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Gill, H. S. Hope, C.A., 41 Hanover street;
house, 16 Nelson street
Gill, John, S.S.C., 128 George street; house,
Beechwood mains, Murrayfield
Gil], Thomas, Dunstane, West Coates
Gill, Thomas, 11 Forbes street
Gill, Wm. (/. G. cfc Co.), 37 Warrender Park ter.
Gill, Mrs Robert, apartments, 29 Alva street
Gill, Mrs, 14 Lauriston gardens
Gill, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 35 Alva street
Gillam, J., 13 Roseneath terrace
Gillan, Rev. James, B.D. {Church of Scotland),
19 Grosvenor street
Gillan, John, bellhanger, 98 Montgomery street
Gillan, Peter, dairy, 52 Pitt street, Bonnington
Gillanders, Mrs, 34 Melville street
Gilles Fred., com. trav. , 18 Cochrane pi., Leith
Gilles, Miss, dress and mantle maker, 11 Upper
Grove place
Gillespie & Cowan, grain, oil-cake, and manure
merchants, 13 Assembly street and 44 and 46
Salamander street, Leith
Gillespie & Paterson, W.S., 15 S. Charlotte st.
Gillespie, A. & C, fruiterers and greengrocers,
164 Dairy road
Gillespie, Alex., vocalist, 19 Upper Grove place
Gillespie, Alexander, 77 Great Junction street
Gillespie. Alex. L., 1 Denham Green avenue
Gillespie; Alex. Lockhart, M.D., F.R.C.P.E.,
23 Walker street
Gillespie, A. G. , secy. Northern Assurance Co. , 20
St Andrew square ; house, 9 Strathearn place
Gillespie, A. R. , 18 Bernard street ; house, Hay
lodge, East Trinity road
Gillespie, D. Y., grocer and wine merchant, 67
Gt. Junction street ; ho., 40 Cornhill terrace
Gillespie, Frederick George, C.A., 10 Walker st.
Gillespie, James, grocer and wine merchant, 420
Morningside road ; house, 3 Greenhill gardens
Gillespie, Jas., com. traveller, 2 Gladstone ter.
Gillespie, James, traveller, 19 Trinity crescent
Gillespie, James, wine and spirit merchant, 1
Shore and 2 Tower st.; house, 15 Summerside
Gillespie, James, 29 Lutton place
Gillespie, Jas., shoemaker, 194 Morningside rd.
Gillespie, James B., clerk, 20 Downfield place
Gillespie, Sir John, W. S. & N. P. (G. & Paterson),
15 South Charlotte st. ; house, 53 Northumber-
land street
Gillespie, John, 11 Rintoul place
Gillespie, John, agent. Bank of Scotland branch
office, 15 North-West Circus place ; house,
6 Upper Dean terrace
Gillespie, John, 34 Warrender Park terrace
Gillespie, Peter, station supt. C. R. Co., Princes
street ; house, 38 Shaudon crescent
Gillespie, Peter, 19 Upper Grove place
Gillespie, P. Gardiner, S.S.C, 45 Qiieen st. ;
house, 88 Craiglea drive
Gillespie, Robert, 71 Easter road
Gillespie, Robert, 21 M 'Donald road
Gillespie, Robert John, 4 Dalgety avenue
Gillespie, Sinclair, baker, 165 Gt. Junction st.,
Leith ; house, 169
Gillespie, Thomas, solicitor, 6 Bruntsfield gdns.
Gillespie, Thomas {Caledonian Distillery), 13
Ann street
Gillespie, Thomis, 14 Sunnybank place
Gillespie, William, 22 Oxford street
Gillespie, Mrs Alexander, 19 Ferrier street
Gillespie, Mrs G. J., 64 Ferry road
Gillespie, Mrs G. R., 5 Darnaway street
Gillespie, Mrs James, 3 Greenhill gardens
Gillespie, Mrs Marion, 1 Oxford street
Gillespie, Mrs William, 4 Oxford street
Gillespie, Mrs, 47 George square
Gillespie, Mrs, 10 Walker street
Gillespie, Misses, 1 Oxford street
Gillespie, Misses, fruiterers and florists, 253 Gt.
Junction street ; house, 50 Brunswick street
Gillespie, Miss Helen L., teacher of drawing
and painting, 4 Oxford street
Gillespie, Miss, 38 Comiston drive
Gillespie, Miss, 6 Caledonian road
Gillespie, Miss, Hay lodge. Trinity road
Gillespie's Schools, Gillespie crescent ; W.
Jenkins, M.A., headmaster
Gillett, Henry T., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.,
physician and surgeon, 8 Brougham street
Gillie, Thomas, joiner, 236 Leith walk ; house,
143 Constitution street
Gillie, Mrs, 41 Comely Bank avenue
Gillie, Mrs, 23 Lutton place
Gillie, Catherine, lodgings, 18 Nicolson street
Gillie, Isabella N., teacher of music, 23 Lutton
Gillies & Kennedy, drapers and outfitters, 47 and
49 Grassmarket
Gillies Brothers {Thomas Maitland, successor to),
silk mercers and drapers, 32 and 34 George st.
Gillies, Adam J., 68 Comely Bank avenue
Gillies, Andrew, 11 West Richmond street
Gillies, Angus, 8 Heriot place
Gillies, Blair, plumber and gasfitter, 11 ilur-
doch terrace
Gillies, David, 64 Polwarth gardens
Gillies, George, tailor and clothier, 47 Hanover
street ; house, 9 Leslie place
Gillies, James, 7 Great Stuart street
Gillies, James, 13 Salisbury street
Gillies, James B. {Lorimer d: G.), 23 Grange road
Gillies, J., 55 Marchmont road
Gillies, John, bank accountant, 259 Dalkeith
Gillies, Thomas, upholsterer, stationer, tobacco-
nist, and newsagent, 130 Caiisewayside ;
house, 11 Grange loan
Gillies, Wm., 8 Bath road
Gillies, William {G. dfc Kennedy), 51 Lothian rd.
Gillies, Wm., tinsmith, gasfitter, and ironmonger,
3 and 5 Church street ; house, 10 Leslie place
Gillies, Mrs, 25 Montagu terrace
Gillies, Mrs, 12 Grindlay street
Gillies, Miss, dressmaker, 2 Deanbank place
Gilliland, James, 27 Parsonsgreen terrace
Gilliland, S. (agent, Dunville & Co. Ltd.,
Belfast), Ivy Lodge, Eskbank
Gillis, Miss Isabella, dressmaker, 47 York place
Gillon, John, & Co. , wine and spirit merchants,
17 Assembly street
Gillon, Allan A. , fishmonger, 7 Rodney street
Gillon, Mrs J., 13 Pilrig street
Gillone, James, 13 Briar bank terrace
Gillulay, Thomas, 2 Lower Gilmore place
Gilmer, A. D. {Bobert Shiels d; Son), 70 Findhom
Gilmer, James G., 13 Hillside crescent

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