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Gray, John M. 152 Gloucester st
Gray, R. 83 King st. s.s.
Greenfield, D. & W. 225 Duke st.
Gribbon, John, 22 Marlborough st
Grieve, John, 53 M'Aslin st
aGrove, John, 607 Garscube road
Guthrie, Alex. 376 Springburn rd
Guthrie, Thos. 387 Cathcart rd
Haddow, Wm. 172 Crookston st
Hair, John, 54 Rosemount st
Hair, Richard, & Co. 126 Stock-
well street
Hall, M. 230 Castle street
Hamilton & Co. 352 Dumbarton rd
Hamilton, Colin D.l 19 North st
Hamilton, Geo. 309 Dalmarnock
Hamilton, Jas. 1061 Dumbarton
rd. Whiteinch
cHamilton, James, 9 Hyndland st
Hamilton, J. 3 "Wood st. Partick
Hamilton, John, 29 Marlboro' st
Hamilton, John N.322 Cathcart rd
Hamilton, John, 18 Brown st. city
Hamilton, Robt. 51 Houston st
Hamilton, Wm. 61 Main st.
oHamilton, Wm. & Co. 361 Paisley
road, 133 Main st. Anderston,
warehouse and store, Cameron
courts, Anderston
Hamilton, Mrs. 151 London rd
Hanton, Ales. 720 New City road
Hardie, Mary, 231 Berkeley st
Hart, John, 67 Stewart street
Harvey, J. & R. 398 Byars rd
Harvey, James, 8 Caledonia road
Harvey, Wm. 52 and 54 Clyde st.
Hastie, R. & Son, 19 Kelvinside
avenue, Maryhill
Hay, Mrs. F. 9 Cathcart street,
Hay, Wm. 106 Maitland st
Henderson, Adam, 125 Stirling rd
Henderson, Adam, 455 Garscube rd
aHenderson, F. & Sons, 309 Sau-
chiehall street
Henderson, W. J. 236 Main st
Hendry, John, 308 Dumbarton rd
Higgins, Hugh, 159 Albert street
Highet, John, 296 West Scotland
Hill, Robert, 21 Florence st
Hodge, John, 38 Maitland st
Hodge, Robt. 21 Hyndland street,
Hogg, Geo. 123 Broad st, Mile-end
Horn, Geo. 272 Gt. Eastern road
Horn, Jas. 258 Gt. Eastern road
Horsburgh, James, 283 Eglinton st
Houston, Jas. 123 Gt. Hamilton st
and branches
Houston, Thomas, 50, 52 Orchard
St. Partick
Howie, Robert, 97 S. Wellington st
aHoy, Archd. & Son, Downie pi.
Hume, Mrs. 39 Avon st
Hunter, D. 88 Henderson st
aHunter, James & George, 401
Victoria road and branches
Hunter, John, 23 Catherine street,
Hunter, John, 101 Stirling rd
Hunter, Robert, 108 Caledonia rd
Hunter, Mrs. A. 200 New Dal-
marnock road
Huntly, A. W. 138 Bernard st
Hutcheson, Wm. 1 Oswald place,
Inglis, Wm. 63 Whitevale st
Irvine, J. 86 N. Woodsiderd
Irvine, Agnes, 28 Rosemount st
Jack, Henry, 505, 507 and 325
New City rd
Jackson, A. 35 Orchard st. Partick
nJackson, J. C. 45 Finnieston st
Jackson, John, 63 Naburn st
aJackson, John, 451 Victoria road
aJamieson, Jas. S, 344 Dum-
barton road
oJohnson Bros. 751 Gallowgate
and 571 Duke st
Johnsons, Messrs. office forregister-
ing'trade marks and labels; hand-
book on registration gratis, 115
St. Vincent st
a Johnston, Alex. J. 36 Stirling rd
Johnstone, Cbas. 157 Paisley rd. W
Johnston, Chas. 125 Springburn rd
Johnston & Honeyman, 43 Ingram
Johnston, Jas. 635 Duke st
Johnston, John, 202 North st
Kego, R. 85 Parson st
eiKennedy, Robt. & Co. 347 Dum-
barton rd
aKeir, Jas. C. 407 Dumbarton rd.
