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^tevenson, J. 250 and 287 Parlia-
mentary road
Stevenson, J. & Son, 577 Gal'gate
Stevenson, Neil, 445 Garscuba rd
Stevenson, Robt. 42 1 St. George's rd
Stevenson,Wm. 142 Gt. Hamilton st
aStevenson,Mrs. R. 254 Gallowgate
aStewart, A. W. 177 Gt.Western rd
Stewart, Cbas. 173 and 175 Main
street, Anderston
Stewart, Geo. 605 Gt. Eastern rd
Stewart, Jas. 2 S. Woodside road
Stewart, Jas. 137 Wellfield street,
Stewart, Mrs. P. 26 E. Vermont st
Stewart, Eobt. 89 George et. and
aStirling, Thos. 348 St. Vincent st.
aStorrie, John, 66 Cowcaddens st
Strang, James, 189 Duke street
and 108 Great Hamilton st
Strang, Wm. 461 Aikenhead rd
Struthers, Wm. 78 and 80 North
Woodside rd
Sutherland, Adam, 20 Garscaddenst
Sutherland, Geo. 751 New City rd
Sutherland, John, 15 Canning st.
21 Westmuir st. 8 Marlborough
st.Calton, andl27 Dalmarn'ckrd
oTaylor, J. D. 361 Langside road,
Taylor, Miss .J., 58 Wolseley st
Taylor, Mrs. M. 126 Broad st.
Mile- end
Templeton, J. & R. 9 Braehead st
Templeton, R. & J. 164 South
Wellington st. and 290 Ruther-
glen road
Templeton, Sam. 394 Govan st
Templeton, Wm. 148 Garngad rd
Templeton, W. & E. 157 Cale-
donia road
Tennant, J. M. 74 Eglinton st
Tennant, Wm. 235 Caledonia rd
Tennant, W. 235 Caledonia rd
Tennant, Miss, 216 Scotland st. s.s
Thomas, H. 48 Fordneuk street
Thomson, Archd. 83 Dumbarton
road, Paitick
oThomson, Jas. 262 Main street
Todd, Jas. 21 Stevenson st
Todd, Sarah, 67 Mill st
Tolmie, Alex. 216 Calder st
Torrance, Geo. 298 Gr. Western rd
Torrance, Thos., 29 Tower st. s.s.
Totten, Jas. 479 Dumbarton rd.
Towart, John, 327 Cumber-
land St. s.s.
Trotter, James, 235 Dalmarnock rd
Tudhope, Geo. 209 Main street,
oTurnbull, Jas. agent for W. & A.
Gilbey (licensed), 4 Cook st, s.s
Turner, James, 394 Cumberland
street, s.s.
aUro, John, 129 Garngad road
Urquhart, J. & J. 268 Byars roa^l
aUsherwood,Marg.721 Garscube rd
Vallance, Joseph, 399 and 735
Vernall, Frank, 782 P'shaws rd
aWaddell, T. & R. P. 46 Cowcad-
dens St. and 40 Maitland lane
Walker, Jamej A. 95 Cumberland
street, s.s.
aWalker, J. & Co. (family), 73 St.
Vincent st
Walker, John, 12 Church street,
Walker & Son, 57 and 59 Char-
lotte st
Walker, T. W. 129 Dalmarnock rd
Walker, Wra. W. 329 Crown st
Wallace, John, 245 Argyle st
Wallace, John, 678 Rutherglen rd
Warnock, James, 10 M'Alpin st
Watson, Andrew, 070 Gallowgate
Watson, C. & G. 11 Westmuir st
Watson, Francis, 37 Breadalbane
st and 145 Kent rd
Watson, Gavin B. 355 Duke st
Watson, J. 1038 PoUokshaws rd.
Watson, John, 736 Gallowgate
Watson, John, 27 Raeberry st
oWatt, Alex. 114 Sauchiehall st
Watt, John, 178 Parliamentary rd
Weatherhead, John, 153 W. Scot-
land st
Weatherston, Jas. 53 Stevenson
St. Calton
Webster ,W. H.173 Butterbiggins rd
Weir, David, 91 Albert st
Weir, John T. 193 Kilmarnock rd.
