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Barlow, and Dr. George Dickson ; elected by the
Subscribers,DonaldM'Corquodale, J.Forbes Ferguson,
Wm. Hamilton, Peter .Johnstone, J. 0. Mitchell, LL.D.,
J. M. Cunningham, J. B. Murdoch, and Robert Guy.
Hon. treasurer, J. M. Cunningham; hon. secretary,
John Forbes Ferguson ; hbrarian, William Hutton.
Receives regularly all the latest home and foreign tele-
grams, and the London, English, Provincial, Scotch,
and Irish newspapers and Directories; also. Commer-
cial Lists, French, German, Colonial, Canton, Indian,
and American papers, with all the leading reviews,
magazines, &o. Open daily from 8 morning till 7
evening. Strangers resident beyond 45 miles, having
no business connection with city, introduced by sub-
scribers not charged, unless they attend for more than
four weeks. Telegraph and telephone offices in vesti-
bule. Subscribers are allowed the free use of the
telephone in and around the city on production of
their Royal Exchange tickets of membership.
General Manager, G. B. M. Beatson.
Building Industries, mid-Monthly, 62 Argyle
Chemist and Druggist, Saturday, 22 Hope St.
Christian Herald, Tuesday, 102 Stirling Rd.
Christian Leader, Wednesday, 74 Bath St.
Christian News, Friday, 225 Ingram St.
Christian Scotsman, Saturday, 190 Eglinton St.
Commerce, Wednesday, 261 West George Street.
Dundee Advertiser, Daily, 15 Exchange PI.
Dundee Courier, Daily, 62 Buchanan Street.
Dundee Weekly News, 62 Buchanan Street.
Engineer and Iron Trade Advertiser,
Thursday, 28 Buchan Street.
Evening Citizen, Daily, 22 St. Vincent Place.
Evening News, every Afternoon, 67 Hope St.
Evening Times, Daily, 65, 67 Buchanan Street.
Glasgow Echo, Daily, 56 George Square.
Glasgow Herald, Daily; office, 65, 67 Buchanan
Street and 62 and 64 Mitchell Street.
Glasgow Property Cikculak, Tuesday, 69
Bath Street.
Glasgow Weekly Citizen, Thursday, 22 St.
Vincent Place.
Glasgow Weekly Herald; office, 65, 67 Buch-
anan Street, and 62 and 64 Mitchell Street.
Glasgow Weekly Mail, 104 Union Street.
OooD Templar Monthly, 72 Great Clyde St.
GovAN Press, Saturday, 577 Govan Rd., Govan.
Indian Engineer, Saturday, 11 Bothwell St.
Ironmonger, Saturday, 22 Hope Street.
Labour Leader, 66 Brunswick Street.
League Journal, Friday, 108 Hope Street.
Mercantile Advertiser and Shipping Ga-
zette. Published every Tuesday, 28 Buchan St.
North British Daily Mail, 1 02 to 104 Union St.
On the Road, Commercial Travellers' Journal,
Scotch office, 21 Cochrane Street.
Partick and Maryhill Press, Thursday,
577 Govan Road, Govan,
People's Journal, 15 Exchange Place.
Pollokshaws News, 43 King St., Pollokahaws.
Quiz, Thursday, 133 West Campbell Street.
St. Rollox and Springbuen Express, Thurs-
days, 363 Springbum Road.
Scotsman, Daily ; office, 141 Buchanan Street.
Scottish Nights, 109 Hope Street.
Scottish Referee, Monday and Friday, 67
Hope St.
Scottish Sport, Tuesday and Friday, 25 Jamaica
South Suburban Press, Saturday, 179 Cathcart
Road, Govanhill, and 577 Govan Road, Govan.
Telegraphic News, South area. Royal Exchange.
The Bailie, Tuesday, 10 Royal Exchange Sq.
The British Baker, Confectioner, and
Purveyor, 1st of each month, 128 Renfield Street,
and 1 Three Falcon Court, Fleet Street, London.
The British Grocer and Provision Trade
Journal, 128 Renfield Street, and 1 Three Falcon
Court, Fleet Street, London.
The Christian Citizen, Monthly, 127 Stockwell
The Clyde Bill of Entry, Tuesday, Thursday,
and Saturday, 28 Buchan Street.
The Grocers' Journal, with which is incorpo-
rated the North British Grocer and Provision Trade
The Marine Engineer, Monthly, 62 Buchanan
The National Advertising List, Saturday at
Mitchell Lane, 81 Buchanan St.
The National Guardian, Weds., 93 Hope St.
The Reformer, Fridays, 112 Bath Street.
The Scottish Farmer, 93 Hope Street.
Thomas' Free Press, Monthly, 99 Gallowgate.
Victualling Trades Review, Monthly, 83
Renfield Street.
Weekly Register, 101 St, Vincent Street.
Weekly Scotsman, 141 Buchanan Street.
West Glasgow Record, Tuesdays, 160 Great
Western Road.
Adviser, 108 Hope Street.
Amateur, Monthly, 69 Bath Street.
Celtic Monthly, 17 Dundas Street, Kingston.
Children's Messenger, Monthly, 33 E.Howard
Dew Drop, Monthly, 225 Ingram Street.
Evangelical Repository, Quarterly, 225 In-
gram Street.
Fr azer's Time Table and Conveyance Guide,
Monthly, 15 Drury St.
Glasgow Almanac, Annually, 94 Mitchell St.
Leather Trader, Monthly, 19 Howard Street.
Malcolm's Diary, 34 Ann Street.
Murray's Time Table, Monthly, 18 Renfield St.
Murray's Monthly Diary, 18 Renfield St.
Occult Magazine, Monthly, 25 Jamaica St.
Sabbath School Magazine, Monthly, 204
Buchanan Street.
Sanitary Journal, Monthly, 26 Bothwell St.
School, Monthly, 70 Union Street.
Scots Lore, Monthly, 26 Bothwell Street.
Scottish Cyclist, 25 Jamaica Street.
Scottish Law Review and Sheriff Court
Reports, Monthly, Wm. Hodge & Co., 26 Bothwell
Scottish Music.vl Monthly, 1S3 West Camp-
bell Street.

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