Keith, Jas. 465 Victoria rd
Kelso, John, 688 Gallowgate
Kerr, Joseph, 233 Saracen st
Kerr, Matthew, 146 Gloucester st
Kettle, John, 240 Saracen st
fiKey, James, 318 Kennedy st
Kidd, John W. 235 Gallowgate
aKidd, Thos. J. 169 Govan rd
aKing, Jas. 41 St. George's road
King, Jas. 81 Hyndland st
aKing, J. 1034 Pollokshaws road,
King, Matthew, 32 and 34 Albert
road. Crossbill
aKing, R. Y. 184 Kelvinhaugh st
King, Mrs. 265 Allison st
Kinning Park Co-operative Socy.
Ltd. 4 Ardgowan st
Kirkland, A. 250 London rd
Kirkland, A. T. 93 Dalmarnock rd
Kirkwood, Jas. 180 Cumberland
street, s.s.
aKotkowski, Ignaca, 28 St. James'
st. Kingston
Laidlaw, Robt. 396 Gallowgate
Laird, David, 427 Parliamentary
Laird, Wm. 110 Naburn st
Lambie, M. & J. 49 Meadowpark
Lamberton, S. 227 Main street,
Landels, J. 67 Meadowpark st
Lang, Thomas, 62 M'Neil street
Lauder, James, 194 North st
Law, And. 65, 67 Paisley road, W
Law, Geo. 43 Mains ^st
aLawrence, Mary H. 331 Dam-
barton road, Partick
Lawson, Jas. 509 Victoria rd
Leggat, M. 90 Minard rd
Leggat, M. 64 Norfolk street
Lennie, Jane, 32 Forth street
Letham, Ann, 28 Hospital st
Ligertwood, Geo. 577 Cathcart rd
Lipton, T. J. 95 Lancefield st.
and branches
Livingston, D. 64^ M'Lellan st
Logan, John, 176 Watt st
Logan, Thos. D. 402 Argyle st
London Road Co-operative Society^
Ltd. 6 Marquis st
Loudon, Wm. 259 Dumbarton rd
Low & Co. 199 Dumbarton road
Lyle, Thomas, 208 London rd
Lyle, Wm. 4 Crawford st. Partick
aLymburn, Wm. 12^ Elderslie st.
and 97 Victoria st. Govan
aM'Adam, Peter, 754 Pollokshaws
M'Allister, Alex. 190 Gallowgate
M' Alpine, J. 101 Glebe st
M'Ara, Daniel, 57 Crown street
M'Ara, Jessie, 49 S. Kinning pi
aMacarthur, M. & Son, 78 West
Scotland st
M'Auley, Wm. 422J Parliamen-
tary road
M'Bean, Wm. 424 Govan road
Macbride, Thos. 909 Govan rd
M'Cafierty, Neil, 24 Newton st.
M-Callum, Charles, 401 S. Yorkst
M 'Galium, Wm. 217 Main street,
M'Chesney, Jas. 79 Glebe st
M'Clew, D. 445 Rutherglen rd
M'Coll, A. 3 Douglas st
M'Coll, John, 269 Buchanan st
aM'Coll. Wm. 230 Crown place
and 203 Gt. Eastern rd
M'Connell, Hugh, 178 Stirling rd
M'Conville, J. & J. 744 Ruther-
glen rd
M'Corkindale, Wm. 587 New
City road
aM'Cormick, M. 286 St. George's
M'Oowat, Jas. 94 Dumbarton rd.
M'Cowat, Wm. 149 Scobcross st,
aM'Cracken, Jas.1117 Pollokshaws
road, Crossmyloof
M'Cracken, James, 312 Duke st
M'Crae, John, 301 Eglinton st

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