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[ Robertson, Robert, refreshment room.«, 5 and 6
Greyfriars place
Robertson, Robert, 112 Leith street
Robertson, Robert, 24 Millar cres., Morningside
Robertson, Robert, tobacconist, 38 South Clerk
street ; house, 71
Robertson, Robert, chimnej' sweeper, 77 Cause-
Robertson, Robert, M.A., headmaster, Edin-
burgh Ladies' College ; ho., 27 Hartington pi.
Robertson, Robt. (/f.ilf.C.), 198 Easter rd., Leith
Robertson, Robert, 35 Barony street
Robertson, Robert, 13 Caledonian crescent
Robertson, Robert, 56 Polwarth gardens
Robertson, Robert, 10 Briarbank terrace
Robertson, Robert, 45 Bread street
Robertson, Robert Cowan, artist, 54 Sliandwick
place ; house. Rose cottage, Colinton
Robertson, Robert E., Richmond foundry, 93
Pleasance ; house, 1 Kilmaurs terrace
Robertson, Robert H., 31 MeadoAvbank crescent
Robertson, Samuel, wholesale grocer and wine
merchant, 52 Grassmarket ; ho., 14 Mansion-
house road
Robertson, Sinclair, 40 Commercial street
Robertson, Stephen, plumber, 24 Brunton ter.
Robertson, Thomas, teacher, 239 Dalkeith road
Robertson, Thos., heraldic and fancy stationer,
etc., 26 Shandwick place ; house, 4 Warrender
Park crescent
Robertson, Thomas, grocer and wine merchant,
70 Dundee street
Robertson, Thomas, gilder, 14 Yiewforth gardens
Robertson, Thomas (in. Rev.), 205 Newhavenrd.
Robertson, Thomas, stationmaster, Haymarket
Robertson, Thomas, com. trav. , 6 Lome street
Robertson, Thomas, 47 Montgomery street
Robertson, Thomas, 2 Comely Bank row
Robertson, Thomas A., teacher, 17 Hillside st.
Robertson, Thomas B., clerk, 323 Leith walk
Robertson, Thomas T. , 35 Buccleuch place
Robertson, Wallace, spirit merchant, 21 Canon-
■ mills ; house, 3 Brandon terrace
Robertsou, AValter J., advocate, 17 Castle street
Robertson, W., 24 St Leonard's bank
Robertson, W., bookbinder, 13 North Bank st.
Robertson, W., 9 St John's place
Robertson, W. B., solicitor {of G. M. Wood it
R. ), 8 Bank st. ; house, 23 West Savile terrace
Robertson, Wm. Cormack, 68 Montpelier park
Robertson, W. D., W.S. {R. Dods & Rhind), 12
St Andrew sq. : house, 4 Laverockbank ter.
Robertson, W. E., 8 Dalgety street
Robertson, W. G. , clerk, 3 Polwartk gardens
Robertson, W. G. , Caledonian. Rail way inspector,
Waverley station ; house, 206 Dairy road
Robertson, W. G.' Aitchison, M.D., D.Sc,
F.R.C.P.E., 26 Minto street
Robertson, W. J., 14 Braid crescent
Robertson, W. M., grocer, 8 Springfield street
Robertson, W. S., law, music, and general
printer, 27 South bridge .
Robertson, W. T , tobacconist, 33 Deanhaugh
street; house, 11 Leslie place
Robertson, W. W., surveyor, H.M.O.W., 3
Parliament sq. ; ho, , "\Yardie bank, Boswell rd.-
Robertson, W. W., retired civil servant, 64
Montpelier park
Robertson, "William, Ravensneuk, Blacket avenue
Robertson, William, 1 Abbey mount
Robertson, William, 8 Cumberland street
Robertson, William, confectioner, 1a Brown st.
Robertsou, William, dairyman, 23 Tar'V'it street
Robertson, William, dairyman, 1 Church street ;
house, 2 Clarence street •
Robertson, William, F.F.A, (R. d- Carphin),
accountant and actuary, 54 Queen street ;
house, 5 Greenhill gardens
Robertson, William, joiner, 82 Bruntsfield place
Robertson, Wm., gardener, 26 Cumberland st.
Robertson, Wm., 6 South St James' street
Robertson, William, dairy farmer, Damhead
farm, Gorgie
Robertson, William, 10 Hojie Park crescent
Robertson, William, 37 Sandpoit street
Robertson, William, 4 Hill square
Robertson, William, 69 St Leonard's hill
Robertson, William, 111 Brunswick street
Robertson, William, cab hirer, 183 Ferry road
Robertson, AVm. {R. Brs.), St Colme's, 9 Lennox
Robertson, William, 5 Clarence street
Robertson, WiUiam, plumber, 3 Charlotte place;
house, 41 Lothian road
Robertson, William, 10 Cameron park
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM, property agent and
valuator, 10 Atholl place and 242 Gorgie
road ; house, 5 Harrison road ; Telephone^
2116. :^^Bii Adv. index
Robertson, William {G.P.O.), 21 Dalmeny street
Robertson, William, cabinetmaker, upholsterer,
and removal contractor, 31 West Nicolson
street ; workshops, 102 and 104 Pleasance ;
house, 29 West Nicolson street
Robertson, William, house factor, 242 Gorgie rd.
Robertson, William, dairyman and greengrocer,
2 West Montgomery place ; house, 87 jMout-
gomery street
Robertson, William, 10 Leven street
Robertson, William, 26 Gardner's ciescent
Robertson, William, 13 Mentoue terrace
Robertson, William C. {secretary, Fishery Board
for Scotland), 7 Alvanley tei'race
Robertson, William E., 19 Waverley place
Robertson, William G., 6 Thirlestano road
Robertson, William.Hope, W'.S., 61 North Castle
street ; house, 24 Coates gardens
Robertson, William P., W.S. {Pearson, R., tt
Finlay), 12) Castle st.; ho., 14 Lennox st.
Robertson, WilliamRobert, commercial travellei-,
71 South Clerk street
Robertson, Mrs Alexander, 3 Davie street
Robertson, Mrs Allan, 11 Rillbank terrace
Robertson, Mrs Ann, 6 Noble Place, Leitli
Robertson, Mrs A. Cuningham, 86 Great King st.
Robertson, Mrs B. , dairy and greengrocer, 9
Poplar lane
Robertson, Mrs B. Aitchison, M.D., 26 Minto st
Robertson, Mrs Charles, 1 Kilmaurs terrace
Robertson, Mrs Charles, 22 Great King street
Robertson, Mrs Duncan, 55 South Clerk street
Robertson,_Mrs E., 176 Fountain bridge
Robertson, Mrs Fergus, 25 Mentoae terrace
Robertson, Mrs F., 1 Coates place :
Robertsony -. Mrs G.,, ladies' nurse, 11 Comely
Bank row
Robertson, Mrs G. B., 5 Merchiston place

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