royal Park terrace
Law, Alexander, 20 George street
^Lawrence, Peter, & Co., 50a
Frederick street
*Lawrie, Andrew, 9 South St
Andrew street
Lessel-', Sydney J., 11 Sylvan pi.
*Lightbody, F. H. , 56 Queen st.
*Little, Robert, 74 George street
*Lorimer, Fairbau'n, & Light-
body, 56 Queen street
Lyle & Constable, 3 Hill street
Lyle, George A., 3 HiU street
*M'Culloch, A. & R., 3 Bernard
M'Culloch, A. & R., 25 Gayfield
Maclean, J. White, 6 Queen st.

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