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Monaghan, E. 7 Argyle st
Monteith, John, 11 St. Vincent pi
More, Robt. 505 Sauchiehall street
and 725 Gt. Western road
Morison Bros. 62 Kenfield st. —
See Advt. in App.
Motherwell, Wm. & Co. 138 Holm
Mairhead, K. (and draughtsman),
12 Renfield st
Mulheron, Jas. 43 Hospital street
Murdoch, J. & J. 253 Argyle st
Murdoch, Thomas, & Co. 54
Union street
Murray, Chas. G. 115 Sword st
Murray & Donnelly, 74 Argyle st
Murray, Geo. D. 3 Koyal Exchange
Murray, Robert, 167 Ingram st
Niven, W. G. 116 St. Vincent st
Parker & Hastie, 106 Brunswick st
Parker, Thomas, S3 Bath street
Paterson, James, C. 18 West Nile
Poe, Robt. W. 14 West Nile st
Pollock, Arch. 95 Bath st
Rae, John J. 127 Stockwell st.
Raeburn, John (plam and fancy
label and guillotine knife makers
to any pattern), 173 Graeme st
Rankin, R. 52 St. Enoch sq
Reid, James, 144 Argyle st
Reid, J. & E. & Co. 112 Bruns-
wick sr. ; workshop, 15 Mar-
garet st
Robertson, Robert, 304 Duke st
Robertson, Thos. (artists), 89 In-
gram st
Scott, John C. 227 Ingram st
Scottish Co-operative Wholesale
Soc. Ltd. Shieldhall, Govaa
Seaton, J. & Co. 83 Dunlop st
Shearer, A. C. 83 Renfield st
Sinclair, Arch. 47 Waterloo st
Smith, J. M. Ltd. 67 Hope st
Smith, J. Taylor, 35 Robertson st
Somers, John, 47 York st
Spence, And. & Ales. M. 38 Queen
Spowart, W. G. (chromo), 24 West
Howard st
Steven, Robert M. & Son, 176
Ingram street
Stewart, John, 33 Renfield st
Stewart, John, 33 Glassford st
Stoer Bros. & Coles, lithographic
stone importers, ink, varnish
and fine colour manfrs. Howard
sq. 9 Howard street
Strathern & Freeman, 145 West
Nile street
Tait, Wm. 9 Shuttle street
The Glasgow Numerical Printing
Co., 83 Dunlop st
Thom, John, 39 Hutcheson st
Thomlinson, John, Stanley Works,
436 Dumbarton road, Fartick
Thomson, W. & D. C, 146 Bu-
chanan street
Todd, Samuel A. C. 26 Bothwell st
Wales, James, & Co., 178 West
Regent street
Walton, James, & Co., 51 Coch-
rane street
Ward, Marcus, & Co., 75 Buchanan
Wardrop, D. C. 57 Oswald nt
Wardrop, James, 97 Bothwell st
Watson, Gavin, 33 E. Howard st
Watson, George, & Sou, 162
Ingram street
Webster, Jas. 74 Buchanan st
Whyte & Montgomery,54 Gordon st
Wilson, Guthrie, & Co. 335 St.
Vincent st
Winchester, Hector, 151a West
George st
Wilson, John, 83 Jamaica st
Winstone, Benjamin, & Sons, Lon-
don (Germanlithographicstones,
lithographic inks, varnishes and
sundries), A. B. M'llvride, 72
Waterloo st ; telephone 4162
Woodrow, Alex. & Son, 75 Glass-
ford st
Wright, C. L. 100, 102 W. George
St. and 100, 106 Stirling road
Wright, John, Bishop Paper-bag
Mills, 61 Bishop st. Anderston
Young & Murray, 5 W. Regent st
Young & Sons, 20 Queen st
Young & Sons, 270^ Gt. Eastern rd
Young, Wm. 15 Margaret st
M'Intosh, Geo. 64 Paterson st. s.s.
Storer Bros. & Coles Ltd. Howai-d
sq. 9 Howard st
Gorman, Wm. & Co. 153 West
Nile st
Kyle, Martin, 5 Oswald st
Richmond, R. N. (sun printing,
drawing, and tracing), 134 St.
Vincent st
Forbes, W. 224 Byars rd. Billhead
Glasgow Tram, and Omnibus Coy.
Ltd., 39 Cambridge st
Granger, John, Forrest & Co. Ltd.
165 and 167 W. Graham st
Gray, John, 185 Dumbarton road
Henderson, Jas. 6 Govan rd. and
116, 118 St. George's rd
M'Farlane Bros. 20 Berkeley st
M'Innes, Samuel, 130 Renfrew st
MacKenzie, Jas. G. 138 Kennedy st
Price, Thos. Ruthven lane, Saltoun
St. Hillhead
Watson, Geo. 98 Bellgrove street,
and branches
Welsh, Wm. Hughenden rd. Kel«.
Wylie & Lochhead, Ltd. 96 Union
St.; stables, Berkeley st
Bosomworth, Wm. 250 Duke st
Colgan, John, & Sons, 23 Cubic st
Hagarty & Kelly, 273 Duke st
Macpherson & Buchanan, 269 Duke
Meighan, Daniel, 40 Tureen st
Ohver & Son, Ltd. 250 Duke st
Roberton, Johnston & Roberton,
293 Duke st <
Scott, Roderick, 19 Moore st i
Swan, John, & Sons, Ltd. 261 ■
Duke st
Watson, Edward, & Ritchie, 172
Argyle st
Whyte, Duncan, 326 Duke st
Wright, A. M. 273 Diike st
Young & Gillies, 293 Duke st
Young, Robt. 293 Duke st
Aitken, John, 36 Cadogan st
Alexander, Chas. 425 Crown st
Bash, W. & Co. Glasgow Safe Wks.
58 Blackfaulds pi
Bickerton, David T. 158 Buchanan
Brown, Hugh & Co., 50 and 54
Robertson st
Bryden, J. & Sons, 60 Renfield st
Bryden, Wm. & Son, 300 St.
Vincent st
Buchanan, James, & Wilson, 34
Old Wynd
Chubb & Sons' Lock and Safe Co.
(Lim.), 80 St. Vincent st
Denny, Robert, 94 Bedford st
Hartley, John, 10 Goosedubbs st
Henderson, A. R. & Co. 78 Gal-
Hillier, F. A. G. & Co. (wholesale),
7 York st
Hutcheson, Jas. 247 W. George st
Jack, John, 7 Renfrew court
Johnson, W. S. 2 St. James' (er
Johnson's Manufacturing Co. 19
Queen st
Johnson's Lock Co. Ltd. 11 Stir-
ling road
Kerr, Laurence, 153i London st,
Kerr, Thos. 75 Norfolk lane
Locke, Norman B. 395 Parlia-
mentary road
M'Callum, Alex. 128 Bridgegate
M'Farlane, James, 22, 24 Gallow-
M'Geoch, Wm. & Co. 108 Argyie -t
M'Intyre, Arch. C. 1 Stuiing st,
M'Kay, Donald, 16 Ferguson st
Martineau, F. E. & Co., Birming-
ham (steel hinge) ; agent, D. H.
Barrie, 115 Waterloo st

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