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Bruce, John, 153 Dumbarton rd
Buchan, W. P. 36 and 38 Renfrew
Burns & Glover, 23- 25 Oswald st
Gairns & Laing, 5 Carlton p'ace
Cameron, Charles. 2l9 Cambridge
Cameron & M'Connell, 8 Brown
St. Ander&ton
Carrck, Jas. 20 Wilton gwdeni
Carrick, Jas. G & Co. 23 North
Wallace st
Caw, D. & Co. 5 Cathedral street
Combe, James, & Son (establis-hed
1840), patentees of public baths
and washhouse arrangetTients,
laundries and drying stoves,
steam cooking ranges, &c. 103
North Hani'ver st
Cormack, James, & Sons, patentees
and D>anufacturers of man and
soot-hole doors, heating and
ventilating of wash-house<,
lanndries, and b^ths, direct
heating radiators, and steam
cooking ranges, 36 Abercorn st
Cousland & iMackay (ventilating
and heating) 150 Hope st
Craig, J. & M makers of Buchan's
sanitary appliiincej, sewerage
pipes, and every description of
fire-clay gonds and saniiary
earthenware, 98 Cbmm'-rce st
Crosbley, A.M. 62 St. Enoch sq.
Cuthbertson, Jas. 423 Shields rd
Dobbie, W. L. & Co. (^sole agents
for John Rogers, Be fast), dry
hair and tarred fclt.<i, wire doth,
all kinds, perforated zinc, tallow;
sole (igtnts for CI3 de Pottery Co.
Greenock, sanitaiy waie, 101
Waterloo .'^t
Donal.l & M'Pherson, 8 Bath st
Donald & Sitne, ventilating and
heating, 60 Bothwell circus ;
works, 27 Douglas st
Doulton & Co. b8 and 40 Both-
well st
Danc^n, A. & C. 346 Langside rd
Forrester, Thomas, 113 W. lSliles.t
Fulion, D. & K. 104 and 106
Woodlaods road
Gardner, Robt. & Co. 136, 138
Georue st
Glenriinning, John, 116 Bffhwell st
Goodlet, Jas. 2i3 St. Georue's rd
Grant, Alex. 81 Byars rd. Partiek
Gray. Jas. 32 Brown st
Hanna, R. Walker, 661 Sanchie-
hall 8t
Hegney, Chas. & Son, 458 Great
We-itern road. Billhead
Hendry, Wm. & Son, 87 Bothwell
Hunter, M'William,& Co. 28 Mil-
ton lane
Hutchison & Co. 229 Berkeley
street, and 9 Temple place. Crow
road, Anniesland
Ingletoii, Jas. & Co. 166 and 168
George st
Johnsons, Messrs. office for patents,
115 St. Vincent st.; handbook,
" Hints to Inventors " gratis
Johns' on, Jas. & Son, 130 Renfield
Johnston, J. D. & Co. 9 Shuttlest
Johnsion, Wilson, 130 Renfield st
Key, Wm. ventilating, 109 Hope st
King, David, & Sons, Keppoch
Iron Works, Possilpark
Kirkwood, W. & G. 418 Dumbar-
ton road, Partiek
Law, J. & A. Pinkston Ironworks
Lees, Anderson, & Co. 100 Clyde
St. Anderston
Leitch, Arch, (consulting), 40 St.
Enoch sq.
Lindsay, Wm. & Sons, 165 Holm st
Low, Isaaf", 60 Weaver st
M Alpine Geo. 181 Dalmarnockrd
M'Combe, Jas. 120 West Nile st
Macfarlane, Walter, & Co. Saracen
Foundry, Possilpark
M'Feat, John, R.P.C. 28 Helen st.
M'Gown, Jas. 331 Saracen street,
Possilpaik, and 205 London rd
M'Haffie & Co. 13 Margaret st
Mackinnon, James, 150 and 152
James' st, Bridgeton
Makms, Wm. A. 79 West Regent
Manlove, Alliott, & Co. Limited,
apparatus for treatment of
town.s' refuse, sewage machinery,
the Alliott Paion paient, Lyon's
steam disinfector, &c. 101 St.
Vincent st and Nottingham
Marr, Jas. 77 H^ndland street,
Martin, Thos. 171 W. Regent st
Meighan, Janies, & Son, 62, 64
Clyde St. Call on, and 247 Main
street, Ruthergien
Milne, Jas. & Son, Lmtd. Ill St.
Vincent street
Morri-on, Wm. B. & Son, 110 W.
Regent street
Morion, Wm. 21 Anderson street,
Moyes, William, & Sons, 277
Maxwell road
Muir, John, 65 St. George's rd
Munn, Kobert (at Jas. G. Carrick
& Co.'s), 23 N. Wallace street
Murdoch & Cameron, 50 Charles
Patersnn, John, & Co. 40 Candle-
riggs, 233b Duke st. and 673
Gt. Eastern road
Purdie, Thomas, jun. 95 Bath st
Purneil, H. A. ventilating (Esld.
1»2H), 105 Hill St. Garnethiil,
and St. Andrew st. lane, Edin-
Pyle, .Jas. & Co. (hot water) 38
Elliot st
Ramsay, Wm. & Co. 11 Jamaica
Rattray, John, & Son, 233 Hope st
and 3t9 Byars id
Reid, William, & Co. 359 Byars rd.
Renfrew Bros. 140 North st
Ritchie, James, 48 North Frede-
rick st
Robertson & Reid, 107 W. Nile st
Robertson, Thomas, & Co. 132
Bothwell st
Russell, Lewis, 330 St. Vincent st
Shanks & Co. Tubal Works, Barr-
Shanks & Co, manfrs. of baths,
lavatories, w.c.'s, urinals, brass
cocks and fittings, and all kinds
of saniiary apuliances, Tubal
woiks, Barrhead ; 26 W. Nile
St. Glasgow, and at 46 Cannon
street, London, E.G.; Grosvenor
buildings, Deansgate, Manches-
ter, and 48 Lower Sackville
street, Dublin
Smith, Alex. & Co. 138 Allison
street, s.s.
Smith, G. & Co. Sun Foundry,
Ltd. 26 Robertson street; wks.
Clippens, Renfrew,shire
Speirs, .lohn, 491 Gt. Western rd
Speirs, Moses, & Sons, 95 Bothwell
St. and 10 16 Cdthcart rd
Stdlker & Daye, 112 Great Western
road and Bearsden
Stewart, Duncan, 111 Main street,
Sturrotk, Wm. 95 Bath st
Sturtevant Engineering Co. 21 W.
Nile St.
Summers, John, 174 W. Nile st.
and 77 Gairbraid st
Symington, Jas. M. R.P. 571
Catbcart rd. Govan hill
Thomson, Robt. 281 Duke st
Tullis, D & J. Kilbowie Ironworks,
Twaddle, Hugh, & Son, 179 Gal-
Twaddle, John, 505 Gallowgate
Wallace & Connell, 44 St. Enoch
sq. 190 North st. and 723 Great
Western road, Hillhead
Wallis, A. G., C.E., M.S.L, 104 W.
George street
Weir, Allan, 56 Bothwell street
Young, Thos. consulting, steam
laundries, public baths, &c. 4
W. Regent st
Adam, J. M. & Co. Ibrox Street
Iron and Steel Works, White-
field rd. Govan
Arnot, Jas. L. 116 W. Campbell
Baird, Thompson, & Co. heating,
lighting, &c. 20 Union st. and
at London

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