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Muir, Hugh, burgh officer and hall
keeper, Town hall ; ho, 165
King st
Muir, John, florist, nurseries, Mill
St. ; ho. 4 Wallace street
Muir, Thos. umbrella maker, 37
Gallowflat pi
Muir, Wm. U. 3 Wardlawhill st
Mullin, James, boot & shoemaker,
14 Union pi
Munn, G. S. & Co. funeral under-
takers, 147 Main st
. Munn, Miss, draper, 14 Wardlaw-
* hill st
Munro, Alex. Italian warehouseman ,
69 Main St.; ho. 1 Colebrooke
pi. Hillhead, Glasgow
Munro, David, 16 Smith ter
Murdoch, H. dairy, 43 Gallowflat
Murphy, Mrs. spu'it merchant, 11
Main at ; ho. 42 Glasgow road
Murray & Co. potters and manu-
facturers of white stone jam
pots, Caledonian Pottery
Murray, R. S. agent, Commercial
Bank of Scotland, Ltd., 1 Glas-
gow road
Murray, R. S. accountant, house
factor, and insurance agent, 1
Glasgow road; house. Com-
mercial Bank house
Murr'iy, R. S. Burgh chamber-
lain, and treasurer and collector
to Police Commissioners and
Parochial Board, 1 Glasgow rd
Murray, Thos. goods superio. Cal.
Railway, Kildale house
Murray, Wm. F. (of Murray &
Co. Caledonian Pottery), house,
26 Moray place, Strathbungo
Murray, Mrs. draper, 13 New
Farme pi
Mushet, James, butcher, 33 Main
street; ho. 31 do
Naismith, Andrew, draper, 238
Main street
Napier, Wm. fruiterer, 22 Main st
National Bank of Scotland (Ltd.),
86 Main street
Neil, John, grocer, 72 Burnhill st
Ness, Andrew, 1 Sefton terrace,
Newlands, David, Dangstien cot.
O'Brien, Mrs., furnishings, 219
Main street
Ogilvie, Andrew, Rutherglen and
Cimbuslang carrier, 84 Virginia
St. and 62 Argyle st. Glasgow ;
ho. New Farme, Dalmarnock rd
O'Hara, Jas. hardware merchant,
19 Main st
Oliver, A. 10 Miller terrace
Orr, David M. 21 Wardlaw Hill
Orr, James, butcher, 16 Union pi
Paisley, Andrew, Clyde Mill house,
Park, Jas. 2 Regent st
Park, John, builder and contractor,
16 Harriet street
Park, Wm. hill clerk. Old Farme
Colliery ; house, Old Farme
Park, Wm. builder, 37 Mill st
Parochial Chambers, 169 Main st
Paterson, Hugh, dairyman, Farie
st. ; ho. 10 Bouverie street
Paterson, James, wine and spirit
merchant, 153 Main st
Paterson, J. dairy, 14 Regent st
Patersonj John, baker, 3 Moray pi
Paterson, Wm. carrier, 61 King
Paterson, Mrs. Adam, Springhall
Pattison, J. M. 20 Wardlaw aven
Paul, Robert, 28 Miller ter
Pearson, J. H. 35 Wardlaw av
Philip, Robt. M. A. Scionbank cot.
Pool, Fletcher, 51 Mill st
Postal Telegraph and Money
Order office, 131 Main st
Public Library, Town ball bldgs
Rae, John, broker, 64 Main street
Rae, Thomas, spirit merchant, 252
Main street
Ramsay, Dan. fruiterer, 202 Main
Ramsay, Jas. D. Wardlaw Hill
Reid, David, Duff bank cottage,
Reid, David, confectioner, 223
.King si
Reid, Francis Robertson, Gallowflat
Reid, Gilbert S. wine and spirit
merchant, 250 Main st. and 45
Mill st
Reid, Robert, muslin manufacturer,
Burnside Weaving Factory ; ho.
2 Regent st
Reid, Samuel, carrier, 2 Lizzieville
Reid, Wm. muslin manufacturer,
Burnside Factory
Reynolds, Stewart M. Jessamine
cottage, Cathkin avenue
Riddell, James, Benvue villa. High
Ritchie, Robert, chemist, Shaw-
field Chemical Works; res.
Robertson, Andrew, 1 New Farme
Robertson, Andrew,&Son, bleachers
& fioishers, Clyde Bank Finish-
ing Works
Robertson, Andrew (of Andrew
Robertson & Son), ho. Dinarn
Robertson, Arch, (of David Millar
& Co.), ho. 4 Blairbeth ter
Robertson, David S. chemist and
druggist, 206 Main st.; ho. 189
Main st
Robertson, Jas. commission agent,
11 Smith terrace
Robertson, John (of And. Robert-
son & Son), house, Trearne,
Robertson, Robert H. (of Andrew
Robertson & Son), house, Clyde
Robertson, Robert, 1 Union place
Robertson, Wm". jun., grocer and
provision merchant, 3 Clyde-
view, Eastfield
Robertson, Wm. R. (of Brown &
Robertson), 11 New Farme pi
Robertson, Wm. (at A. Robertson
& Son's), ho. Dinarn
Rodger, Adam K. Sheriffriggs
Rodger, D. L. Mount pleasant
Rodger, J. & W. wine and spirit
merchants, 26 Main street
Rogers, John, clerk, 7 Union pi
Rose, Alexander (of Clyde Paper
Co. Ltd.), residence Richmond
house, Dowanhill, Glasgow
Rose, Ciias. A. (of Clyde Paper
Co. Ltd.), ho. 1 Belhaven cres.
Kelvinside, Glasgow
Rossini, P. 2 Carlyle ter
Russell, William, dining rooms,
48 Main st.; ho. 6 Greenhillrd
Russell, Bliss, Auburn villa, Clin-
cartbill road
Samson, William, School Board
officer, 11 Greenbank street
Samson, Mrs. fruiterer, 18 Sloue-
law street
Sanderson, Wm. dairyman, Canada
house, Westfield
Sandiford, Joseph, broker, 165
Main street
School' Board Office, 90 Blain st
Scott & Co. Greenhill Nursery,
Clincarthill road
Scott, James, 14 Carlyle terrace
Scott, John F. teacher, Farie
street Public School
Scott, T. I. Balvaird
Scott, Wm. Brownville cottage,
Scott, William, surgeon, Reuther ho
Seath, T. B. & Co. shipbuilders
Seath, Thos. B. shipbuilder ; ho.
Sunny Oaks, Langbank, N.B.
Shannon, P. jun. pawnbroker, 186
Main st
Shaughnessy, Joseph, Bellevue ho.
Shearer, Charles, fruiter-er and
confectioner, 188 Main street
Shearer, Thomas, clerk, Stonelaw
Colliery; ho. 70 Mill st.
Shearer, W. Ross, 3 Wardlaw drive
Simpson, Edward (of E. Simpson
& Co.), Ashton villa, Gallowflat
Simpson, Edward, & Co. engi-
neers, millwrights, spindle and
tool manufacturers, Harriet st
Sinclair, John, florist, Victoria
Nursery ; ho. Fernlea, Parkhill
Smart, John, Sherwood villa,
Smillie, J. & C. photographers, 7
Farme Loan road

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