Whyte, Andrew, 10 Tower st. s.s.
White, James, 80 Muslin st. Bridg.
White, Robt. 761 Gallowgate
Whiielaw, And. 52 Grove st
Whitelaw, Jas. b'2i Rutherglen rd
Whyte, Jas. 27 W. Scotland st. s.s.
Wighton, P. D. 120 Stockwell st.
Wilkie, James, & Sons, 180
Eglinton st
aWiliiamson.Jn. 481, 483 Sauchie-
hall street
Williamson, Thos. 89 Norfolk st
Willock, Miss, 120 Roltenrow
Wilson, F. 604 Dalmarnock road
Wilson, Geo. 220 St. James' st, s.s.
Wilson, H. & W. 26 Nithsdale rd
Wilson, H., 150 Kilmarnock road,
Wilson, John, 78 Paisley rd. W
Wilson, John, 7 Morrison st
aWilson, John, 94 N. Woodside rd
Wilson, John, 196 Paisley rd, W
aWilsou, John, 135 i Stobcross st
Wilson, Peter, 164 W. Regent st
Wilson, Robt. 13 Garngad rd
Wilson, Mrs, 183 PoUokshaws rd
Winning, Henry. 757 London rd
Wood, Wm. 14 Camden street
Woodburn, Jas. A. 211 Dumbarton
road, Partick
Wotherspoon, A. 427 Argyle street
and 90 Main st. Anderston
Wright, Jas. Ill Gt. Hamilton st
aWright, John, 213 Cowcaddens st
aWylie, R. 414 Springburn rd
Wylie, Wm. 146 Paisley rd. W
Wylie, Agnes, 370 Mathieson st
Wyper, M. 135 Dundas st. city
Yorston, W. C. 194 Albert road,
Young, Alex. 132 Dumbarton rd
Young, Arch. 144 Duke st
aYoung, H. W. 24 White st., and
2, 4 Fairfield st, Govan
Young, James, 50 Norfolk street
Young, Jas. 639 Duke st
Young, Robt. 98 Main st. Anderston
Young, Wm. 370 So. York st
Anderson, James, & Co. ; office,
124 St. Vincent street; worksv,
Surrey street
Caldwell, Wm. & Co. Murray st.,
Cowan & Drysdale, 124 Renfield st
Hyland, Thos. & Co. 61 Rose st. s.Fh
M'Kinnon, Thomas,& Co. 2 Oswald
The Size Company, 42 Old Wynd
Walker, G. & Hon, 48 French st
Young & Strang, 121 W. George si
Kirkpatrick, Hugh, 14 Queen st
Leckie, Graham, & Co. 110 Union
AUan, Arthur, 144 Trongate
Blair, Alex. 31 Gordon street
Bryson, Robt. 14 London st
Cross, Andrew, 40 Trongate
Dresse-Laloux & Co. Liege; Daniel
K. M'Leish, agent, 113 West
Regent street
Dougall, J. D. & Sons, 23 Gordon st
Forbes, J. Gilbert, 12 York st
Horton, W. 98 Buchanan st; factory
11 Prince's sq
Ingram, Charles (and rifle maker),
18b Renfield st
Landell, Wm. 106 Trongate, and
Silvan Works, 187 Broad street,
LawsoD, James, 70 Argyle st
MacLeod, W. & M. 349 Argyle st
M'Pherson Brothers, 78 and 156
Argyle st
Martin, Alex, (rifle and revolver^
20, 2i Royal Exchange sq. and
at Aberdeen
Richard, James B. 176 Argyle st
Baldwin, Jas. & Sons, gun wadd-
ing and paper manuf'rs. Bir-
mingham ; agent for Scotland,
Eichd. M'Dougall, 25 Welling-
ton st

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