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Henderson, Thos., postman; ho. 198 Calder St.
Henderson, T. M., bookkeeper, 56 Hutcheson st.; ho.
14 Belgrave street.
Henderson, Thos., G.P.O.; ho. 37 Arlington st.
Henderson, Walter (of F. Henderson & Son), house,
17 Newton street.
Henderson, Walter, draper and clothier, 107 South
Portland st. ; ho. 164 Nithsdale road,.
Henderson, Walter, manufacturer, 46 Hohnhead st.
Henderson, W. D., surveyor, Scottish Union and
National Insurance Co., 150 West George street;
house, 4 Victoria drive.
Henderson, Wm. G. Ennerdale, Winton drive, Kelvin^
side, w.
Henderson, Wm. draper, 339 Great Western road.
Henderson, Wm. (at John Finlay & Co.'s), house, 69
Gadder street, PoUokshields.
Henderson, William (of Henderson, Hogg, & Co.),
ho. 4 Windsor terrace, west, Kelvinside,
Henderson, Wm., painter and paperhanger, 31 Queen
Mary street.
Henderson, Wm., & Sons, fishcurers, 79 & 81 Errol
st. ; branch, 34 East Clyde st.
Henderson, Wm., commercial traveller (at Macdonald
& Morrison's ), ho. 88 N. Hanover st.
Henderson, William (of Daniel DuiF & Henderson),
ho. Ardenvohr, Hawkhead road. Paisley.
Henderson, William T. (of Coustonholm Weaving
Co.), ho. 19 Prince's square, Regent Park.
Henderson, Wm. H., of G.P.O ; ho. 6 Cardonald
Park terrace, Cardonald.
Henderson, Wm., provision merchant and poulterer,
5 Stockwell street; ho. 11 Hopeton place.
Henderson, Wm., & Co., joiners, 109 Maitland st.
Henderson, Wm. (of Wm. Henderson & Co.), ho. 17
Gairbraid st.
Henderson, Wm. (of Buchanan & Henderson), ho.
. 264 Darnley st., PoUokshields.
Henderson, William, engraver, 106 Montrose street.
Henderson, William, bar officer. Plantation Police
Office ; ho,, 142 Plantation street.
Henderson, Wm. jun,, grocer, 23G Main street ; house,
10 Lorn terrace, Maryhill.
JHenderson, Wm., commission agent, 40 Union st. ;
, ho. 22 Queen's crescent, Cathcart.
Henderson, Wm. B., file manufacturer and recutter, 36
to 46 Portugal st. ; ho. 23 Kyle park, Uddingston.
Henderson, William Patrick, National Bank of Scot-
land, Ltd.; ho. 15 Sutherland street.
.Henderson, WiUiam, wine and spirit merchant, 40
Hutcheson st. and 1 Shields ler. ; ho. 21 Grafton
Henderson, Wilson & Anderson, accountants and
. insurance managers, 62 Buchanan street.
Henderson, Blrs. A. B., 4 Victoria crescent.
Henderson, Mrs. James, oO and colour merchant, and
newsagent, 7 Old Dumbarton road ; ho. 9 do.
Henderson, Mrs. James, 29 Park circus.
Henderson, Mrs., 49 Arlington street.
Henderson, Mrs., feather dresser, 12 Warwick st.
Henderson, Mrs,, draper, 33 Elderslie street.
Henderson, Mrs., hardware merchant, 18 Avenue
road, Springburn.
Henderson, Mrs., 33 Lily bank gardens.
Henderson, Mrs,, secretary. Ladies' Auxiliary to
S.P.B. & T.A, 112 Bath street; ho. 246 do.
Henderson, Misses A. & K., fancy drapery and dress-
makers, 70 Dumbarton road ; ho. 15 Claremont st.
Henderson, Miss H. L., bookseller, 116 Candleriggs.
Henderson, Miss M., umbrella maker, 92b Great
Hamilton street; ho. 227 Duke street
Henderson, Miss, 11 Prince's terrace, Dowanhill
Henderson, Misses, dress and mantle makers, 110
Oxford street.
Henderson, Jane B., Dr., 23 Royal cres. W.
HENDRY, Alex., packing box maker, and grey lap-
ping ring manufacturers, 3 Canning st,, Calton.
Hendrie, Alex,, pawnbroker, 415 and 417 Eutherglen
road ; ho. 345 Cathcart road.
Hendry & Audersou, manufacturing chemists,
sausage skin and spice merchants, 159 and 161
London street.
Hendry, Archd. (of Wm. Hendry & Son), ho. 105
Buccleuch street.
Hendry Bros., iron and general metal merchants,
and agents for railway and steamship furnishings,
79 and 80 Gt. Clyde street.
Hendry, Charles James, commission agent, 15 Ren-
field St.; ho,, 9 Stuart st., Shawlands.
Hendry, E. (of Gilmour & Co., 5 Royal Exchange
sq.), ho. 284 Maxwell rd,, PoUokshields.
Hendry, Ebenezer (of Hendry & Anderson), house,
518 Victoria road.
Hendrie, George, skin dresser, dyer and rug
manufacturer, 123 Duke st. ; house, 120 Wellpark
Hendry, George (at Drummond's Tract Depot), ho,,
49 Brisbane st,, Greenock.
Hendry, George Scott (of Craik & Hendry), ho.
Anglesea lodge, Langside.
Hendry, George, tailor and clothier, 76 Jamaica st. ;
house, 2 Lome terrace, PoUokshields.
Hendry, Geo. S. (of Wm. Hendry & Son), house,
47 Cathkin road,
Hendrie, George, skin dresser, dyer, and rug manu-
facturer, 123|- Duke street; house, 120 Wellpark
Hendry, James, tanner, currier, saddler, and
machinery beltmaker; patentee of the Laminated
Leather Belting; Laminated Leather Works, 252
Main st., Bridgeton ; saddlery warehouse, 41
Canning st.
Hendry, James, ladies' support belt maker, 10
Binnie place, Monteith row.
Hendry, Jas. G., teacher of Jones' bookkeeping,
Writing, Arithmetic, English, &c., 36 Cumberland st.
and 12 Renfield st, ; ho. 16 Skirving st. Shaw-
lands — See Adv. in Ap.
Hendry, Jas, G,, C.T.P.,F.S.S., teacher of short-
hand, verbatim reporting, typewriting, languages,
and mathematics, principal Glasgow School of
Shorthand, 36 Cumberland st., S.S., and 12 Ren-
field street. — See Ad. in Ap.
Hendry, James, & Co., brassfounders, 9 Shuttle st.;
ho. 167 Crown st.
Hendry, James, jun. (of J. Maitland & Co.), house,
130 Cambridge drive, Kelvinside, N.
Hendry, J. & D., boat and carting contractors, 17
Water st., Coatbridge.
Hendi-y, John, painter, 22 Copeland rd. ; ho. 525
Govan road.
Hendry, John, baker, 104 Sister st,; ho. 10 Main
st,, Bridgeton.
Hendry, John, grocer and wine merchant, 308
Dumbarton road ; ho, 30 Lindsay terrace.
Hendry, John, cabinetmaker, 17 Victoria road.
Hendr-y, J. D. G. (of Hendry Bros.), house, 12 Princes

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