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Whitelaw, John, civil and mining engineer,
ordained surveyor, and architect, 31 Albany
Whitelaw, John, 101 Grove street
Whitelaw, John, 266 Bonniugton road
Whitelaw, John, draper, hosier, and milliner,
148 and 152 Dairy road
Whitelaw, T. E., boot and shoe maker, 132
Marchmont road ; house, 3 Thirlestane road
Whitelaw, William, 60 Polwarth gardens
Whitelaw, W. E., 51 Deanhaugh street
Whitelaw, Mrs Janet, 42 Montgomery street
Whitelaw, Mrs J., 38 Earl Grey street
Whitelaw, Mrs Mary, dressmaker, 7 Comiston
Whitelaw, Mrs, dairy, 51 William street
Whitelaw, Miss, 20 Bonaly road
Whiteley, E. S., merchant, Oakleigh, Boswell
WHITELEY, FRED., C.T., F.I.P.S., teacher
of writing, arithmetic, book-keeping, short-
hand, typewriting, and civil service tutor,
12 Shandwick place. ^SeeAdv. index
Whitewright, W. N., 21 Comely Bank place
Whitie, John, 14 Kilmaurs terrace
Whitley, W. , 14 Royston terrace
Whitlie, Miss, 7 Glengyle terrace
Whitmore, Mrs M., 71 Rose street
Whitmore, Miss M., milliner, 71 Rose street
Whitson & Methuen, chartered accountants,
21 Rutland street
Whitson, Thomas, & Son, commission agents,
9, 14, and 16 Merchant street; Telegraph,
' Whitson' ; house, 56 Blacket place
Whitson, J. B., commission agent, 1 India
buildings ; house, 141 May field road
Whitson, Jos., 7 Waverley place, Leith
Whitson, Thomas B., C.A., 21 Rutland street;
house, 1 S pence street
Whitson, Wm., printer, 5 Hanover street ; ho.
76 Comiston road
Whitson, Mrs Thomas, 1 Spence street
Whitson, Mrs, 2 Argyle Park terrace
Whittaker, Alfred, "house agent, 26 Hillside
Whittaker, R. , 3 Caledonian road
Whittaker, William, grocer, 131 Canongate
Whitten, Mrs, 5 Valleyfield street
Whittet, Mrs, 3 Victoria street
Whittet, Miss, 2 East Broughton place
Whitton, Charles, 14 Downfield place
Whitton, James, joiner, 14 Bonaly road
Whitton, James M. , 47 Almondbank terrace
Whitton, R., 110 Easter road
Whitwell, Mrs, 95 Shandwick place
Whyatt, Thomas, 36 Restalrig terrace
Whyman, Harry, 10 Dalmeny street
Whyman, Thomas, messenger-at-arms, 5 N. St
David street ; house, 2 Cochran terrace
Whyte, And., & Son Ltd., wholesale stationers,
paper rulers, and stationery bookbinders,
Bothwell works, Easter road and 15 Clyde
street ; Telegraph, 'Whyte ' ; Telephone, 1064
Whyte, Henry, & Co., carvers, gilders, and
picture framers, 59 Rose street ; house, 50
George street
AVhyte, Thomas, & Son {successors to Miller <£■
Whyte), ironmongers, 25 George street
Whyte, Rev. Alex., D.D., 7 Charlotte square
Whyte, Alexander, telegraph clerk, 3 Corn-
wallis place
Whyte, Alexander, last and boottree maker, 63
Thistle street
Whyte, A. , 1 Marchmont street
Whyte, Andrew, 29 Ryehill terrace, Leith
Whyte, David, 5 Lauriston park
Whyte, David, railwaj^ guard, 2 Catherine place
Whyte, David K. B. {JSTew Register House), 28
Broughton place
Whyte, D. K. B., jun., wholesale confectioner
and commission agent, 28 Forth street
Whyte, Frederick, stockbroker, 2 St Andrew
square ; house, 16 Chalmers street
Whyte, James, 33 Bangor road
Whyte, James, 94 Buccleuch street
Whyte, James {Carfrae <t W.), 12 Clifton ten
Whyte, James, 1 4 Pitlochry place
Whyte, James, joiner, 8 Gibson terrace
Whyte, J., 71 Craiglea drive
Whyte, J. R., 22 Haymarket terrace
Whyte, John C, glass blower and cliemical
apparatus maker, 27 South Bridge ; house, 12
Clifton terrace
Wliyte, Joshua, 20 Caledonian road
Whyte M., Whytehouselee, 56 Bruntsfield place
Whyte, P., C.E., superintendent of Leith docks.
Tower place ; house, 3 Clifton terrace
WlajJ^te, Richard, grocer and wine merchant, 8t
Potterrow ; house, 70 Marchmont crescent
Whyte, R., fruiterer, 12 Piershill place
Whyte, Robert {of Selkirk), hosiery mercliant. 6
Eyre place
Whyte, Robert, solicitor, 12 Drum terrace
Whyte, Robert, 62 Brunswick street
Whyte, Roliert Paisley, 6 Comely Bank terrace
Whyte, Thomas, 80a George street
Whyte, W. Ritchie, teacher of nuisic, 3 Harrison
Whyte, William, S.S.C. and N.P., 29 St Andrew
square ; house, 19 Ann street
Whyte, William, 4 Morningside terrace
Whyte, William, 21 Perth street
Whyte, William Thomas, C.A., 5 York place;
house, 1 Cameron park
Whyte, Mrs Alexander, 3 Middleby street
Whyte, Mrs James M. , 42 Lothian street
Wliyte, Mrs Peter, 5 Polwarth grove
Whyte, Mrs, Stonefield house, Canaan lane
Whyte, Mrs, 9 West Castle road
Whyte, Mrs, 17 Duke street
Whyte, Mrs, 17 Bothwell street
Whyte, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 37 William street
Whyte, Mrs, 36 Dublin street
Whyte, Miss, typewriting office, 12 AthoU place
Whyte, Miss, 3 Leven terrace
Whytock & Duns, builders, 25 Hamilton place
WHYTOCK, REID, & CO., upholsterers,
cabinetmakers, and house-agents and valua-
tors, and carpet warehousemen to the Queen,
9 and 11 George street and Rose court ;
works, Belford cabinet works, Belford road ;
Telegraph, 'Whytock'; Telephone, 158
Whytock, Alexander, 35 Lome street
Whytock, Charles, boot and .shoe maker, 43 West
Preston street
Whytock, James, grocer and spirit rnerchant,
22 South St James' street ; house, 62 Mont-
gomery street

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