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Black, Wm,, agent for Scotland,
the Dongill gas engine, Snyer's
clutch coupling, 11 W. Regent st
Blackman Ventilating Co. Ltd.
101 Bothwell St
Blackwood & Gordon, Castle
Building Yard, Port-Glasgow.
Bladen & Co. 198 St. Vincent st.;
â– works, Parkhead
Bladen, H. F. 198 St. Vincent st
Blair, Campbell. & M'Lean, 18
Scotland st Tradeston
Blair, George, Tweddell's hydraulic
machine tools,Thwaite's blowers,
centrifugal punops, 38 Queen st
Blyth, A. H. v., at A. & J. Inglis,
64 Warroch street
Bon-Accord Engine Works ; speci-
alities, cenlritugal pumps, high
speed engines for electric lighting,
fans for forced draughts and
ventilating, baking machinery,
leather-dressing machinery, hy-
draulic presses and pumps,
hydraulic cranes, rivetters and
accumulators, lifts of all kinds,
183 Fordnenk st
Bottomley & Liddle, patent agents,
154 St. Vincent street
Bow, M'Lachlan & Co. Thistle
Works, Paisley
Bowman, Jo. & Co. 7 Maxwell rd
Boyd, John, & Co. 24 Caihcart st.
and Marshall St. Rutherglen
Boyd, J. & T. Shettleston Iron
Works, near Glasgow; telephone
No. 536
Boyle, Robt. & Son, Ltd. (ventilat-
ing and sanitary), 110 Bothwell
street. — See Ado. in App.
Brigham, A. D. Kelvinside Electri-
cal Works, Hughenden road
Brown, J. Dundy van Engine Wks.
Brown, M.Taylor, 194 St. Vincent st
Brown, Robert, 15 Wellingston st
Brown, Wm. Woodville st. Govan
Bruce, Archd, sanitary, ventilating,
and heating, 07,73 Caiht-dral st
Brjden & Middleton, IWerlin Iron
Works, Windsor st. Scotstoun,
Wbiteincb. — See Adv. in App.
Buchanan Bros, (land and marine
engineering instruments), 16
Carrick street
Buchanan, John H. (inspecting), 5
Oswald St., and 44 Constitution
street, Leith
Bi Chans & M'Intyre, 50 Union st
Burley, B. B. 9 Watson street, off
Burnet & Co. (Lindsay), Moore
Park Works, Helen st. Govan
Bums, G. & J. 86 Clyde street,
Butters Bros. & Co. contractm'S,
Percy Crane and Engine Works,
Lambhill street, Paisley rd. W. ;
offices, 18, 20 Waterloo st
Caldwell & Co. Ltd. 130 Elliot st
Cameron, D. & Co. 180 and 188
M'Neil st
Cameron, H. 140 Govan st
Cameron, John B. & Co. Ill Union
Cameron, Mills, & Co. 20 Stanley
St. Paisley road, W
Campbell & Calderwood, Murray
street. Paisley
Campbell, Duncan (of Kesson &
Campbell), The Knock Part 'hill
Campbell, Joseph C. representing
Kendal & Gent, Victoria Works,
Manchester; house, 1 University
place, Lawrence street, Partick.
Telegrams, "Tools" Glasgow
Campbell, Smart, & Co. 19, 21
Eaglesbam st
Campbell, Thos. M. 46| Clyde pi
Campling, Samuel, University
Carlaw, David & Sons, type, litbo-
graphie, and book-binding ma-
chinery ; steam, gas, and water
engines supplied, fitted up, and
repaired, mechanical models and
specialities in patents worked out,
81 Danlop st. ; telephone No.
820; works, 9, 11 and 13
Finnieston st
Carrick, Jas. G. & Co., 23 North
Wallace st
Carruthers, J. H. & Co. Hamilton
street, Polmadie
Carswell, Thos. P. (N.B. Rail.), 4
West George st
Cartmell, J. Monkhouse, 87 Mas-
well street
Castel & Latta, 138 West George
Chaplin, A. & Co. Cranstonhill
Engine Works, Helen st. Govan
Chirrey, J. model maker, 20 Bruns-
wick st
Clarke, Chapman, &Co. Ld. (steam
v/incb, windlass, &c. manufac-
tm-ers), Gateshead; representa-
tive, W. A. Kinghoro, 81 St.
Vincent street
Clark, Wm. Corporation Tram-
ways, 88 Renfield st
Clark, Wm. & Son, works, 100
John St. office, 44 do
Clarbson & Beckitt, hydraulic and
general Jengineers and machine
makers, and sole makers of the
" New Excelsior" steam pumps ;
also " Excelsior Engines " and
feed water heaters and eclipse
high-pressure engine, Maryhill
Engine Works Maryhill; tele-
phone No. 7
Clarkson Bros. City Engine Works,
hydraulic and genera! engineers,
makers of (i-peciality) hj draulic
machinery worked Oy corporation
high and low pressure systems ;
also engines, hydraulic presses,
pumps, accumulators, hoists,
tobacco manufacturers' machin-^
ery for roll and fancy tobaccos,
confectioners' and preserve-
makers' machinery, printers'"
machines, gearing of all kinds,,
sole makers of the " Champion*^
and " Excelsior " steam pumps,
" Champion " feed water heaters,
Murray's patent chain block,?;,
repairs of all kinds; sole agents,
for Fraser's spread-ai-med split
pulleys ; 8 and 12 Little Hamil-
ton st. and 95 High John st.
city ; machinery store and show
rooms, 63 and 65 Dunlop street,
near St. Enoch Railway station
Clarkson, Thomas, 65 Dunlop st
Clerk, Donald, & Son, roof and
structural iron work, 92 Wel-
lington St. ; works, Maxwell rd
Cochran & Co., Birkenhead ;
representative, W. A. ELinghom,
81 St. Vincent st
Cochrane, John, Grahamston En-
gine Works, Barrhead
Cochrane, John, 78 Canning st
Cochrane, Thos. 78 Canning st
Cockbnrn, D. 132 M'Neil st. s.s.
Cockburn, Geo. & Co. Sussex street j,
Kinning park
Coil, Clutch, & PuUey Co. Ltd.;
agents, Jamts M'llwraiih & Co,
92 West Regent st
Collie, Chas. & Co. 19 and 23
Eaglesbam st
Collins, J. M. 39, 45 Bartholomew
Combe, James, & Son, heating
engineers by steam, high and
low pressure, mechanical venti-
lation, laundries, drying stoves^
steam cooking, &c. 103 Nortb
Hanover st
Connell, George R. 79 Robertsoa
Connell, Wm. S. 16 Honldswortb
Copeland, J. & A. 24 George sq.
Copland & Foulis, 146 W. Regent
Copley, Turner, & Co. Ltd. Harris,
patent feed - water filter and
Blake patent vertical multi-
tubular Boiler. Colin Scott &
Co. 94 Hope st
Cormack, Jas. & Sons patent heating
ventilatiog apparatuses for
public and private buildings^
laundries, and drying stoves
with steam, hot water, hot air,
or with the small bore pipe, 3ti
Abercorn street
Couper, Sinclair (of Lindsay^
Burnet & Co.), Moorepark Wks.
Helen st. Govan
Coutts, Muir & Co. laundry, 140
Bath 8t
Cowans, John, P. 0. telegraphs,
61 Cecil st

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